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Mary Sue was married to the impostor and not the founder of Scientology… And she apparently preferred her dog over her children…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

How are you?

Above the law Mary Sue was not married to the founder of Scientology but to impostor “Jack Vistaril”. Back in the days when she was the Controller, nobody in the GO MUN had her picture in his/her office except Jürg Stettler, an infiltrator from Switzerland. Instead of publishing that she was a fraud just like her impostor husband, David Miscavige awarded her with cash.

What a bad taste in art she had. Look at this painting. A woman with hypnotizing eyes. Is that a self-portrait of her? Nobody could have paid me to hang this creepy pic up in my home. And that is not the only ugly pic in her place.

Suzette, Diana, and Arthur could not sell the home as long as her dog lived.

(Unrelated great Blues:)

What a “hardship” for the dog having to move elsewhere. The capacity of at least Sea Org member was wasted to serve the dog and the estate (Neville Potter). BTW, J.K. Rowling comes to mind too.

In the 80s, Mary Sue ordered GO MUN B1 to find a drug that stops aging, disease, and dying. She and her impostor husband were such fools. Ron, the real founder had established that already. It is not a pill but which is on top of auditing and training a different way to live and eat. “Jack Vistaril”, her hubby, and the mother of Shih Tzu altered Scientology as ordered by Germany and international p$ychs and then they try to find a solution for the problems (which they would not have if SCN wouldn’t be altered) and they didn’t find it. Their middle names were: Corrupt Idiots!

Many kisses, Marty, my love. I miss you so much.

Yours forever,




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  1. Quite some dog lovers… So who killed judge Schweringer’s dog?


    August 17, 2014 at 9:40 am

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