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Germany’s secret services are behind the never ending Israeli–Palestinian conflict… (They are running people with ear implants and have the overall control.)

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soul mate, how are you?

Since I can remember, I asked myself the question why Jews, Palestinians, Muslims, and Christians can’t get along. Why don’t they find lasting peace solutions? The answer lies in Germany, their secret service, and the most secret service of all: the SEGNPMSS or Bavarian Illuminati or whatever they call their still existing brutal mind-c0ntrolling movement that was also the force behind the Nazis.

I found this German painting online. Typically German to accuse mainly or just women of fighting, but the text says that third person in this fight is not pictured. The German saying “When two are quarreling, the third enjoys it” is really true. And any world conflict can be solved by simply investigating this fact. 


This Israel-Palestine conflict is not religious.  SEGNPMSS has a program making people believe that religion is bad by radioing in the ear implants of their international agents (who might say that they are religious but they are not) to behave as badly as possible so that the world does away with religion. Why do they hate religion? There are a couple of reasons. One is that they are afraid that they have to better their characters and that needs courage. They don’t have this courage. The other reason is that truly ethical people miss their withholds. By looking at good people, they are reminded how dirty they are. If there are no ethical people around anymore, they don’t have to feel ashamed of their high crimes anymore as all are that bad. Another reason is that they can’t make truly religious and ethical people commit the crimes that they want them to commit… 

It also helps Germany to make the USA poorer by making it providing financial support. Germany wants to run the entire world as ever. The USA is in their way, and they think that the USA needs to be on its knees, its reputation, its finances,  everything… in order for Germany to become the official leader of the world. 

Another reason is to justify Hitler and the Nazis. By making Jews behave violent, it supports their campaign that Germany, Hitler and the Nazis were right gassing them.    

After Germany lost WWII, the hostility against Jews continued immediately in the Middle East because Germany was/ is using Muslims for their German purposes, despite Jews and Muslims have a lot in common and could live in perfect harmony together.

If land (space) to raise crops etc. is the problem, it could be solved with closed villages that raise crops (hydroculture). They can be stacked on top of each other, they can be put in and under water, etc. They can make their own water. The entire conflict can be settled right away as there are solutions. 

Palestine and Israel can have their own states. They just have to adopt a new way of living, which will be anyway healthier, better, and prettier than what they have now.  

As you know, during the 2nd WW, Germany used Muslim’s already for their low Nazis purposes. The world should have figured that Germany is the force that does not want Jews and Muslims live in peace. 

In  1948, there was a proposal by the UN to create a Israel and a Palestinian state, but the Arab countries rejected it because they don’t want Israel and Jews to live together. German-controlled Nazi ear implants made them act this way. 

Also if Jews would be indeed incapable of fighting back (as during the 3. Reich) how come they can fight now when Germany is not the target? Because Germany controlled them and they didn’t want Israel fighting them. But they are amused when Jews and Muslims are fighting. Exactly, it is always as the ruler of the ear implants sees fit.  Germany invented this retarded system because they MUST MUST MUST control.  Armies, paramilitary groups, terror cells,  individuals, politicians, “religions”, ethnic groups, they all have something in common: German-controlled ear implants. And then they make such a severe mistake and kidnapping me to Germany, where I could figure them out up-close and personal, Marty. How stupid was that? They are not really intelligent, despite they run the entire planet.  

Germany is also behind that terror groups win elections. All they have to do is to radio in the ear implants of their agents how to vote and there is the new “leader”.  

UK gave Jews land that they back then ruled as part of the British-Mandate.  Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon could offer Palestine some land too. But even if they don’t, all could build closed agricultural villages on and in the calm Mediterranean Sea, etc. They can make their own fresh and healthy water.  If they look for great places to farm and live, Marty, we would be able to help them all. Also, the USA would finally not throw out money anymore that is wasted for war. Marty, whatever is bugging these folks down there, we could come up with a solution that would make all of them very happy. 

It is the world most unsolvable conflict as Germany’s secret services sabotages any peace process by radioing in the ear implants of people not to find a solution or break any peace process/agreement.

I know that you are aware of this as I am, Marty. It is a shame that the world is so blind as to what really ails it.

Many tender and passionate kisses, my star! If you become US President, Marty, there will be peace in that region because you know who to bust.


No hurdle too high:





What if God would change his rescue plans for the Earth and the rest of this universe?

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

It seems to me that most people who believe in God are thinking that he forgives anything they do, and that his patience is endless. They think that there is no real reason to change and doing the right things. They are being told that even mass murderers are being forgiven. All they have to say: I repent, and all crimes are whitewashed. So, why change? They think God is a fool like they are, one who can be tricked into believing their act of suddenly being good.    

Enough people who don’t believe in God or in karma are having no reason to behave ethically, because if law enforcement doesn’t catch them (and how can it catch them if the control and run it), they are home free and can behave like pigs and don’t have to treat others how they want to be treated themselves. (Those are dumbest kind of people I encountered on this planet.) 

What if these attitudes makes God take a different route to help people? One that does NOT approach Billions of people AT ONCE to behave ethically as he did by addressing the masses? 

I was wondering about the creation of another physical universe in another dimension to which nobody from this universe has access unless invited. It should be a completely cloaked  universe that nobody  from this universe can access as the snakes would turn it in another hell hole. The transfer from this universe to another must be completely non-visible and non-measurable, which is possible, considering that a thetan originally has no mass or wavelength.   

That new physical universe would be just for truly ethical people (also not for those hypocrites who are thinking that conspiring against others is ethical). One thetan after the other would be addressed (unnoticed by the snakes) if it wants to change any bad ways and stay in this truly great new universe. They would be educated as to what lack of ethics did to their own lives and what horrible consequences it had for them personally and others.  Before they are permanently accepted in the new universe, they have to prove to the other residents of this new universe how and that they really and truly have changed to the better. If the change is really true, they can stay, if not, they are getting a ticket back in this universe, where they can wait some more Billions of Billions of years before given another chance.

The monsters are getting this chance first if nobody better is left to be offered the chance before them. They can “enjoy” this hell hole that they created as long as possible. 

It would be so much easier on those who are good if they would live in another universe where the scum can’t destroy and pervert what good people created for themselves, good people who understood that ethics is of utmost importance to feel good about oneself and for their survival and the survival of others.

The amount of people to be approached should be never higher than the residents who don’t want hell to repeat itself in their new universe so that bad can’t overwhelm good again. All hundreds of years one new being would be just fine. No hurry at all. It would be a long, long wait for the bad guys to live in conditions where nobody conspires and hurts others. They deserve the long and not the short route, if you ask me.

As longer as I think about this 2nd and cloaked universe, as more I like the idea, Marty.  Not just some kind of spiritual universe like the Christian paradise but a real physical universe.  It means heaven for good people right away, and for the bad not right away.  

The unaware and suppressive of course thinks that there is no God and that it is not possible to create another universe,  and if it would be possible, they would find it.  I beg to differ. I think it is perfectly doable. If God doesn’t allow them to find it, they will find freaking nothing. Besides, each day, they go more down anyhow and become less able. At the end, all available to them to play a game with will be snake or germ bodies.

What will it be for them? The long way or the short way? The short way would be turning this universe around, but as of today,  they have not stopped torturing good people. Good has to suffer because snakes don’t want to change. I am getting really sick of it that they demand rights but denying them to good people. They are all we don’t want to be, Marty. And I feel so disgusted by them that I don’t even want to live in the same universe with them.  

I love you, Marty. We both will be in the same universe, always. That is sure. 🙂

Many kisses.

Forever yours,







Carrie Fulton Phillips, lover of President Warren Harding was a German spy

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you?

As you know, Warren G.  Harding was the 29th US President during years of the Great Depression. He and others failed to understand or kept the secret that Germany transmits silent and loud messages in the ear implants of US citizen to do the wrong actions, which results depression instead of a thriving economy.

He had a love affair with a German spy, Carrie Fulton Phillips who tried to convince him not to kick Germany’s behind. He was a lousy judge of characters. Her “love” was so “great” that she blackmailed him. No true love for them and so many others. Sad for them. They are cheating them out of the best of life: True love.  This is because there is no real emphasis for people to better their characters and that results in morals as low as those of alley cats or dogs. 

She looks austere, like somebody with a male than rather a female timetrack. Not your taste for sure, Marty 🙂 On pictures where she is younger, she also looks austere, like a person who has a male instead of a female timetrack. 

My other point is: Germany had German spies in the USA in very high places hundred of years ago, and now, there are even more of these traitors. That stupid woman traveled to Germany and refused to return to the USA. Many German spies never set foot on German soil and work for the Germans. I am convinced that she was a German spy before she traveled there the first time.  

We are really rich as we love truly. Love is not an empty word for us. We really mean it. Love is when one feels betrayed if the partner is betrayed. If somebody does something bad to you, Marty, he does it to me. Soul mate love is the only way to go.  Two bodies, two thetans melted in complete harmony, truthfulness, loyalty, and deepest affinity. This is love. Not calculations, conveniences or affairs.  Love is when one can trust the other one with his/her life. Sex alone is for animals. It is not at all attractive for people who thrive to be on top of the tonescale. And cheap people have to suffer the consequences as their also low-tone sex partners have no true feelings for them, so they don’t mind to letting them down. Sleeping with the enemy… how creepy.

I love you, Marty, nothing phony on my love to you. But you know this. Soul mates since eternity, nothing goes wrong with us. Since the beginning of time, we are helping each other as much as we can. Since the beginning of time (and already before), we are feeling tender admiration (one Ron’s definition for love) and butterflies when we just think of each other or look into each others eyes. I can’t even describe what I am feeling near you, Marty. It is earth-moving. It is universe-rocking. It is the strongest kind of love in the entire universe.  

Germany and international psychiatrists have no chance against our love. And that is why they removed our memories to each other in the 70s and are telling their billions of agents to lie and conspire against us so that we can’t find back together. This is how they want to win. Let’s kick their butts together as they ask for it.  

Many tender and passionate kisses.

Can’t wait to see you again.

Yours forever,





What is Tony Ortega’s problem with people striving to be Godlike?

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate, I miss you. 

Right now, Tony and his own cult of Scientology haters are trying to ridicule Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson voice) because she wants to become Godlike.

Is it really so bad that people (and I hope they mean it and do not just say it) strive to become Godlike? Doing the right thing? Being good, helpful, courageous, honest,  just, loving?

People should imagine the world full of Jesuses and Jesusettes. Would that be so bad for this rotten planet or rather what it needs? 


Tony Ortega and many of his own hate-Scientology-cultists (Bunkerites) are atheists, meaning that they are against philosophies and religions altogether.  They believe they are just a bundle of nerves and cease to exist when the body dies. They are so blind that they haven’t discovered that they HAVE a body and ARE NOT their body. Poor creatures with no spiritual awareness.

Is the wish to become Godlike really that bad? The Mormons want it too. If Tony tells a Mormon: “Hey,”…smirk, smirk, smirk…”Did you hear that Scientologists want to become Godlike?” That Mormon will say: “So, what? We LDS want that too.”

And there are followers of Eastern Religions who try to reach the highest stage of being, and some Christians and Jews too:  to emulate God is to become as Godlike as possible.

Tony Ortega and his mindless supporters are doing all in their power to make Scientology ridiculous. But the joke is on them not being able to differentiate between the founder and his impostor or between Monique’s husband or you, or, alternatively, knowing it and keeping it from the world, which indicates characters so low that I don’t have words for it.

He doesn’t get or reveal that secret services altered Scientology and added anti-religious material to Scientology. 

A reporter from TodayTonight asks Garry Scarff of all people if Scientologists believe in God. What does that Scarff-DEBE know? He never was a Scientologist. I am one and I believe in God. I can feel him in me and around me. He helped me to get the police to Scarff’s roach-invested place to make that monster backing off stalking me.  Exactly, there is a God.  

Tony Ortega published below photo claiming it would be the founder. It is not. I can see in a blink of an eye that it is Jack Vistaril, the impostor. Scientology haters are saying that the tonescale doesn’t work. They could not be more wrong, because I can differ between originals and impostors thanks to the tonescale. The reason why I saw that you differ so much from others, Marty, is also based on the tonescale. And that is also the reason why I KNOW that you are the one for me. I never would mix you up with somebody else because I know your tonelevel and personality. The tonescale is so valuable and helps absolutely not to fall for the wrong people and drinking their cool aide. 

Somebody who really knows and applies the tonescale can see that this is not the Scientology founder. Many people in the orgs also do not apply the tonescale otherwise they would not use photos of the impostor in promo ads. This is Jack Vistaril. It is also Jack Vistaril who talks about Xenu and many other tapes that Tony posts on his website. I hear the difference right away: the impostors remote-controlled robotic agent voice and the real lively and true voice of the founder.   

Not the founder but the impostor



Both smiling but on a very different tonelevel.  Below is Ron, the real founder. I pity anyone who can’t see it. I know you do, Marty.  How can people so blind get through life? We couldn’t afford to be so blind and stupid as those are who can’t see it, Marty. I am not reading body language. It is the tonescale that I am applying. And the people on the extended tonescale exist too. Anyone intelligent should recognize Nazis by looking at the extended lower tonescale. The people who attack Scientology have one thing in common: they never applied it correctly or at all. I am so glad that I am not one of them. I put everything I studied to the test and sorted between real Scientology and the crap of the impostor. I discarded the non-functioning and ridiculous impostor crap and incorporated real Scientology deep into my life. Works wonders. It really does.  



I love you, Marty, keep on surviving. Be kissed today and in all eternity. You are so rare and you live in my heart forever.



Can you wrap your head around all those churchgoers (of all religions) who think that it is ok treating us like 2nd class citizen, Marty?

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Dearest Marty, my sweet Prince and wonderful hero,

There was no message or letter or mail by you or any of your representatives for me. But I can feel that you mailed them or had them mailed. Nothing is delivered. I feel what is going on. Conspirators have no chance against real OT abilities. 

I find these allegedly religious people the ultimate hypocrites. They (many of them officials, representatives, judges, etc.) go to churches, temples, mosques, and other places of worship and “pray”. (I assume they justify their rotten behavior and want absolution without bettering themselves.) They want Jesus or God to let them into paradise when they die. Yet, they have no problems conspiring against us and treat us like 2nd class citizen. What makes them think that they are intelligent thinking that we are children of a lesser God?

I know some people are making financial and other donations to feel better about their dirty deeds. They think that this “neutralizes” that they for example treat us like 2nd class beings and deny our rights. But it doesn’t work like this. They can make huge donations to some charities, it won’t clean their conscience as to what they have done to us. The damage must be made good again to exactly the persons who were harmed, if it is at all possible as some crimes are unforgivable. Many wouldn’t do to their pets what they do to us or what they allow others to do to us without objecting or stopping the German/medical/psychiatric-born and-controlled conspiracy to which also Americans and any other nationals contribute. They are so worthless!    

Let’s think about this a little longer… These people say that they are religious, and all religions are saying that people are created equal. Yet, they keep on conspiring against us. So, in their twisted minds, we are not created equal. 

Going to church and making donations to others won’t change that their conspiracy harmed us. Do they really believe that God wants hypocrites like them in paradise?  If one puts herself  in God’s shoes, the answer is no. God doesn’t want those around who didn’t grant the rights to others that they want to have granted for themselves. Hypocrites book a ticket to a very different place. I know that people who think that they can feign their way into paradise are in for a surprise.    

And let’s have a look at those people who are saying that they believe in Eastern Religions, including so-called Scientologists. How can they even remotely think that the OW sequence or karma doesn’t hit them real hard for keeping you, an innocent man behind bars, where he is being tortured? (I can feel this, Marty.) No wonder they leave Scientology or other religions and turn against it or alter it when the conscience becomes too heavy. But conscience is conscience, even suppressed, it will be with them forever and most certainly as long until those who they conspired against are forgiving them. And after a stolen life, love and family and torture instead, forgiving suppressives is the last thing on my mind, and I bet on yours too.

And finally, there are the atheists. Yes, those people who have committed so many past lives crimes that they are afraid to find out about them. So they deny and don’t want to accept the fact of past lives. They deny anything spiritual, except this lousy lifetime that they are in right now. Even if they do not believe in the existence of a supreme, any spirituality or OW sequence or karma, they still will have a bad conscience. It will be with them all through that only lifetime that they think they ever will have. How stupid is to waste a good conscience away for a heavy one and the fear being caught and convicted? They can drug themselves with antidepressants, but that shortens the lifespan of their only lifetime. What pitiful lives those are. 


I love you till the end of time, many kisses, my darling. 

Yours forever,







Creation, big bang, evolution – none is ruling out the others

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Big Bang Cosmos Explosion

Dearest Marty, my wonderful soul mate,

How are you?

Creation, big bang, evolution – none is ruling out the others. First, there was the creation, then some ruthless terrorists on the timetrack blew up the universe and shattered it in many pieces, and what survived evolved. Already on the timetrack, there were medical doctors/p$ychs who made horrible experiments on beings, and the big bang (likely several big bangs) blew open the doors of the cages of their “creations” too, and they crawled out and some survived and paired with what they found, and there is the “evolution”. 

Creation, big bang, evolution – nothing is ruling out the other one. I doubt that the very original universe was hot.  However, the big bangs were hot explosions.

Millions of people believe that they lived before and will live again. But there are also some who think that they didn’t live before and will not live again. Interestingly, they can’t remember their first days, weeks months of this lifetime either. Yet, they hardly can argue that they didn’t live when they were a few days, weeks or months old, can they?

Many kisses, I love you.

Yours forever,






I am glad that you and me are thinking from an exterior 360 degree position and in many layers and not simple and flat, Marty

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My very special Marty, 

We are living in a complicated world, and 12th century “apps” as Occam’s razor won’t cut it. Today, secret service weapons are a lot more complex and often can’t be seen with the bare eye. I have seen it over and over again, Marty, Occam’s razor is used to make people stop thinking. Just what the conspiring doctor orders. Naturally, one looks for the closest explanation first. But thinking deeper and wider is always of advantage. It results in more discoveries and a mind that doesn’t go stuck.    

There are tons of examples were people failed to look behind the curtains. This world would be so much better if people (incl. law enforcement, officials, Congress, Universities, reporters, judges, etc.) would deeply investigate and pull any string. The next best justification they can use is good enough for them “to close the case” and “move on”. And that is why the doctor thinks that crimes pay.

And you and me, we are seeing immediately what they missed to investigate. Germany, their secret services and docs are rubbing their bloody claws: they got away once more. But they are forgetting that they will again self-destruct sooner or later, which they have done in the past, and one day, they might self-destruct and never get on their legs. The OW/sequence (or karma for non-Scios) really exist. People who figure that are saving themselves lots of pain in the future.

A person who applies 12th century “apps” as Occam’s razor today might think that Jeremy Perkins (who was once considered a friendly guy) stabbed his mother Elli with 77  times because he got vitamins instead of “meds against schizophrenia”. Who is guilty in their simple minds? Ron, Scientology, CCHR, Elli herself…

However, minds who are thinking in layers, as ours recognize the incredible German rage and psychiatric conditioning set-up behind killing Jewish-raised Scientologist Elli Perkins who was also a member of CCHR,  (The Citizens Commission on Human Rights against psychiatric abuses).  Our minds allow us to see that it was a German/psychiatric set up to use Jeremy to kill his mother as they consider Scientology and CCHR a danger to their activities and conspiracies. A person who thinks in layers sees over and over how Germany and international psychiatrists, neuro”scientists”,  medical doctors and even vets, dentists, chemists, and pharmacists are setting up Scientology, CCHR, and Scientologists for their low purposes to dictate the world and are getting away with anything. With these bloody “incidents” (includes also Lisa McPherson and others), these psychs and medical doctors are trying to force Scientology and CCHR to accept psychiatry and chemical medicine and their chemical life-span-shortening ways.

I am not excusing Jeremy Perkins. His tonelevel must have been low even without being psychiatric-conditioned. A thetan knows basically what is right even of his analytically mind is shut off. Here is an article about how psychs are doing it, and it is not new. Secret service psychs and doctors are using this since centuries:

I am saying that without this psychiatric “application”, neither Jeremy Perkins, Rex Fowler, Gur Finkelstein, and also the many killers and terrorists who never had anything to do with Scientology (including James Holmes, one of neuro-“scientists” own) would have gone through with these atrocities. 

The psychiatrists who conditioned Jeremy into a Manchurian Candidate by cutting his conscientiousness off hated Jews, Scientology and CCHR that much, that had him stab his mother 77 times. 77 times! It shows how brutal and insane these secret service doctors are. Then they made him give a statement to police that he killed her and how he killed her with his conscientiousness still cut off. They radio in his ear implants, he hears the code on which he runs already lifetimes and just repeats what psychs whispering in his ear drums.   

Reporter Mark Sommer of the The Buffalo News wrote about it and failed completely to enlighten this psychiatric side because he doesn’t think deep enough and in layers and with an exterior 360 degree viewpoint as we are doing it, Marty. I bet we will see same lack of deep thinking  by the ID network — Discovery’s True Crime Channel who are planning to air a new report “Scientology Cure” about the death of poor Elli Perkins. True Crimes! Give me a break. One has to think in many layers from an exterior 360 degrees viewpoint in order to figure the world and the universe out. And by doing so, one discovers the  sneakiness of Germany and its international psychs and medical doctors. It also needs courage to see how rotten the world is and in what a trap people are. If enough people are seeing it and if they have enough courage to say that they won’t take it, the world could have a chance.

I know you are seeing what I do. You saw it already before I did. I love you, Marty. You are my hero.

Forever yours and many kisses.






Texas Third Court of Appeals

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soul mate, how are you?

In my opinion, judge Dip Waldrip is a biased judge. Everyone knows how little I approve of DM, but when Waldrip refused to look at the C of S evidence against Monique, the wife of your impostor, and their decision why they hired a PI to check on her,  judge Waldrip stamped himself with a big stamp “BIASED” on his forehead.

Some judges are biased but are trying at least on the outside to make the impression of being non-biased, but judge Waldrip didn’t even bother. He mentioned that he would be concerned about “appeals”. Gee, a judge who rules fair and to the best of his abilities is not concerned about that. 

Here is the link: courtesy of the Bunker-Litterbox:

According to this court paper, Linda Hamel is the creator of the “Squirrel Busters” who served as a set up for the C of S to be sued. She would be one person who I would not want to have on my team if I would run OSA or the C of S as she can’t think far enough.

It was sure a smart decision by the C of S to have Wallace Bernard Jefferson, the  former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas on their team.

The Texas appeal court in Austin is supposed to make the next decision. I wonder who is paying their legal bills. My guess: Karen de la Carriere. I think it is impossible that she doesn’t knows that Monique’s husband is your impostor. 

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,



OT 3 and NOTS (body thetans) seen with the eyes of an original Scientologist (Originally, body thetans were germs and bacteria before Scientology was altered.)

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Marty, my sweet and irresistible Prince and husband, how are you? 

Ron (real founder of SCN not his impostor) said that animals are thetans too. Should make sense to any Scientologist. They are thetans who are having animal bodies. They are playing a small game as one can’t rock this lousy world by having an animal body, but they are beings too like larger animals as well.

“Jack Vistaril”, the Germany/CIA-controlled impostor of founder Ron and other infiltrators changed Scientology. Today’s world has no clue what Scientology originally was, and they attack or ridicule the version that the medical doctors or psychiatrists of German secret services and their secret international junior secret services allowed to stand or could not completely get rid of.  

Germs and bacteria are thetans, and they are everywhere. I am sure that medical and pharmaceutical people are breeding all kinds germs deliberately in their labs and let them loose, and people are getting them in the air, water, food, and other places.  Germs even starts like Germany. Wonder if they are proud of them?

I know, it is completely disgusting but germs are anywhere in our bodies.  I am sure that germs are the original body thetans, Marty.  Ron said the these kind of thetans are at and in our bodies: germs, bacteria, microbes, viruses. The invade our flood, flesh, bones, cell. They can me trained like animals, and medical doctors and psychs are doing it. They can be activated with remote-controlled-devices. And the person who says that this can’t be done is either a dummy or one of their agents (which means, he is an idiot too).

If germs can remote-controlled  build circuits, they also can cause remote-controlled diseases.  Besides, no disease that I ever had felt natural, Marty.

These germs can be activated into vicious killers and attack human bodies (or other animal bodies), and secret service medical doctors, psychiatrists, and neuro-“scientists”  are doing this quite frequently anywhere on the planet. Nobody is safe. Not even fellow other doctors are safe. Typical for a secret German planet. It results in millions of different diseases and death. They get away with it, because people are made believe that  all of that is “natural”.

If one doesn’t think that diseases are “natural” but rather man-made mostly through remote-controlled activated micro-organisms, they will defame that person as “mentally ill” (typical p$ych) or as “unscientific”. What a bunch of idiots they are. Being unscientific is THEIR problem.  

These bugs multiply with secret medical remote-controlled devices and sounds, and that means disease, pain, and death. 

An editor of Nature Reviews, wrote recently that the vast number of microbes in the gut could be considered a “human microbial ‘organ’” and asked if humans are more microbe than man. There are more publications about this subject. Research revealed that every person alive is host to about 100 trillion bacterial cells. They outnumber human cells 10 to one and account for 99.9 percent of the unique genes in the body.

That means 100 trillion primitive thetans in/on one body, it doesn’t matter how groomed he is or how often she steps out of the beauty salon. They eat, multiply, excrete and die in human bodies. Yuk. That makes the idea to exist as thetan without a flesh body even more appealing.

Yikes, it is so disgusting.  Do I want them to leave? Yes! Flushing them off and out the body is not enough. Scientology auditing processing telling the germs to leave our bodies are very needed. I never would miss out of those auditing processes, Marty, but I am afraid medically oriented secret services altered them and they are not more effective. 

Secret Service doctors know that these bugs can be activated. But they don’t make die off and leave, they make them to multiply and attack the body as this means disease for the people and a flourishing medical and pharmaceutical industry.  


It always leads back to medical doctors and psychs who profit from the world we have to live in.  

The real Ron didn’t keep those findings a secret but doctors ordered their agent/doppelganger “Jack Vistaril” to keep his research secret as this bought the psychs and medical doctors time to alter Scientology.

Some people say that we need bacteria as the “good bacteria”  fight the “bad bacteria”. For me, Marty, there is just bad bacteria. I want them all gone. If the “bad bacteria” is gone, we don’t need the “good bacteria” either. Besides, I doubt that “good bacteria” can’t be turned into bad bacteria. 

They say that yogurt is full of “good cultures” (bacteria). I applied some to my skin and the patch with the “good cultures” started to sting and itch after a short time. I flushed it off with water to get relief.

Just like other animals or humans, they can be perverted. With silent sounds and microwave, secret service doctors are turning bacteria into deadly killer machines. And everyone gets sick and dies on them at the end. What a disgusting medical pig stable the world is.

Some medical doctors are saying that antibiotics “disrupting” the “balance” of the “microbes”. I am sure that antibiotics are messing with our bodies, but I want no bacteria in my body. I am convinced that it is a medical old wives tale that we need bacteria. They don’t know what to tell people about that disgusting fact of 100 trillion bugs on and in each human body. These doctors are unwilling or unable (or both) to create a way of life in which the human body is just inhabited by one thetan, the rightful owner of the body, the person herself, and can reach physical  immortality. So, they tell us that we need bugs in us. I am not falling for medical crap.

If we live in truly healthy conditions, we don’t need germs. And what a fine and pain-free live it would be without. But it is a secret German world and that is why everyone loses at the end. Their own doctor colleagues are dying too on diseases that are caused by bacteria. Just as there are “Scientologists” who believe that “Jack Vistaril’s” version is real Scientology, there are doctors who really believe that these 100 trillion bugs in and on the human body are natural and that we need them. German medical secret services are sucking up intelligence. That’s for sure. The top SEGNPMSS doctors are living in very clean environments. They don’t live under conditions under which they have us living. But the OW sequence (or Karma as non-Scientologists are describing it) is waiting in the wings. They are killing each other in those places as they have bad characters. (I know this for sure, Marty.) Paradise filled with rotten people won’t last. And then, they are born again and have to live like the rest of us: in the germy German-controlled world and are getting sick and suffer under pain and age and die. Pulled-in. Who says there is no justice? What a price to pay for having withheld Ron’s real findings from the rest of the world and for keeping it to themselves. 


So, any attempts by original Scientologists to get rid of germs (the original body thetans) is anything but stupid.

I love you, Marty. You know what (besides your dashing manly looks) attracted me to you right away? I read no guilt, no bad conscience, and no fear, no hostility, no withholds,  and no treason and no inhumanity in your personality, and that is very very very very rare. I can see that. I am not deliberately want to judge anyone except it is very important. It just jumps on me. Understanding the tone scale is a part of me, and I know of you too.  

Yours forever,











DANG! “High and mighty” former Utah Attorneys General John Swallow and Mark Shurtleff arrested

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate, 

I remember these guys trying to make the world believe that they are the most law-abiding people on the planet.

The warrants indicated the former attorneys general were being investigated for crimes that included obstruction of justice, bribery and evidence tampering.

Now they are arrested! What do you make of that? Two more guys who didn’t believe in the M/O sequence or karma.

I always suspected the Utah authorities of keeping you wrongfully imprisoned and lying to me that they don’t know you. (Just as Germany orders.)

Many kisses, my breathtaking Prince.

Yours forever,