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Pope Francis and all others have to understand that forgiving perverts and criminals does not work

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Dearest Marty, my incredible Prince and superstar,

I am thinking of you.

So, I read this article about Pope Francis asking the victims of sex abuse for forgiveness on behalf of the child abusers.  

This is how criminals and perverts come away all the time: instead of being sentenced to make the damage good again (YES, PERSONAL AMENDS AS IN ORIGINAL SCIENTOLOGY) that they caused the victims, they are trying to get away by asking for “forgiveness”.

Marty, I know one thing for sure: forgiving DOES NOT change the criminal and perverted minds. Perverts and criminals need a lesson THAT THEY NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER FORGET. This is the ONLY way, they will realize how wrong they did.   

It is much easier to forgive and forget. It is not easy to pull things through until the criminal and pervert transformed certified into a real human being.  

People who commit perversions and crimes against others have to learn to become real human beings. I noticed that some of them don’t even realize how wrong they did. I remember Katie Couric mentioning that she interviewed a priest pedophile and that it probably was the most disturbing interview that she ever did because the priest didn’t really get what he did wrong. He was so twisted to think that the child enjoyed his sexual abuse. Argh! Makes one speechless, doesn’t it?  

They don’t learn by being forgiven. Being forgiven means that they got away with their perversions and crimes. They think that perversion and crime pays. Being forced to make the damage good again (if it is even possible at all) with their own hands and personal efforts is their only chance to become human beings. They may have university certificates but universities fail to check if they grant these diplomas to animals. A real human understands right away what is right and wrong. But not “people” who inhabited mostly animal bodies in  the past.    

Neither the Catholic Church nor medical doctors nor psychiatrists ever will get forgiveness from me. I am not a fool to forgive. I want to be the LAST person, they ever did anything horrific to. By forgiving, there will be future victims. Not forgiving but demanding most severest justice, amends and education  for each pig involved is the only way to prevent that the same pigs strike again with their old bodies or in new reincarnations.   

When these monsters are dying, they still have not learned what is right. Once reincarnated, once they have a new body and identity in  their new lifetimes, they will have the same perverted and criminal characters, and they will make new victims. Actually, it is possible that a person who forgave an abuser today becomes the victim of the same abuser in another lifetime. Because the perverts were forgiven instead of being held PERSONALLY ACCOUNTABLE. That amends must be really significant, so that they consciously and subconsciously (even after doctors and psychiatrists emptied their memories to their pathetic old lifetimes) will never commit any perverted or criminal act.

A person gone through the amends that I have  in mind will be no longer pervert and criminal even when lost her/his memory. The mind will be no longer open to perversions and crimes. The justice,  personal amends and education must be really of magnitude. Perverts and criminals don’t want to change, and that is why they attack and conspire against us. But we will not let them off the hook.  

When anyone at any time in the future will ever make such a person the offer to conspire or commit a crime or a perversion, that person will holler “NO!” (even when he/she thinks nobody is looking) so loud that anyone in the entire universe can hear him/her. THIS IS THE WAY TO HANDLE PERVERTS AND CRIMINALS…. NOT BY USING THE EASY WAY OF FORGIVING WHICH LEADS TO MORE CRIMES AND PERVERSION AS THE SICKOS DIDN’T LEARN ANY LESSON.

There is a lack of ethics in Christianity (not just Catholics). They believe that God and Jesus forgives anyway everything they do. So, they  fake remorse without truly bettering their characters. They think if they make a church donation, they are washed clean. It doesn’t work that way. They are also harming their own future not just that of their victims. But fools don’t get it. And the world is “fool” with it.  

The Catholic church thinks that a change of pope is all what it needs. Yeah right! Do they really think that God and Jesus let them away with some payments and a slap on the wrist? They destroyed the innocence of children. They caused anger, fear, shame, and disgust for so many for the rests of their lives! They generated suicidal feelings and maybe  suicides. They generated new perverts and abusers. They generate hatred against God and religion.  

Forgiveness instead of amends for the perverts and criminal? Not ever from  me.  I keep my non-forgiveness up in all eternity until there is no such thing anymore like a pedophile or other criminal in the entire universe. Messing around with us, Marty, is sure the way to be held personally accountable. 

Christians (not just the Catholics) don’t better the world, because they are such wimps as far as ethics is concerned. A truly ethical person should have heaven on Earth, the pervert and criminal should pay by all means available. Nothing should be made so tough than amends as this is the only way to make pigs clear that they don’t get away with it.

I know that you feel just like me, Marty. We are soulmate for a reason.

Yours forever,

I love you.

Sarah/Barbara 2222










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