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What is Tony Ortega’s problem with people striving to be Godlike?

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate, I miss you. 

Right now, Tony and his own cult of Scientology haters are trying to ridicule Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson voice) because she wants to become Godlike.

Is it really so bad that people (and I hope they mean it and do not just say it) strive to become Godlike? Doing the right thing? Being good, helpful, courageous, honest,  just, loving?

People should imagine the world full of Jesuses and Jesusettes. Would that be so bad for this rotten planet or rather what it needs? 


Tony Ortega and many of his own hate-Scientology-cultists (Bunkerites) are atheists, meaning that they are against philosophies and religions altogether.  They believe they are just a bundle of nerves and cease to exist when the body dies. They are so blind that they haven’t discovered that they HAVE a body and ARE NOT their body. Poor creatures with no spiritual awareness.

Is the wish to become Godlike really that bad? The Mormons want it too. If Tony tells a Mormon: “Hey,”…smirk, smirk, smirk…”Did you hear that Scientologists want to become Godlike?” That Mormon will say: “So, what? We LDS want that too.”

And there are followers of Eastern Religions who try to reach the highest stage of being, and some Christians and Jews too:  to emulate God is to become as Godlike as possible.

Tony Ortega and his mindless supporters are doing all in their power to make Scientology ridiculous. But the joke is on them not being able to differentiate between the founder and his impostor or between Monique’s husband or you, or, alternatively, knowing it and keeping it from the world, which indicates characters so low that I don’t have words for it.

He doesn’t get or reveal that secret services altered Scientology and added anti-religious material to Scientology. 

A reporter from TodayTonight asks Garry Scarff of all people if Scientologists believe in God. What does that Scarff-DEBE know? He never was a Scientologist. I am one and I believe in God. I can feel him in me and around me. He helped me to get the police to Scarff’s roach-invested place to make that monster backing off stalking me.  Exactly, there is a God.  

Tony Ortega published below photo claiming it would be the founder. It is not. I can see in a blink of an eye that it is Jack Vistaril, the impostor. Scientology haters are saying that the tonescale doesn’t work. They could not be more wrong, because I can differ between originals and impostors thanks to the tonescale. The reason why I saw that you differ so much from others, Marty, is also based on the tonescale. And that is also the reason why I KNOW that you are the one for me. I never would mix you up with somebody else because I know your tonelevel and personality. The tonescale is so valuable and helps absolutely not to fall for the wrong people and drinking their cool aide. 

Somebody who really knows and applies the tonescale can see that this is not the Scientology founder. Many people in the orgs also do not apply the tonescale otherwise they would not use photos of the impostor in promo ads. This is Jack Vistaril. It is also Jack Vistaril who talks about Xenu and many other tapes that Tony posts on his website. I hear the difference right away: the impostors remote-controlled robotic agent voice and the real lively and true voice of the founder.   

Not the founder but the impostor



Both smiling but on a very different tonelevel.  Below is Ron, the real founder. I pity anyone who can’t see it. I know you do, Marty.  How can people so blind get through life? We couldn’t afford to be so blind and stupid as those are who can’t see it, Marty. I am not reading body language. It is the tonescale that I am applying. And the people on the extended tonescale exist too. Anyone intelligent should recognize Nazis by looking at the extended lower tonescale. The people who attack Scientology have one thing in common: they never applied it correctly or at all. I am so glad that I am not one of them. I put everything I studied to the test and sorted between real Scientology and the crap of the impostor. I discarded the non-functioning and ridiculous impostor crap and incorporated real Scientology deep into my life. Works wonders. It really does.  



I love you, Marty, keep on surviving. Be kissed today and in all eternity. You are so rare and you live in my heart forever.



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