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Germany fools the world again and again and again…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

It is the 4th of July. I have not much traffic here, but there some kids in the neighborhood who like to explode fire crackers. Without much modern traffic sounds and just those fire crackers, it sounds like the Civil War here. “Independence”  is such a joke, considering that Germany controls people  in the USA and all other countries with loud and silent sounds.

I read this article today of this 31-year-old German who allegedly “spied for the USA” and then “confessed”. Germany is pulling everyone’s leg because that was a German set up.  

Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert uttered: “We don’t take the matter of spying for foreign intelligence agencies lightly.”

And neither should the USA or any other state that Germany not just spies on but INVADED AND CONTROLS.

Here are my thoughts to this Germany hypocrites and this “scandal”, Marty:

The entire thing is a German set up so that Germany can cry wolf again despite Germany is  the wolf. Germany runs just about anyone. Most certainly anyone who ever made it into the German government. There is a reason why no Scientologists is hired by the German government. The behavior of that German “spy” screams tells me that he wanted to be “busted”. I bet Germany awards him sooner or later accordingly for his “services” to make the USA look bad.   

Germany “admits” that this “spy” was a low agent, not in a high position. Of course not, as Germany does not want that real secrets fall into the hands of other countries, only those “secrets” that they can spare are “stolen”. And this German offered “his services” against cash voluntarily. The USA didn’t ask him to spy. I bet those documents that he sold for €25,000 allegedly to the USA, are pretty worthless stuff. Germany watches everyone. When somebody just THINKS of something anywhere in the world, IT GOES INTO THEIR SUPERCOMPUTER. They are much too crazy than to play fair and let things go their natural ways. THEY MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST CONTROL ANYBODY! They are not like normal people. They are utterly obsessed, and the biggest hypocrites in  the universe.     

If that German “agent” would really work for US advantages, he would had really blow the whistle on Germany infiltrating the USA and any other country by making children to be their agents (installing ear and other body implants into them around first grade).


There are a few NSA officials who either lie that Germany is the friend of the USA or they are too dumb to get it. They say that after 7/11 attacks, the German BND and the USA worked “closely” together. Huh!? Germany conditioned ring leader Atta to conduct these terror acts. And covering up such heinous crimes is called “working closely together”?! Yikes! Give me a break! BTW, you likely know that the BND hired lots of Nazis…

Merkel isn’t pro USA either. She just hides with other Germans behind the back of USA so that the USA takes on her other “problem”, which is Russia and them not willing to surrender to Germany (who has EU totally in its grip).

Typical German is trying to make the USA believe that Russia is the problem of the USA. It is not and neither is China. It was Germany who made these countries communistic so that they would not grow richer than Germany. 

That German was “arrested” contacting the Russians. How weird is this? Why would they be interested in German congressional crap against the USA?           

Read this, Marty:  According to one German newspaper, he was first arrested amid suspicions he tried to make contact with Russian intelligence, only to confess he was in fact “spying for the Americans”. 

He wanted to be busted, and I bet his secret case officer promised him a lot more than  €25,000 for his “services”.

‘This was a man who had no direct contact with the investigative committee… He was not a top agent,” said one of the German politicians.

Of course not, Germany controls everyone and never allows really dirty German secrets to become public.

And you know what is particularly killing me, Marty? The German “alibi” line that they are particularly sensitive about surveillance because of abuses by the East German Stasi secret police and the Nazis. THEY STILL ARE THE EAST GERMAN STASI AND THE NAZIS. Guess this “sensitivity” made them kill the real Ike while he still was in office and talk the CIA in replacing him with a doppelganger. And this “sensitivity” also made them infiltrating Scientology and turning it into a German cult. And that “sensitivity” also made them framing you and ripping us apart, after all, what can  be worse for still existing Nazi Germany than two people who love each other. They are so nuts that there are not even words to describe how crazy they are. And on top of all this insanity are German doctors and psychiatrists who “studied the human mind” and can’t handle their own insanity.

Anyway, once more as a sum: Germany was in on this. Nobody steals documents or data from Germany without Germany approving it. Germany does not just listen in on phone calls. THEY LISTEN IN ON EVERY MIND ON THE PLANET THROUGH EAR AND BODY IMPLANTS  and not just that, THEY ALSO CONTROL AND SECRETLY INFLUENCE THOSE THOUGHTS OF EVERYONE.

If that German agent really had the idea of passing on real documents to the USA or Russia, they could have stopped him in the moment he thought of it. As they didn’t stop him, it must serve a purpose for Germany.

And I repeat: I want to know from the NSA who the Germans are who are giving Merkel her orders. Who came up with the idea to put a woman on the chancellor post to make a world in trance believe that Germany better itself and has no longer insane world domination ideas? I also want to know who separated us, Marty, and who follows me around like lunatics. And I want a truly independent USA.

I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses. Hope to see you soon.

 You are hero, absolutely, Marty. I am lucky that I have you, Marty. You’ll move the mountains that needs to be moved. I am OT like you, I know what you do for me and also for a better world.  

Yours forever,




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  1. Vivid reader

    July 5, 2014 at 5:03 am

    • It sure was… But it just happened because the USA was already infiltrated by a population wearing German controlled ear implant before that. Those implants made it happen that the CIA (and other US agencies) were and are such great tools for Germany.

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 5, 2014 at 5:56 am

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