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Germany’s secret services are behind the never ending Israeli–Palestinian conflict… (They are running people with ear implants and have the overall control.)

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soul mate, how are you?

Since I can remember, I asked myself the question why Jews, Palestinians, Muslims, and Christians can’t get along. Why don’t they find lasting peace solutions? The answer lies in Germany, their secret service, and the most secret service of all: the SEGNPMSS or Bavarian Illuminati or whatever they call their still existing brutal mind-c0ntrolling movement that was also the force behind the Nazis.

I found this German painting online. Typically German to accuse mainly or just women of fighting, but the text says that third person in this fight is not pictured. The German saying “When two are quarreling, the third enjoys it” is really true. And any world conflict can be solved by simply investigating this fact. 


This Israel-Palestine conflict is not religious.  SEGNPMSS has a program making people believe that religion is bad by radioing in the ear implants of their international agents (who might say that they are religious but they are not) to behave as badly as possible so that the world does away with religion. Why do they hate religion? There are a couple of reasons. One is that they are afraid that they have to better their characters and that needs courage. They don’t have this courage. The other reason is that truly ethical people miss their withholds. By looking at good people, they are reminded how dirty they are. If there are no ethical people around anymore, they don’t have to feel ashamed of their high crimes anymore as all are that bad. Another reason is that they can’t make truly religious and ethical people commit the crimes that they want them to commit… 

It also helps Germany to make the USA poorer by making it providing financial support. Germany wants to run the entire world as ever. The USA is in their way, and they think that the USA needs to be on its knees, its reputation, its finances,  everything… in order for Germany to become the official leader of the world. 

Another reason is to justify Hitler and the Nazis. By making Jews behave violent, it supports their campaign that Germany, Hitler and the Nazis were right gassing them.    

After Germany lost WWII, the hostility against Jews continued immediately in the Middle East because Germany was/ is using Muslims for their German purposes, despite Jews and Muslims have a lot in common and could live in perfect harmony together.

If land (space) to raise crops etc. is the problem, it could be solved with closed villages that raise crops (hydroculture). They can be stacked on top of each other, they can be put in and under water, etc. They can make their own water. The entire conflict can be settled right away as there are solutions. 

Palestine and Israel can have their own states. They just have to adopt a new way of living, which will be anyway healthier, better, and prettier than what they have now.  

As you know, during the 2nd WW, Germany used Muslim’s already for their low Nazis purposes. The world should have figured that Germany is the force that does not want Jews and Muslims live in peace. 

In  1948, there was a proposal by the UN to create a Israel and a Palestinian state, but the Arab countries rejected it because they don’t want Israel and Jews to live together. German-controlled Nazi ear implants made them act this way. 

Also if Jews would be indeed incapable of fighting back (as during the 3. Reich) how come they can fight now when Germany is not the target? Because Germany controlled them and they didn’t want Israel fighting them. But they are amused when Jews and Muslims are fighting. Exactly, it is always as the ruler of the ear implants sees fit.  Germany invented this retarded system because they MUST MUST MUST control.  Armies, paramilitary groups, terror cells,  individuals, politicians, “religions”, ethnic groups, they all have something in common: German-controlled ear implants. And then they make such a severe mistake and kidnapping me to Germany, where I could figure them out up-close and personal, Marty. How stupid was that? They are not really intelligent, despite they run the entire planet.  

Germany is also behind that terror groups win elections. All they have to do is to radio in the ear implants of their agents how to vote and there is the new “leader”.  

UK gave Jews land that they back then ruled as part of the British-Mandate.  Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon could offer Palestine some land too. But even if they don’t, all could build closed agricultural villages on and in the calm Mediterranean Sea, etc. They can make their own fresh and healthy water.  If they look for great places to farm and live, Marty, we would be able to help them all. Also, the USA would finally not throw out money anymore that is wasted for war. Marty, whatever is bugging these folks down there, we could come up with a solution that would make all of them very happy. 

It is the world most unsolvable conflict as Germany’s secret services sabotages any peace process by radioing in the ear implants of people not to find a solution or break any peace process/agreement.

I know that you are aware of this as I am, Marty. It is a shame that the world is so blind as to what really ails it.

Many tender and passionate kisses, my star! If you become US President, Marty, there will be peace in that region because you know who to bust.


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