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I am glad that you and me are thinking from an exterior 360 degree position and in many layers and not simple and flat, Marty

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My very special Marty, 

We are living in a complicated world, and 12th century “apps” as Occam’s razor won’t cut it. Today, secret service weapons are a lot more complex and often can’t be seen with the bare eye. I have seen it over and over again, Marty, Occam’s razor is used to make people stop thinking. Just what the conspiring doctor orders. Naturally, one looks for the closest explanation first. But thinking deeper and wider is always of advantage. It results in more discoveries and a mind that doesn’t go stuck.    

There are tons of examples were people failed to look behind the curtains. This world would be so much better if people (incl. law enforcement, officials, Congress, Universities, reporters, judges, etc.) would deeply investigate and pull any string. The next best justification they can use is good enough for them “to close the case” and “move on”. And that is why the doctor thinks that crimes pay.

And you and me, we are seeing immediately what they missed to investigate. Germany, their secret services and docs are rubbing their bloody claws: they got away once more. But they are forgetting that they will again self-destruct sooner or later, which they have done in the past, and one day, they might self-destruct and never get on their legs. The OW/sequence (or karma for non-Scios) really exist. People who figure that are saving themselves lots of pain in the future.

A person who applies 12th century “apps” as Occam’s razor today might think that Jeremy Perkins (who was once considered a friendly guy) stabbed his mother Elli with 77  times because he got vitamins instead of “meds against schizophrenia”. Who is guilty in their simple minds? Ron, Scientology, CCHR, Elli herself…

However, minds who are thinking in layers, as ours recognize the incredible German rage and psychiatric conditioning set-up behind killing Jewish-raised Scientologist Elli Perkins who was also a member of CCHR,  (The Citizens Commission on Human Rights against psychiatric abuses).  Our minds allow us to see that it was a German/psychiatric set up to use Jeremy to kill his mother as they consider Scientology and CCHR a danger to their activities and conspiracies. A person who thinks in layers sees over and over how Germany and international psychiatrists, neuro”scientists”,  medical doctors and even vets, dentists, chemists, and pharmacists are setting up Scientology, CCHR, and Scientologists for their low purposes to dictate the world and are getting away with anything. With these bloody “incidents” (includes also Lisa McPherson and others), these psychs and medical doctors are trying to force Scientology and CCHR to accept psychiatry and chemical medicine and their chemical life-span-shortening ways.

I am not excusing Jeremy Perkins. His tonelevel must have been low even without being psychiatric-conditioned. A thetan knows basically what is right even of his analytically mind is shut off. Here is an article about how psychs are doing it, and it is not new. Secret service psychs and doctors are using this since centuries:

I am saying that without this psychiatric “application”, neither Jeremy Perkins, Rex Fowler, Gur Finkelstein, and also the many killers and terrorists who never had anything to do with Scientology (including James Holmes, one of neuro-“scientists” own) would have gone through with these atrocities. 

The psychiatrists who conditioned Jeremy into a Manchurian Candidate by cutting his conscientiousness off hated Jews, Scientology and CCHR that much, that had him stab his mother 77 times. 77 times! It shows how brutal and insane these secret service doctors are. Then they made him give a statement to police that he killed her and how he killed her with his conscientiousness still cut off. They radio in his ear implants, he hears the code on which he runs already lifetimes and just repeats what psychs whispering in his ear drums.   

Reporter Mark Sommer of the The Buffalo News wrote about it and failed completely to enlighten this psychiatric side because he doesn’t think deep enough and in layers and with an exterior 360 degree viewpoint as we are doing it, Marty. I bet we will see same lack of deep thinking  by the ID network — Discovery’s True Crime Channel who are planning to air a new report “Scientology Cure” about the death of poor Elli Perkins. True Crimes! Give me a break. One has to think in many layers from an exterior 360 degrees viewpoint in order to figure the world and the universe out. And by doing so, one discovers the  sneakiness of Germany and its international psychs and medical doctors. It also needs courage to see how rotten the world is and in what a trap people are. If enough people are seeing it and if they have enough courage to say that they won’t take it, the world could have a chance.

I know you are seeing what I do. You saw it already before I did. I love you, Marty. You are my hero.

Forever yours and many kisses.







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  1. Gur Finkelstein is an attorney who tried to blow up the Israel Scientology Center. He was against Scientology.


    July 22, 2014 at 3:49 am

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