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1) Tony Ortega believes finally in life after death 2) I don’t think highly of people who want to stay “in the middle” – great people reach for the top…

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Picture: Apparently music-loving thetans with theta bodies attending a music event. Too bad that Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril”, upon German and psychiatric secret service orders, removed the real founder’s writings about spirit orbs (thetans with theta bodies) and David Miscavige follows the impostor and is not a real Scientologist. I assume that any thetan with a theta body as pictured below had a human or animal body before. Apparently, these theta bodies can be seen, photographed, and measured. I figured that the thetan thinks that he needs the theta body to control his human or animal body. The theta body is used to fill out the flesh body and connect it with each nerves and cell, etc.

Marty, I don’t think that these thetans with theta bodies try to overtake the human body of this Mexican gentleman. They could be the deceased wife and mother… Or just music lovers… However, what they are for sure are deceased people/animals. I have lots of them here, Marty. They like coming to me too. I capture them all the time with my camera. Guess they like coming to me because I know what they are. Must be nice for a chance to be recognized. Stupid Wikipiggists think they are dust. Good grief!)


Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince, husband, and soulmate,

First about you and me, everything else can wait. 😉

Life keeps me busy here. Unbelievable how much activity the static can get and produce once it postulated to be no longer static. However, I would throw it all away in a heartbeat to be with you. During the years, I have not changed. I am still the hopeful romantic that I always was. And I know you too. Some people are already old when they are young, and some people stay young even if they get older. All on the inside reflects to the outside. I am living now in the middle of nowhere with a sparse population, but even more than ever, I have to avoid several Johns, some quite a lot younger than I am. I am not interested in any of them, Marty. I saw you, I recognized you, and you are the only one I am romantically interested in. I still hope to find you, but even if not, I would not take anyone else because my love and feelings are all invested in you. I never could love anyone the way I love you. And I have no regrets. I have regrets as to what I could have done better when I saw you the last time but not that I waited for you. Even if you would decide for someone else, I would not retaliate against you. It was all my choice, and I am glad that I made it.

So, why did I not fall in love with anyone having a good-looking body who came after you? Besides from me being very loyal, they didn’t shine on top of the tonescale like you, Marty. It really, really works. I apply it. If it would not work, how come I can differentiate between originals and impostors in a snap. I don’t read body language, I read personalities with the help of the tonescale. And I know you apply it too.

And now to Tony Ortega who these days approaches Ron, the founder, directly on his blog. Kind of funny, considering that Tony is an atheist. Seems that Tony learned at least something: death of the physical body is not the end of a person. And Tony thinks that Ron reads his blog. Tony is sure full of himself, isn’t he? A day ago, he tried to lecture Ron on that life is not basically a static. He says a static can’t be basically a static, it is either a static or not. This is typical Tony. Talking nonsense to his mindless followers.

In the axioms, Ron explained that a life static has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in time. But it has the ability to postulate and to perceive. And that the static is also capable of considerations, postulates and opinions. Tony came never up with something that rings so true, yet, he has the guts to lecture Ron on the word “basically”. “Atheist-Philosopher” Tony (who thinks that the diseased founder reads his blog) says there is no basically, life is either a static or not.

Tony conveniently forgets that all people and animals on this planet left the state of static by postulating a different state of existence, e.g. life has now a body that has mass, they can be measured, they have locations in space. That is why “basically” was used. Life today is no longer just postulating, perceiving, and opinions. Who does not believe it, should read the news everyday.

It is the same like that thetans are basically good. However, a lot has changed since they were good and clean, and some really can knock that basic goodness so small inside of them that it just anymore has the size of a pin needle head, a very very very thin bad conscience that they knock back into the smallest toe of them when it shows.

Anyway, Tony and his “sources” are being used by the SEGNPMSS (other term for Bavarian Illuminati and the psychs, barbers, and butchers behind it) trying to destroy Scientology. I don’t worry about Miscavology or Vistarology as it is not original Scientology. As more stupid and corrupt people are leaving the orgs as better to restore original Scientology one day. They are non-Scientologists and their agents actions within the orgs caused their bad reputation.

Whatever is done to Scientology, it will not die because there are Scientologists who know of original Scientology. They know of “Jack Vistaril” being an impostor. And by deliberately ignoring this subject, Tony does not address in the slightest the people who will make sure that Scientology will survive, it doesn’t matter at how many other trees he barks. Even if Scientology orgs would be destroyed into ashes, it would raise again, and win if not in form of Vistarology or Miscavology.

There is also another aspect that Tony forgets: negative press or article can do just so much. Yes, people all heard or read about it, but when they meet a real Scientologist and learn to know him or her, they do away with this negativity and consider Scientology. I have seen it over and over again. Word of mouth and own experiences is a lot stronger than media and blogs.

What does it mean? It means that people who never understood or applied Scientology will leave but real Scientologists will not become no or anti-Scientologists and Scientology will continue to grow as people who are able to think for themselves will think about a real Scientologist and his knowledge, abilities, and attitude towards life when they met one. That means that this anti-Scientology campaign keeps stupid people away from Scientology but will continue to grow with thinking people and no cultists, the only people who should be in Scientology in the first place.

Marty, and now I am speaking about people who never were Scientologists, as your impostor, Monique’s husband. What is it with him preaching “to stay in the middle” or using the “middle path” etc. I never heard about a great person that “stayed in the middle”. If one wants to better the world, one can’t stay in the crowd. It sure is more convenient to be like anyone else and to be politically correct but it is not the way of great individuals. Great people give a damn what others are thinking about them even if they are defamed (usually a psychiatric defamation of being mentally ill) by going their own way.

What is so great about the middle and not reaching for the stars? What is so great about average if one can use all that is in one? Monique’s husband’s “Middle” is very boring, very very boring. And so are the people who are attracted to his “middle way”. I can’t imagine any real Scientologist dumping real Scientology for his boring middle crap. Middle means convenience, average, just like the masses, the same old, same old. No courage to swim against the stream. No one who makes real changes to this planet that are needed. I could not last a day in Monique’s husband’s “school”. It would suffocate me immediately.

The attorney of Monique, Leslie Hyman, just filed a reponse motion in case no 03-14-00199-CV IN THE COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE THIRD COURT OF APPEALS DISTRICT AUSTIN TEXAS, CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY INTERNATIONAL, ET AL, APPELLANTS, vs. MONIQUE RATHBUN, APPELLEE. What is that with Leslie Hyman taking the multi-million golddigger case of a woman who is married to your impostor, Marty? I said it before: Non-Scientologists in the orgs (Squirrel busters) played right into the hands of the impostor and his wife (who he married providing a false date of birth) so that they can file a case. Hyman informed the court that Monique was never a Scientologist. Of course she was never a real Scientologist as her husband never was one, but this is not what their good friend Steve Hall claims on his site. He listed her on top of “Independent Scientologists” for years. They can’t have it both ways. Monique traveled with her impostor husband even to Germany, trying to help this notoriously intolerant country to shut Scientology down. How dare Ms. Hyman to submit to the court that Monique has clean hands on Scientology. Besides, Squirrel Busters never followed them to Bulverde or Braunsfeld. All there was is an ex-law enforcement officer having a camera on his own land monitoring who the impostor and his wife meet trying to destroy Scientology, the religion of many. How can this be a crime? Hyman should go back to law school.

It is so ridiculous that anyone thought that I would mix the impostor up with you. It is typical p$ych-think that I would fall for this. They suck up our thoughts, Marty, but they are unable to understand us. We can’t be run like they are being run. We are not puppets and no cultists. What works with others does not work with us. Really, psychiatry, psychology, medicine, neuro”science” are the worst and extreme cults there are. These people are such true believers of their mind-controlling ways that they miss how different we are.

I miss you, Marty. I will love you forever. You are the most attractive and bright static that can is capable of considerations, postulates and opinions ever. Without you, this universe would miss the most exciting rock. You rock! Many kisses and tender and passionate embraces.

Yours forever,


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