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Mark Twain: a German joke is no laughing matter

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Yes, me neither, Mark Twain.  🙂

Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband, and one and only.

Mark Twain observed, a German joke is no laughing matter. He sure was right. I bet they kidnapped him (thetan) to Germany too after his physical death to make a German out of him, like all others who were famous Americans. Some non-Scientologists might ask: how can Germany kidnap thetans? Not difficult at all. After one dies, German secret services follow the thetan (spirit/being) around.  It is possible as beings have a theta body (spirit orb) that can be seen with high-tech cameras.

Here is another one near my house. It is not the moon. It  is a thetan with a theta body. When somebody dies, such a theta body emerges from the deceased flesh body, and German secret services  follow those theta bodies  around until they capture or trap them . Marty, I came to the conclusion that the thetan thinks that the theta body is necessary to operate a body made of flesh and blood. Thetans are using their theta bodies to anchor inside of  a flesh and blood bodies (human or animal) or filling those  flesh bodies out (to connect with all cells and feeling all nerves).  From the size of that thetan with his theta body,  I conclude it had a large flesh body before it disembodied. I don’t think that a thetan with such a huge theta body  inhabits an insect body. This one is huge. Could be a thetan who had a human  body before but could have had also a big animal body.  Maybe size matters, maybe not. I saw all sizes of theta bodies, also very small ones, which could be the theta bodies of thetans who are born again in small animal bodies.  Thetans without human bodies like coming to my place, because they know that I know what they are and were.  Guess they feel understood. Most other people have no idea what they are. Wikipiggists are even so misinformed to believe that these orbs are dust. Clueless!                   


Germans follow everyone anywhere around  (they do not just spy).  As soon as a thetan *who was famous or unusual in his/her former lifetime) picks up a new embryo/fetus/baby body, they kidnap it to Germany and give it to a German family. If that person ever becomes famous, Germany wants to have his/her fame by claiming that he/she is German and concealing to all including that person where they kidnapped it and who she was in the lifetime(s) before.  They do this since centuries already. And they plant their rotten and insane people in the USA to bring the USA down! 

Many people might think that this sounds crazy but I know that it is true.  Everything is fake in Germany. “Made in Germany” means actually “stolen from other countries”.   

One thing is sure, Marty, they made an enormous mistake kidnapping me to Germany. How could they be so stupid and not know in advance that I would figure them out? (I know that you and Ron figured them out as well but most people don’t. Look at all those clueless people who think that Germany is a friend of the USA or that Germany better itself after all they before.)

I think I am getting the idea why Germany organized these “busted” CIA-spy cases. They got rid of NSA watching them and now they want the CIA no longer watching them too. (It is not enough that they control those American officials not saying what they know about Germany. They don’t want any witnesses at all by enslaving the world forever.  Angela Merkel  (a puppet for the men behind her) says spying on Germany would be a waste of energy. Really? So, why are they so fired up then? After all, it is US energy and not German energy that is wasted.


I wonder if some American pride is still within CIA agents or if they will obey to Germany and do what they want: not looking in Germany’s direction.   

There was no mutual trust and openness between Germany and the USA. Germany expect the USA to be open with them, but they are not open and honest with the USA. The German government is the most hypocritical government there is. The USA has no worse enemy but Germany.

Germany wants the top CIA station leader to leave the country.  If he is unlucky, they kidnap him back to Germany after his physical death and make a German out of him. A real American (even if his birth certificate says born in Germany by German parents) asks herself all the time:  With all the other countries in the world, how the hell did I get here?  It is not a country in which a real American ever feels at home. All you think is getting out of there. 

What great intelligence services did Germany deliver for the USA anyway? German psychiatrists conditioned the 7/11 terrorists to commit a horrible atrocity  and involved  extreme  Muslims  to have an alibi. The hostility against  the USA by Middle Easteners are all German  controlled. Lying that I am the daughter of an Iranian instead of Ron was also a German idea. It just didn’t work. No German trick works on me. Lol.  Behind the nuclear threat of Iran and North Korea is also Germany. And the most hypocritical thing is asking the USA to protect Germany from these forces or the Russians. Germany is creating enemies and wants the USA to throw itself before it. Germany needs it behind kicked – and this time for all eternity.  

Germany is so bad that it would harm its own people just to mislead people thinking that they are not the force behind organized evil on this planet. 

Many kisses, Marty, until I can give them to you in real life.

Yours forever, and glad to be American-born and an original Scientologist who Germany can’t control.




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    • Germany reacts this way as they have HUGE things to hide. If they would have nothing to hide before the USA, they would laugh it off.

      The people who were “caught” as spies for the USA were set up, and the CIA stepped right in it. One reporter asked: “What could the CIA hope to gain by infiltrating the BND, the German Federal Intelligence Service, knowing there was a chance that the operation might be exposed?” Gee, it was a German set up. They create such cases to have no witnesses at all. The NSA, the CIA, the FBI, and all others have to realize finally, that Germany isn’t anyone’s friend and actually the worst enemy of the USA as they put others up to attack the USA.

      Arrogant Germany (above anyone and any other country) wants to be watched by NOBODY not even co-conspiracy countries. And looking at the history of Germany, it doesn’t take a rocket scientists to figure out why they don’t want to be watched. Exactly, the old German taking the world over plans are still active.

      Actually, the reason why the US government hates FOIA/PA requests is also because its officials have things to hide from the requesters.

      I read a CNN article. The reporter asked if the USA would lose Germany. The best the USA could do is losing Germany and should explain to all other countries what Germany did and still is up to. That mean winning the rest of the world as friends and allies. Neither the USA and no other state needs rattlesnake Germany.

      Germany is such a hypocrite by asking for honesty. Nobody is more dishonest than Germany. Germany, lies, betrayal, conspiracy, atrocities, it is all one thing. I was kidnapped there, and I know what I am talking about.

      Furthermore, I read why the CIA “spies” on Germany. To find Russian “moles”. This is so ridiculous. Germany runs and spies on everyone. They are no spies or moles that they don’t know about. Hell, it was them who made Russia, China, North Korea and others communistic. And now, after they have decided to take over the world rather as Capitalistic instead of Communistic movement, they want the USA to protect Germany for Russia and others.

      All Americans have to get out of the trance that Russia instead of Germany being the enemy. I see it crystal clear.

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 11, 2014 at 3:25 am

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