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What if God would change his rescue plans for the Earth and the rest of this universe?

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

It seems to me that most people who believe in God are thinking that he forgives anything they do, and that his patience is endless. They think that there is no real reason to change and doing the right things. They are being told that even mass murderers are being forgiven. All they have to say: I repent, and all crimes are whitewashed. So, why change? They think God is a fool like they are, one who can be tricked into believing their act of suddenly being good.    

Enough people who don’t believe in God or in karma are having no reason to behave ethically, because if law enforcement doesn’t catch them (and how can it catch them if the control and run it), they are home free and can behave like pigs and don’t have to treat others how they want to be treated themselves. (Those are dumbest kind of people I encountered on this planet.) 

What if these attitudes makes God take a different route to help people? One that does NOT approach Billions of people AT ONCE to behave ethically as he did by addressing the masses? 

I was wondering about the creation of another physical universe in another dimension to which nobody from this universe has access unless invited. It should be a completely cloaked  universe that nobody  from this universe can access as the snakes would turn it in another hell hole. The transfer from this universe to another must be completely non-visible and non-measurable, which is possible, considering that a thetan originally has no mass or wavelength.   

That new physical universe would be just for truly ethical people (also not for those hypocrites who are thinking that conspiring against others is ethical). One thetan after the other would be addressed (unnoticed by the snakes) if it wants to change any bad ways and stay in this truly great new universe. They would be educated as to what lack of ethics did to their own lives and what horrible consequences it had for them personally and others.  Before they are permanently accepted in the new universe, they have to prove to the other residents of this new universe how and that they really and truly have changed to the better. If the change is really true, they can stay, if not, they are getting a ticket back in this universe, where they can wait some more Billions of Billions of years before given another chance.

The monsters are getting this chance first if nobody better is left to be offered the chance before them. They can “enjoy” this hell hole that they created as long as possible. 

It would be so much easier on those who are good if they would live in another universe where the scum can’t destroy and pervert what good people created for themselves, good people who understood that ethics is of utmost importance to feel good about oneself and for their survival and the survival of others.

The amount of people to be approached should be never higher than the residents who don’t want hell to repeat itself in their new universe so that bad can’t overwhelm good again. All hundreds of years one new being would be just fine. No hurry at all. It would be a long, long wait for the bad guys to live in conditions where nobody conspires and hurts others. They deserve the long and not the short route, if you ask me.

As longer as I think about this 2nd and cloaked universe, as more I like the idea, Marty.  Not just some kind of spiritual universe like the Christian paradise but a real physical universe.  It means heaven for good people right away, and for the bad not right away.  

The unaware and suppressive of course thinks that there is no God and that it is not possible to create another universe,  and if it would be possible, they would find it.  I beg to differ. I think it is perfectly doable. If God doesn’t allow them to find it, they will find freaking nothing. Besides, each day, they go more down anyhow and become less able. At the end, all available to them to play a game with will be snake or germ bodies.

What will it be for them? The long way or the short way? The short way would be turning this universe around, but as of today,  they have not stopped torturing good people. Good has to suffer because snakes don’t want to change. I am getting really sick of it that they demand rights but denying them to good people. They are all we don’t want to be, Marty. And I feel so disgusted by them that I don’t even want to live in the same universe with them.  

I love you, Marty. We both will be in the same universe, always. That is sure. 🙂

Many kisses.

Forever yours,








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