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In a secretive and rotten German-psychiatric-controlled world, nobody suspects that the real multidimensional universe is hidden behind a holographic two-dimensional universe?

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

What does it mean, a “holographic universe”?

Definition of hologram: A special kind of picture that is produced by a laser and that looks three-dimensional.

Planet Earth, all around us is really three-dimensional, but numerous “scientists” are thinking it is “all just in our heads” and everything including the universe is  just two-dimensional. In other words, the chairs we are sitting in are allegedly just two-dimensional.

Well, I don’t think so.

Physicists in Japan came to the conclusion that when they look into space, everything is just two-dimensional. They came up with lots of calculations to “prove” just that.

They fail to conclude that the three-dimensional world is real, and that the real three-dimensional universe is covered behind a two-dimensional hologram “universe”.  The real universe is covered up with blackness and a two-dimensional “universe” is projected over it to pull anyone’s legs.  

It means that those people who want to make Earth scientists and the population believe that the universe that they are seeing is the real one, didn’t even bother to create the images of a convincing  three-dimensional universe for all of them. Typical German arrogance. “Hehe, that’s good enough for them… If they figure out what we did, we tamper with their memories, and they forget all they figured… Hehe…”   

Living in Germany gave me a good sense as to what they are up to and what they are capable of. Here is what my intuition tells me: once life was discovered on other planet, Germany covered up the real universe with blackness and produced on top a hologram of a fake universe. All is fake with the Germans. Instead of seeing the universe in three-dimensions, people on this Earth see just the fake universe, which basically means that life on Earth is some kind of real Truman Show. The problem with those “scientists” is that they don’t think that what is out there is sabotaged because the Germans control their thinking.  

Marty, I am also convinced that our corner of the universe is cloaked in blackness or with some fake hologram universe so that aliens can’t see and find us. This is not done to protect Earth populations from bad aliens. The worst SPs are living on or near planet Earth, and they don’t want their behinds kicked by aliens finding them. As simple as that. If they would be further away, I bet Earth would have planetary wars already.  Germans fear they could lose control over everything if Earth population knows about the real universe. They are cowards. (And the worst are the Bavarians.) They are afraid that aliens do to them what they do to us. They sure pull it in, one way or the other.   

When the aliens are attached to the ear-implant system, p$ychs can control them into total blindness, just as they do it with the Earth population. 

Have you ever heard of a satellite playing Earth music to attract aliens? Or programs to send messages out in space? This all is a huge joke. It should make people believe that space is not controlled. But in reality, the music/messages noises are swallowed up with high-tech before it leaves this corner of the universe. 

I read numerous articles on this holographic universe, Marty. As of now, I read nothing that somebody suspects the holographic universe to be a cover up of the real three-dimensional universe behind it, and this is German mind-control at work. 

What is my feeling about what happens in space? Same at yours. Driven by insane fear that aliens could do to Germans what they do to us, they install ear implants into the aliens to run them like the Earth population and to turn the universe into a German ear implant cult where one conspires against the other . It is more than just creepy, isn’t it? 

How can obsessed Germans attach aliens to their ear-implant system considering that some Earth-born ear implant installers might look somehow different from the aliens that they attach? Easy. First they use computer geeks to analyze the alien language. Next psychiatric methods are applied. They kidnap some aliens, implant them, steal their memories, and turn them back to their planet as remote-controlled robots. They do the work for the German psychs attaching them to Big Brother, ear implants, just like here on Earth, and they are all so controlled that nobody may talk about it.  With methods like this:!D7CCD533-8BF3-4F86-88B0-4693EC0474C1

That is not knew and it is done since a long time by secret service psychs to mess around with people’s minds.

Or this:

All mind-control…

These aliens don’t remember what hit them. They think that what they are doing is all their ideas. Nobody is looking for Earth-born Lederhosen-psychs. They don’t remember what happened to them.  They run on psychiatric mind-control just as the population on planet Earth. Same trap. 

Some conspiracy theorists are thinking that aliens abducted them from Earth, when in fact Earth people (particularly Germans) are abducting aliens to have them continuing their ear-implant control system in space. If Earth population would be able to look behind that “holographic universe”, they would discover planets with aliens. I am sure of that. 

Somebody might ask why I am so sure about this. The answer is really simple: I know the Germans, particularly the Bavarians. I know how obsessed they are and that they MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST control all and everything. They are driven by incredible fear that anyone does to them what they do to others. They know how bad they are, and that others could be as bad as they are, is scaring the daylights out of them. 


I love you, Marty.  I am so glad that you are here with me on the same planet and not behind the fake universe on some planet with aliens who also have already German ear-implants. Sounds crazy?  I take crazy over stupid anytime. Honestly, Marty, Germany is so obsessed. I bet all I have that they have mind-controlled people who are not even aware what they are doing venture out in space to attach aliens to the German psychiatric ear-implant system.  Mind-control.        

Yours forever,













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  1. United States and German authorities are investigating the death of an American soldier whose body was found near a train station in Bavaria, the U.S. Army said Tuesday.

    1st Sgt. Nicholas S. Amsberry, 34, was serving in a nine-month deployment to Europe as part of Atlantic Resolve, a mission that supports U.S. allies in Eastern Europe in the wake of Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula.

    Ellie D.

    February 6, 2018 at 12:12 pm

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