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Impostor Monique’s husband is the liar. Below are just a few examples of what Ron, the real founder of Scientology said about telling the truth:

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and irresistible Prince, how are you?

Your impostor is such a hypocrite. He (an agent) infiltrated Scientology, stole your job and legacy, is lying to the world and even courts that he is you, so that you have to suffer forever innocent behind bars for crimes you never committed. He is comfortable with lying that he is you. He is the perjurer, and typically for an agent, he accuses good people of what he is doing! No real Scientologist would ever commit perjury as ethics and the law means a lot to real Scientologists. He and the likes of him simply turns everything around.

He even lied on his marriage certificate when marrying Mosey. And she didn’t dump him for that! Unbelievable. Where is her pride?

Unlike him, we are taking the truth seriously. 

Here are just a few example about what Ron, the real founder of Scientology, said about the truth:

“Truth is the exact consideration. Truth is the exact time place form and event.” (From the SCN tech dictionary)

“There Is No Compromise With Truth.”

“Lying is the LOWEST human creation.” (LOW, LOW, LOW, like your impostor, like Ron’s  impostor, like infiltrators, like German psychs who set this infiltration up and control it, LOW, LOW, LOW.)

Infiltrators lie, Scientologists don’t.

Many kisses and hugs, my sweetheart.

Yours forever,





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