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Germany (SEGNPMSS/Bavarian Illuminati) runs ISIS

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Those pictures give an insight into the tonelevels of these  SEGNPMSS/Bavarian Illuminati. I know, they are German/Bavarian x-mas cards and allegedly not real but what is real are the insane minds who came up with those. They shows the personalities of the still existing people who have the strings of the world in their  bloody pawns and who run the world with ear and body  implants.      


Dearest Marty, my soul mate, 

You know it and I know it: Germany and its secret services need to be busted if the world will ever want to see peace on Earth. I know, I know, people look at Angela Merkel and say: Do you really think she would order something like that? She is a straw person. She has secret case officers and she does what they say. I bet that the NSA phone surveillance of her will reveal that she is taking orders. But so are also others.     

The USA and other countries constantly are trying to put out fires which Germany (SEGNPMSS/Bavarian Illuminati) covertly starts. It is them who organized ear- and other body implants to be installed into mankind and run each person through them. It is so easy to have establish terror groups and arrange that lots of cash falls into the hand of a terror group like ISIS.

The leaders of the world are doing one huge mistake: not pointing with the finger on the secret services behind Germany. As nobody suspects them, they are getting away with everything. The message that they have to hear is: We know of you, we will pull the strings, and each involved person will be found, and there will be no rock in the universe underneath they can hide.  

SEGNPMSS/Bavarian Illuminati case officers are COWARDS. They have people fight each other BECAUSE IT IS NOT THEIR BLOOD THAT IS SHED. IT IS NOT THEIR LIVES THAT ARE LOST. Once the world starts finally seriously looking for them, we will have a much more peaceful world.



The USA, President and Congress does not look behind the scene. They don’t pull strings.  They just try to deal with the symptoms not with the foul root behind it. It seems to me that they don’t want to find out that Germany is not their friend but enemy as the USA has so many enemies already. But what they are forgetting is: by explaining to the world what Germany does not just to the USA but to any other country and person, the other “enemies” will no longer be enemies of the USA. If they understand what is done to them, they become US allies in finding the SEGNPMSS/Bavarian Illuminati leaders, which, according to my intuition consists in the hard-core of German medical doctors and psychiatry. The oath “do no harm” is a joke to them. I always wondered why a profession needs an oath like “do no harm”. Shouldn’t that be most natural to human beings,  doing no harm? What kind of monsters need to be reminded of doing no harm? Guess they consider bloodbath no harm. That is fun to those Dorian Greys. 

I read today that the attacks in Germany against foreigners rose 20% and that almost 300 German Islamists travelled to Syria to take part in combat. But those are just the front guys. The real perpetrators are hiding in undisclosed locations. They think they are safe as their agents don’t know their names. People in the Middle East need to realize that Germany just was using them. I don’t want a war, also not against Germany, but the country has to dissolve and all sick German ideas and their still existing world ruling plans simply have to be put away for good. Nobody is more unqualified to lead the world than those who landed in Bavaria approx. 4500 years ago and killed the original successful Europeans. These people who landed there, and got stuck here, have a tendency to become  barbers, butchers, medical doctors, pharmacists, psychiatrists, neuro”scientists”,  psychologists…  And we know that there were many lifetimes and that reincarnation is a fact.  In other words: these creeps/monsters are still around. Scum of the universe.

They shouldn’t have kidnapped me to Bavaria, Marty. I could study them in real life. Many people who haven’t figured out that reincarnation is a fact think that a baby that is born is innocent. It just has lost his/her memory but the personality (good or bad/tonescale) is there. So, no one becomes like the Bavarian Dorian Grays having lived decent lifetimes. They did AWFUL things and AWFUL things happened to them. 

I know, people say that those are just German pictures but only very disturbed minds come up with stuff like that.  


Bavarian attics and basements are riddled with those who got no new human  or animal bodies.  I am a very spiritual person, I can feel others around me also if they have no bodies. I am telling you, the tonelevels of them is rock bottom. That is where I started to understand the very lower part of the tonescale, the emotions one under death. I saw some episodes of Games of Thrones (not all as my stomach can’t take it). The brutality and perversion shown there is not just fiction. It reminds me to the real history of Germany particularly Bavaria.  

Without digging for the who behind the terror, there will be never peace on Earth for anyone, it doesn’t matter in which country.

I love you, Marty. Hope to see you soon against all odds.

Yours forever,


P.S. The Bavarian takes hearts out (doctor) and roasts them. And here he is ripping a marriage apart.  They have not changed a bit, have they? Considering that they did exactly the same thing to you and me  and out marriage, Marty.   



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