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My stomach turns, Marty, Germany is trying to make Nazis hip… Can it get more disturbed?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and soul mate?

How are you?

I wonder what you are feeling by reading about Germany, after all, it is the country that set up and controls how you were/are framed and is behind the Spanish and US-decisions against you (and me).

I am very serious that Germany as a country needs to be dissolved. As long as this country and its insane ideas are around, this planet will be constantly subjected to adopt those ideas and dummies will just do that.  Right now, Germany might not have the courage to officially lead EU and the rest of the world, but it is coming for sure if they are not being stopped. They run the planet anyway with ear implants. It is so easy for them to make people what they want. When they got rid of any opposition, Germany will sit on top of Europe and the rest of the world like the stinky slimy snake that it is. And will push its German/psychiatric/medical insane ideas further down people’s throats and mind-controlling them to obey them.

There are again news that Germans (particularly Bavarians) are trying to bring back  the Nazis, and they are anti-Jews, anti-Black, and anti-foreigners. And I am thinking: who wants to live in Germany anyway. I would switch German citizenship with anybody.   

German media coined word to call these Nazis “Nipsters”. What is that for? Some cute new name that almost sounds like hipster to make them sound harmless?

Here is an article about these Nazis and look who is in on them: Anonymous with the Vendetta mask. What a destructive Nazi cult!

I love you. Many kisses, my sweetheart.


Yours forever,




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  1. Tony Ortega claims SCN wants to take over the world. Don’t know what to think of this.


    June 28, 2014 at 4:47 am

    • Tony Ortega (and the likes) got it all so wrong. Basically, just about any organisation (incl. individuals as Tony Ortega) wants the world to adopt their way of life, views, achievements, style, product or whatever.

      But the money-oriented, cult-oriented culture that moved into Scientology is NOT Scientology, it is German.

      Once again, Scientology was altered by Germany to operate within the medical world that has no real cure for against most diseases, aging and dying, and on top of it all, Germany organized that all Scientology Sea Org Reserves are in Europe. For them to take whenever they take officially the lead of Europe. Unofficially, they run it and the rest of the world since ever.

      However, when gassing millions of people including their agents, they forgot that this is not appreciated by all. But as they have the entire world on a string, they can afford killing millions and later on change get right back on top again. If the world would not hang on a German thread, Germany would have been dismantled a long time ago instead letting it grow again and again and again and continue with their secret rulership and terror.

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 28, 2014 at 6:00 am

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