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Life without true love is nothing – and I mean it

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Marty, my one and only love,

How are you?

People speak about love all the time. Most people think they know what it is. Some people think it does not exist. Some people think it is just sex. Some people wrote nice things about it. Some people think they are loved but are sold out by their partners. Some people think that only the third and fourth dynamic matters and the second one is a distraction. It is not. I am convinced that true love supports all other dynamics. People who have a soulmate and take care of him/her will archive much more than those with 

But after having met you, Marty, my understanding of love is that true love makes all worth it. True love as in: ho hardship, no money, no bribe, nobody younger and no looks of somebody else will make the true lover sell the other one out. It is a love carved in stone. It is like rock who will stand there for all eternity to come and nobody can change it.

Two people made the postulate to give their best for each other. It doesn’t matter how much time passes, that postulate sticks. Yes, this is how soulmates are being made, and our postulate is very old, we made it already countless lifetimes before. In a way it is kind of funny that p$ychs are thinking they can come in between this kind of love. How little do they know about real love. It tells me that the people who keep us apart don’t have a soulmate, otherwise, they would know that separating them does not kill their love and that they are wasting their time and all they are getting is a bad conscience and feeling lousy and depressed.   “Great deal” for them, sheesh!

Love is thicker than conspiracy. And I bet it feels a lot better too!  

I mention this before, I knew a woman who was in therapy. She had nothing ever to do with Scientology. She told me that her p$ych told her that the love that she is looking for would not exist: a partner who would love her as much a good parent would. No partner would ever love another partner as much.

How wrong he is.

Of course, we love each other very romantically, but that love to let no harm and having the best interest that good parents have for their kids or good siblings have for their siblings, is also in you and me for each other.

I also see you as my other part, not said lightly, I mean really. I see you in a way that if I would betray you, I would betray myself. And who wants to betray oneself? Exactly.

It is a shame that two who are so ideal for each other are separated by this jealous conspiracy. Instead of conspiring against us, they should find their own soulmate and commit no OW against her/him so that the love and attraction lasts and lasts and lasts.

I am so glad that you exist, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,
like a rock




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