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Wish I could say that the world became saner. It didn’t.

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Marty, most missed and precious Prince in the universe, how are you?

Have a look at these ads or “inventions”. Wish I could say that the world became saner. It didn’t.

Sure glad that my dimple is natural. I bet the dimple machine hurts and all they got were wrinkles.  Today, they make dimples with plastic surgery. 



I started with a relatively harmless ad, Marty. As more psychs are involved, as  more painful it gets. 


That is an alleged “insane person” of 1883. He looks average unhappy to me. I bet he was a lot saner than the p$ychs who “treated” him.  


This is a machine from a mental hospital. It is called the “body grinder”. And p$ychs are saying that they are butchers. Who are they kidding? 



A neurosurgical kit. Wonder how often those were drilled and hammered  in the heads of those poor people who “looked insane”?.




This p$ych machine of 1935 is “real progress”. It even could measure the  “secretiveness” of a person. That is really something, isn’t it? Considering that people back then had already ear-implants and lots of secrets, which psychs and this “invention” of course never revealed. 


E-shocks in p$ych institution. Marty, nobody can tell me that psychs are not directly from hell. And they still shock as of today.  




This is Rosemary Kennedy BEFORE p$ychs got their hands on her.  After lobotomy, she was reduced to an infantile mentality that left her incontinent and staring blankly at walls. Her verbal skills were reduced to unintelligible babble. What was originally wrong with her? A “stormy personality”.  What’s wrong with that?  That’s called a temper. Gee, what a “mental illness”. What strikes me most is that family Kennedy did not become the most outspoken critics of p$ychs after they have seen what became of that girl. And just one sister came to visit her once in a while? Yikes! Not a family I would want to belong to. In my view, horrible parents who allow psychs do ruin their daughter and  get away with it. If famous family Kennedy would have raised hell against psych methods, others could have been saved who were later destroyed by lobotomy, e-shocks, drugs or other horrible psych methods. Instead of making sure that p$ychiatry is outlawed, they claimed that she was mentally retarded. She looks like a vibrant young woman to me and not at all like retarded. 




Here is a psychiatric machine that apparently turn normal folks into babbling people with infantile mentality. 


Isolation box for mental patients. Who wouldn’t go “sane” in  those?





Psychs spun patients around all the time. They finally learned that this won’t bring them any glory and just adds to the already bad reputation of psychiatry, so they decided to hand their outdated “spinning tech” to their agent “Jack Vistaril” (Ron’s impostor) to make it part of  Scientology as part of the “Power Rundown”. Unlike real Scientologists, DM never used his freaking head.  He knows that spinning is not Scientology but psych crap… Guess he justifies that NASA is using spinning devices too. NASA is riddled with psychs. And remember astronaut Lisa Nowak? Wonder how often she was spun around… When p$ychs want more influence, they simply condition persons secretly and let them do criminal acts or go nuts or both. That always result in misinformed and gullible people hiring more psychs. (NASA is just another example.)       



Another psychiatric spinning device. Person was placed inside and spun around, and people got even crazier. What is normal or sane about being spun in circles? How can that repair anything? It is like hitting with the fist on a computer to make it go.





Psychs believed that spinning would reduce “brain congestion” and “cure” mental illness. They ended up with dizzy patients who were still crazy but nobody is crazier than psychs themselves . 


Spinning people around in circles is part of historic psychiatric mind control.



A German psych invented this “glove” for “phrenoscalpoteraputic treatment”. Wikipiggy doesn’t mention this, guess, the psychiatric case officers of the Wikipedia editors don’t allow them to show how creepy p$ychs really are. I read somewhere that this was once in a Wikipedia but taken off. How “democratic”…  

(That hand tells me the doc was a wild animal in his past life!)





 And all  creepy psych ways lead back to Germany, the cradle of the p$ychs.  This ad says that even if the skull is crushed, this “instrument” screws the skull open again. Who crushed skulls in the first place?  Wonder how many skulls they crushed to test this thing. 



Sometimes I ask myself if Indians would have scalped if psychs wouldn’t have controlled them with ear implants like all other races (and ear implants are a very old German invention). The only reason why people never wrote about this  is because p$ychs control them and don’t let them.

Scalping reminds me to  doctors and psychs. They run people via ear implants and having fun when one race is hurting the other one.  Just like the German saying: When two are fighting, the third one is enjoying it.

Indians said that the colonists were scalping Indians. Wouldn’t surprise me at all. P$ychs always are trying to get into the heads of people.  Scalping  and beheading is right down their creepy inhumane alley…  

Many kisses, my wonderful husband.

Yours forever,


Finally, I pretty picture. Marty, the only problem is: I have no freckles!
























































































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