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Can you wrap your head around all those churchgoers (of all religions) who think that it is ok treating us like 2nd class citizen, Marty?

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Dearest Marty, my sweet Prince and wonderful hero,

There was no message or letter or mail by you or any of your representatives for me. But I can feel that you mailed them or had them mailed. Nothing is delivered. I feel what is going on. Conspirators have no chance against real OT abilities. 

I find these allegedly religious people the ultimate hypocrites. They (many of them officials, representatives, judges, etc.) go to churches, temples, mosques, and other places of worship and “pray”. (I assume they justify their rotten behavior and want absolution without bettering themselves.) They want Jesus or God to let them into paradise when they die. Yet, they have no problems conspiring against us and treat us like 2nd class citizen. What makes them think that they are intelligent thinking that we are children of a lesser God?

I know some people are making financial and other donations to feel better about their dirty deeds. They think that this “neutralizes” that they for example treat us like 2nd class beings and deny our rights. But it doesn’t work like this. They can make huge donations to some charities, it won’t clean their conscience as to what they have done to us. The damage must be made good again to exactly the persons who were harmed, if it is at all possible as some crimes are unforgivable. Many wouldn’t do to their pets what they do to us or what they allow others to do to us without objecting or stopping the German/medical/psychiatric-born and-controlled conspiracy to which also Americans and any other nationals contribute. They are so worthless!    

Let’s think about this a little longer… These people say that they are religious, and all religions are saying that people are created equal. Yet, they keep on conspiring against us. So, in their twisted minds, we are not created equal. 

Going to church and making donations to others won’t change that their conspiracy harmed us. Do they really believe that God wants hypocrites like them in paradise?  If one puts herself  in God’s shoes, the answer is no. God doesn’t want those around who didn’t grant the rights to others that they want to have granted for themselves. Hypocrites book a ticket to a very different place. I know that people who think that they can feign their way into paradise are in for a surprise.    

And let’s have a look at those people who are saying that they believe in Eastern Religions, including so-called Scientologists. How can they even remotely think that the OW sequence or karma doesn’t hit them real hard for keeping you, an innocent man behind bars, where he is being tortured? (I can feel this, Marty.) No wonder they leave Scientology or other religions and turn against it or alter it when the conscience becomes too heavy. But conscience is conscience, even suppressed, it will be with them forever and most certainly as long until those who they conspired against are forgiving them. And after a stolen life, love and family and torture instead, forgiving suppressives is the last thing on my mind, and I bet on yours too.

And finally, there are the atheists. Yes, those people who have committed so many past lives crimes that they are afraid to find out about them. So they deny and don’t want to accept the fact of past lives. They deny anything spiritual, except this lousy lifetime that they are in right now. Even if they do not believe in the existence of a supreme, any spirituality or OW sequence or karma, they still will have a bad conscience. It will be with them all through that only lifetime that they think they ever will have. How stupid is to waste a good conscience away for a heavy one and the fear being caught and convicted? They can drug themselves with antidepressants, but that shortens the lifespan of their only lifetime. What pitiful lives those are. 


I love you till the end of time, many kisses, my darling. 

Yours forever,








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