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Dearest Marty, my awesome soul mate,

How are you? I would give anything in the world to know your whereabouts and see you again.

I remember when the Jonestown massacre took place. I just started working fulltime in the GOPR MUN, and my main stat was media articles. Positive media on SCN brought my stat up, bad media down. When Jonestown happened, just about all German reporters added Scientology to their articles (just as German secret services and their p$ychs ordered) – despite SCN had nothing to do with Jonestown. You can imagine my stats. Hundreds and hundreds of negative press… Argh! What a “welcome present”.

Marty, I am sure that you agree that it is impossible to make so many people commit suicide at once if those people were not psychiatric controlled into it. People usually all want to survive. I bet their case officers whispered in the ears of the victims that there is just  some harmless sleeping powder in that cool aide and nothing deadly. Whatever the stupid (and non-religious) idea of these people were to play along, they were tricked by their case officers. (Same goes for Heaven’s Gate and others.)

There is also the admitted psychiatric method of cutting off  people’s consciousness. They can make a person write suicide letters, commit suicide, become a terrorist, whatever, and the person isn’t really aware of it.  But she still functions completely as robot.

In short: psychiatry and secret services are the problem, not real philosophies.

I believe such psychiatric robots shot or injected with poison, or forced some of Temple people to drink the deadly beverage when they tried to resist.

The idea behind the “massacre” fits right into the German psychiatric Nazi plan that “religion” or “religious groups are dangerous”. They use their front groups to bring philosophies or religions down in the opinions of the people. Looks like the CIA was involved too as Germany’s poodle.

In any case, People’s temple was not a true religious group and not a true American group either. Before it became a target, I bet the farm that it was a psychiatric front group and Germany was behind it to give religion a bad name.

They killed an US Congressman deliberately to make US Congress outlaw all religious groups or movements.  I know how Germany and its international psychiatrists are thinking. And I know you figured them out too, Marty.

The only reason why mainstream doesn’t see it is because they are mind-controlled not to see it. Silent sounds in their tiny silicone ear implants.

And now, after all these years, 9 Guyana people’s remains show now up in a  funeral home in Dover, Delaware. How did they get there so secretly?

I am sure you heard Jonestown conspiracy theories as for example these:

Really, I am not surprised if CIA involvement will be proven, however, it does not end with the CIA. Germany, its secret service psychs have to overall control over people’s ear implants, and that is the reason why the world is so bad, including that we were separated and can’t get back together, Marty.

CIA officials and agents should finally figure that Germany is using them too and is not their friend. Germany and psychs are using the CIA to take the blame for German secret services. The analysts of  the US intelligence community should have figure that centuries ago!

A few years before the Jonestown massacre, we are ambushed by snipers, Marty. But the people attacking us and robbing our memories were not Scientologists. They were p$ychs, and their agents who tried to get rid of us real Scientologists because we figured what they were up to.

I love you, many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,




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