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Creation, big bang, evolution – none is ruling out the others

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Big Bang Cosmos Explosion

Dearest Marty, my wonderful soul mate,

How are you?

Creation, big bang, evolution – none is ruling out the others. First, there was the creation, then some ruthless terrorists on the timetrack blew up the universe and shattered it in many pieces, and what survived evolved. Already on the timetrack, there were medical doctors/p$ychs who made horrible experiments on beings, and the big bang (likely several big bangs) blew open the doors of the cages of their “creations” too, and they crawled out and some survived and paired with what they found, and there is the “evolution”. 

Creation, big bang, evolution – nothing is ruling out the other one. I doubt that the very original universe was hot.  However, the big bangs were hot explosions.

Millions of people believe that they lived before and will live again. But there are also some who think that they didn’t live before and will not live again. Interestingly, they can’t remember their first days, weeks months of this lifetime either. Yet, they hardly can argue that they didn’t live when they were a few days, weeks or months old, can they?

Many kisses, I love you.

Yours forever,






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