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Health care “experts” call stopping aging a “diversion” of more important issues – Can you believe it?

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Dearest Marty, my rockstar and amazing Prince,

I listened to  below BBC radio show. They interviewed Aubrey de Grey, a researcher who says that aging can be reversed and that a person who is today in his/her 50s can live at least 1000 years (with the same body) by being healthy and fit. You know that I agree on the longevity (actually  physical immortality) to what I figured myself but also what I was able to recall from Ron’s (the real one) research and  earlier times when you and I were together, Marty, and from the village that I remember of which I believe that it belongs your family.

However, there are quite some differences how we were approaching physical non-aging (way of life) from how Aubrey de Grey is trying to obtain it. He tries to repair of necessary (which is alright with me if it works) but I think we need a different way of life, one that makes such cell repair work obsolete.

 But he is 100% right by saying that people are in trance as to thinking that they have to age and die like their parents and grandparents. I know  secret service silent sounds make people numb and biting the hands that could pull them out of raging waters. Ron said in Science of Survival that the common denominator is that beings want to survive. People go through great lengths to do so.  But medical/psychiatric silent sounds turn people from survivors into quitters. I find it shocking how these psychiatric “techniques” can turn people around, and people don’t even realize what is being done to them and how they change from an independent thinking individual into a remote-controlled mass.

What is “killing” me is that “health care expert” say that this researcher diverts from more important issues. What can be more important than stopping the barbarity of aging? Some people might think that I am arrogant (which I am not, I guess I am just tired of trying to get through to them) by using the word idiots, but what else are they? Should people who do not see how most people suffer while getting older even be allowed to call themselves “experts” on human health? What could be more important for any person (young or old) to stop the barbarity of aging? Besides, the health problems that children are having could be also solved by having them live in villages as ours.

Ethicists find stopping aging “not ethical”. Isn’t that mind-boggling? How can letting people age and suffer be ethical? All those “social problems” that would come with people no longer aging, we could solve them in a snap, including organizing how this planet can handle any increase of population. Our self-sustaining villages can be stacked on Earth, build on the water, in the water, put in space, build on the moon and other planets. Each village can survive on its own by treating each person inside like a  family member. The “social problems” are so easy to solve.


The reporter asked some very strange questions. E.g. as if having children makes one rather not want to live forever as what kind of future would this for the children? I am flabbergasted about the lack of logic. Particularly, a person who loves her/his children, grandchildren and other family members wants to be around to help them. What they all are forgetting is that life without diseases and old age (which our villages would be able to offer them) is at the end not expensive. All one truly needs is healthy food and water and a clean place to live. I happily forego all social security, pension, and insurances if I can live in such a village of ours.

Here is a symposium: 

Now moving again back to Scientology:

Particularly as Scientologists, we are not afraid of death. We died many times before. We know that we continue to live after losing a human  body and that we have the chance of picking up a new baby body (reincarnation). But the in-between-lives area is not free. Psychiatric silent sounds are used to implant the unborns and new borns to forget their past lives, gender, all skills, all abilities, all experiences, all former family ties, all values. It is followed by a short lifespan of not even 80 years in average making the same mistakes all over (and more) and getting sick and for most – dying a long painful medical death. This is nothing for me, Marty, and I am sure that you have very similar thoughts.

You are loved, always and ever. I said it before: it is your character, you personality that is so attractive, Marty. I’ll love you until my heart will stop beating and beyond. You and I, we go back to the beginning of time and that’s why nobody succeeds with killing this love. They have no chance against “since ever”. Everyone can say: “I love you” but how this love is put to the test shows if it is really love. Our love survived all and is stronger than ever. I wouldn’t exchange nor change you for the world.

I am yours, Marty. And very proud of it. You and me, we are soulmates, and that is why we can trust each other without reservations.  All the timetrack, we loved and helped each other, and I have no intention to ever change that. 🙂 







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  1. German nurse kills 30 people.

    The deaths took place at the Delmenhorst clinic, where he worked in intensive care between 2003 and 2005.


    February 26, 2015 at 12:08 am

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