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None of the appellate briefs by CSI, Dave Lubow, and Monty Drake mentions the fact that Monique’s husband is your impostor and that she is helping him…

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

Nothing in the world would open the eyes of anyone more than the truth that Monique’s husband was never a Scientologist but a hired agent to impostor you, Marty, and that Monique (Mosey) is supporting him as good as she can. Instead of coming forward with the full truth, the orgs engage in actions with your impostor and his wife that are waste of Sea Org reserves, are ineffective, come back to roost and cause a bad reputation as the rest of the world does not understand this situation. Most of them believe that Scientology is controversial and leaving it isn’t that bad, so they are more on the side of your impostor and his wife. But I assume most people would not approve of them if they would learn that Monique’s husband is impostering you since approx. 1990, and that this act serves hiding your whereabouts, the whereabouts of an innocent man who is likely somewhere wrongfully imprisoned.

Turns my stomach that Leslie Hyman, Ray B. Jeffrey, Dib Waldrip, etc are on the side of people like that.

If DM (and Mike Rinder too) would not also be engaged in this non-American secret service act to have you “replaced” with an impostor so that nobody misses you (same happened with Scientology founder Ron who was impostored by “Jack Vistaril”), he and the C of S would have made that fact to be the enter of his dealings with your impostor and his wife. Are they (incl. Mike Rinder and others) out to destroy Scientology, the applied religious philosophy? Yes, they are, and an org infiltrated and led by non-Scientologists are playing right in their hands.

Waldrip is biased towards Scientology. When C of S attorney tried to show evidence to the court how Monique is personally involved against Scientology, he refused to see it. Come on, how clearer can it get that he is not an impartial judge? I do think that the orgs and anyone else has the right to put your impostor and his wife under surveillance and protest against them if they don’t invade their homes or harass. But the Squirrel Busters worked right into the hands of your impostor and his wife to give them a case to “sue”, and all they had to sue is that he is not the man who he claims to be and what’s behind it.

There are people in the orgs and also those who left them who have heard over and over what a withhold is and that a motivator follows the overt, that a motivator is pulled in after an overt is committed. Non-Scientologists might understand this better in regards to karma. If somebody does something bad, karma comes back and hits hard (guess that is why some say that karma is a bitch). In other words, Marty, how can they not know that keeping us apart (and you wrongfully behind bars) will not result in what each one involved deserves?

Look at the CIA and maybe also the FBI. Apparently, they had something to do with the incarceration of Nelson Mandela. After so many years, it comes back to bite them. How can they not think that working secretly for Germany and keep you wrongfully behind bars (longer than Mandela) and me away from you, and hiring impostors to impostor you and Scientology founder Ron will not bite them too? Some people think that if something is coming back, the organization or the agency they work for will take the blame and their personal involvement never surfaces or will not be penalized with severity. If they think that, they can’t see in the future. What goes around, comes around. Conspiring does not pay. Being bad does not pay. A lifetime with bad conscience and fear being discovered. That is a really bad deal considering how happy and untroubled they could feel. Even if their secret service superior promises them material riches, he can’t promise them a clean conscience. And with a bad conscience, how can one enjoy the riches? Rotten behavior is a dog that bites its own tail.

I miss you, Marty, and I love you.

Be hugged and kissed.

Yours forever,



Written by Barbara Schwarz

June 15, 2014 at 2:13 am

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