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If Hitler was really a vegetarian, why didn’t he order the German people to become vegetarians? He ruled all other aspects of their lives…

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Dearest Marty, my sweet Prince and soulmate, how are you?


Many people believe that Hitler was a vegetarian despite eye witnesses say that he favored sausages and meat. Gestapo confiscated books that contained vegetarian recipes.  So, who came up with Hitler being a vegetarian?

Easy answer: Rotten people who want other people getting sick through animal products and  who don’t feel for animals. I bet the anti-vegan propaganda piece “Hitler was a vegetarian” should make people turn away from vegetarianism.

Medical doctors and the pharmaceutical industry wants to enrich themselves by withholding from the world how animal products cause diseases, aging, and dying.  We just have to follow the money flow.    

Nazi Germany was a destructive cult that controlled all aspects of life.  If Hitler would have been really a vegetarian, why didn’t he order the meat, bacon, and sausage eating Germans to become vegetarians? Before the 3rd Reich, during the 3rd Reich and after the 3rd Reich, Germany’s tables were/are loaded with meat, bacon, and sausages. And yes, the GESTAPO confiscated vegetarian books. Basically, most of the German folk was cheated too. They were not told that a vegetarian lifestyle means no hardship or deprivation. If somebody knows how to cook, vegetarian dishes so yummy.

But being a vegetarian doesn’t mean necessarily being a good person. Some people figure they don’t want any diseases that come from animal products, and that is the ONLY reason why they become vegetarians. They give a damn if animals suffer and they give a damn that they are used in gruesome experiments. They also want the rest of the world to continue their animal cannibalism.    

I recalled that the life-protecting vegetarian village of your family is around for centuries and so is its life-preserving technology, Marty. I also know that our families wanted ANYONE to profit from it and preserve their youths and lives. A German controlled US-government (e.g. idiotic and corrupt medical doctors) didn’t show interest in it or followed their secret German medical case officer and kept the way of life and the technology just to themselves. (Marty, I am certain that Camp David under the real President Ike Eisenhower was originally designed to become such a protected life-preserving village. However, later it was changed by fools into just a “retreat”.)

German doctors (formerly barbers and butchers) stole the technology from our families just for themselves. They want to make the world believe that they are the scientists, but they are not. They are just the thieves.  They don’t figure out anything by themselves. Germans told me once that gypsies steal everything they can get their hands on. But I found that Germans do that: they steal everything: people, technology, money, countries, inventions, you name it… 

So, these medical doctors and psychiatrists and similar scum live in these life-preserving villages, after they stole the technology and kept it to themselves. They don’t age, they don’t get sick, they just die when one monster kills the other. (That happened quite frequently, and I can’t say that I feel sorry for them.)   

I believe that after Hitler faked his death in 1945, he hid in one of the secret “Dorian Gray”-villages consisting of the men behind Hitler, German doctors and psychiatrists who stole our technology for physical immortality and that Hitler became a vegetarian THEN but didn’t better his character. (I also would look for Obama bin Laden and lots of other monsters in such “Dorian Gray”-villages.)  

I read this line: “Towards the end of his life, Adolf Hitler followed a vegetarian diet. It is not clear when he adopted it.” 

It was not the end of his life. German Dorian Gray-Doctors helped Hitler to escape and hide in one of their villages that used our life and youth-protecting  technology that the German doctors stole and kept for themselves. They also controlled the U.S. government, U.S. universities, U.S. media and others into ignoring our health and life and preserving technology. (It is was a lot more than just consuming no animal products.) If one of them really wanted it badly, they offered him/her a place in their villages if they kept their mouth shut and didn’t tell the world population how they live. Bad deal! Those doctor-controlled villages are protecting people from aging and getting sick, but they don’t protect people from being murdered by their neighbors. And who would ever investigate murders in villages that don’t even exist on any map? Exactly.  Those people remaining in those villages are being told that the person who they just murdered “moved” into another village. THEY ARE SITTING IN THEIR OWN TRAPS, MARTY. THEY PULLED IT IN – BIG TIME.

I think Hitler lived happily many decades after 1945  in such a place but one day, somebody decided to keep him around no longer. It is kind of funny how they try to preserve their bodies and then are killed nevertheless and have to live/suffer reincarnated in a new body like the rest of the world, just because they kept the immortality technology from mainstream.  They pull it in, Marty, or how do some say? Karma is a bitch!  

I know that they steal famous American thetans and kidnap them into Germany and their plant their bad Germans in the USA and other countries to disgrace these countries when these people grow up.  I would not be surprised if  Hitler and other rotten people are now suddenly “born in the USA” as the SEGNPMSS (Bavarian Illuminati and whatever Bavarian trash secret service it was before them) plant them in the USA to bring the USA down.  

Their bodies are healthy but their characters are really like the Dorian Grays, rotten to the core! They are so decayed as beings that there is not even a word to describe them.  Dorian Gray, this piece of fiction is not really fiction. There are likely thousands and thousands of them living in secret villages somewhere on this planet. I bet they even built them on the moon and other planets conspiring and committing high crimes, plotting wars and terror acts, but they are vegetarians as they want to preserve their bodies. However, they don’t take the same care on their minds and personalities, which is actually what counts. Because when one kills the other, nothing is left but the thetan and its tonelevel. They steal each others minds and memories too. And with a low tonelevel, there is no miraculous recovery. A low tonelevel means spiritual death and a mind who can’t figure out what happened to them.     

They know that reincarnation is a scientific fact but they keep also that from the planet by controlling “scientists”. They even control Scientology not to prove it scientifically to the world. Ron figured it out as scientific fact already in lifetimes before his last. First they didn’t want to believe it, and then they saw it over and over that Ron was right and that the same people are born again. German Dorian Gray’s stole the precise technology, that proves it to the world. Stealing is the only thing that they can do better than anyone else.  In every lifetime, Ron figured it again. But they stole it again and altered it for the rest of the world. Now, in his new lifetime, I am certain that they kidnapped Ron to Germany, Marty, and that is a real problem, because Germany is paralyzing to great thetans.      

The only reason why we miraculous recover from what is being done is because we avoid by all means a drop on the tonescale. They are too dumb to figure that. Crimes make stupid and blind, and that is why they don’t try to better themselves.  Too blind, too dumb, and no courage.

I also figured out why they by all means try to keep the world down and are trying to pervert it: they want others to become like them. They do not have the courage to come forward and confess and better themselves. They are the ULTIMATE COWARDS. They try to make their bad characters “the normal” for this planet so that they don’t have to man or woman up.

They are all we don’t want to be, Marty. And we never will. 

I love you. Yours forever, and many kisses


P.S. Some people can’t follow my blog posts. They don’t understand them. I am writing this blog to be in communication with you, Marty. I know for you is very clear and easy to understand what I am writing about.    

Here is music and dances the Nazis hated. They  had no idea what fun is (they still don’t have).  They had signs saying „Swing tanzen verboten!”   




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