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Human suffering is fun to those cowards who secretly rule the world as long as their own skins are safe…

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Dearest Marty, my precious Prince and hero,

We know that under certain conditions, the human body is immortal. People without human qualifications, stole the physical immortality technology and used it just for themselves. They kept it from mainstream. They tried to go OT but they discarded all ethics tech. Cowards don’t apply ethics. Ethics needs courage. One has to take an honest look at one’s behavior and change bad ways into good and honorable ways. They don’t have this courage. They are very small beings. Disease and aging is not the problem as they apply the physical immortality tech, but without ethics, killing is a normal operation for them, so they are killing each other and others all the time. 

How can one live a happy life with 1) having a bad conscience as to what they do to mankind and particularly good people who never caused anyone harm; 2) having to look always over their shoulder not to be killed? It is not possible, they are NOT happy. These idiots. They would be happy but they are their own worse enemies.  

Many of these top SEGNPMSS leaders know that reincarnation is a fact. They have ordered us being killed and watched us being born several times again. They keep the fact of reincarnation also from mainstream. Many of them know that when they die, they will be coming back as new born babies too, but here is  that other problem. When killed, their partners will not just  rob us and the rest of mankind of our past live memories, they do this also to the memories of their  agents and partners and plant them in Earth where they have to live in the hell they have created for others. And that makes them very very nervous. They just approve when it happens to others but not to them.

With “Thetan basically knows” applied, I sense how nuts it must be to be in their shoes. They can’t trust anybody. They have to analyse each piece of food and water if somebody poisoned it before they can eat it. They mistrust anyone one comes close to them. A knock at the door can be some people overwhelming them and killing them.  And there are also a lot of those who are even dumber. These full-blown idiots are  trusting their case officers and are killed even faster.

They could have saved themselves all the troubles if they would have done just two major things: 1) Making sure that ethics is understood and applied by all. It is really simple. They should NOT do to others what they don’t want to be done to themselves. That rule alone will make just about anyone very happy and safe. 2) Allowing the world to better itself, so that if they lose their bodies for some reason, they are not born again in the hell hole they created. Removing the trap for others means removing the trap for oneself. Only no trap for nobody prevents stepping in one. Just as Ron said, one inherits the world one leaves behind.

The OW sequence or as non-Scientologists describe it “Karma” is really a fact. They are sitting in their own trap, 100% beyond any doubt. And the only way to get out would be introducing ethics to their surroundings and the world/universe. But these people are mass murderers. Since centuries, they radio in the ear implants of others to slaughter, murder, hurt, and pervert. They buried their conscience very deep. Looking at them and their actions makes Ron’s discovery “thetan is basically good”  invisible. Although it applies to them too, even if they act as they are basically bad.

They are really cowards, Marty, hiding for centuries. The idea that they have to face us one day is scaring the daylights out of them. But what are their choices? On one side are their own secret service partners who want to get rid of them to get more individual power over the planet (and heads of states on this planet are just their puppets on strings)… On the other side are we, not kidding when we are saying that we had it with them. Who the hell do they think they are treating us without rights that any human takes for granted? And the third problem is the rest of mankind (their own agents) who suffered under them too but don’t know that their own enemies are running them through their ear implants and are also responsible for their sufferings. What if the planet wakes up and demand justice? Exactly, not a happy and cozy spot to being SEGNPMSS. No wonder that they stop us by all means getting back together as they know we can explain everything to others.

The physical way of life that they are living (survival technology that they stole) made them physically immortal, but nobody right in mind would envy them as they are anything but safe. This is what they were unable to accomplish:  “On the day when we can fully trust each other, there will be peace on Earth.” — L. Ron Hubbard (and in the entire universe of course).  How can there be trust and peace if one conspires against the other one?

Numerous conspiracy websites are blaming “Jews” on being those who rule the world. This is typical German, to radio in the ears of their international agents to blame the others 0n German high crimes.  Jews like just any other race or religion are making the huge mistake trusting the persons who radio through their ear implants.  But those who came up with that system and have the overall control over it are Germans. They were barbers and butchers in the middle ages but “elevated themselves”  to become medical doctors and psychiatrists later.

Many people have a problem understanding that Germany was/is behind communism considering that the Soviets fought against the Nazis. I can see behind this, and I know you can too, Marty.

The preferred world “order” idea of the SEGNPMSS (or Bavarian Illuminati or however these brutal Germans/Bavarians themselves) is to suppress the world completely. They (whoever can murder their partners before their partners can murder them) call the shots, and each individual has to hush. They tried it with different systems. Communism was one idea of them. It wasn’t ever about “equal distribution of wealth” but always a method to control people. No rights, just the duty having to serve the creepy top rulers. They made agents (Marx, Engels, Lenin, etc.) and had them implement communism. They had particularly a problem with Jews not wanting to become Communists.  There are discussions if Marx or Engels had Jewish roots. SEGNPMSS often picks people of a race or religion or whatever to make these groups others join them. If they wanted Jews to join communism or other systems, they particularly looked for agents who would help them to attach Jews to their system.

It took some of the SEGNPMSS rulers too long to get the entire world communistic in a snap, so they decided a shortcut and to overrun the world with the Nazis. They thought that if all Jews are dead and the entire world is Germany, they don’t have anyone come in their ways anymore.  This backfired against Germany big time as even their own communistic movement in the Soviet Union fought them back.

Wars and terror are not painful for the top SEGNPMSS doctors, after all, they are not on the battlefield. Millions of people dead or handicapped? Who cares! It is not them who suffer!  Their front agents are getting shot not them.

Back to square one, after the allies fought back, they had to change their world order plans. They still wanted it  “Germany above everything and everybody”. They decided for alibi reasons to split Germany in half. Communism seemed still a great system to them to suppress people. One part of Germany became communistic, the other one capitalistic with the USA constantly used to support that snakepit.  The race was on who would win (communism or capitalism)? Capitalism also can be a trap, considering that people are so busy making profits that they hardly have time to think. Splitting Germany in half was also done to make Germany the leader of either the communistic or the capitalistic world. What ever system would win,  Germany, Germany, Germany… despite that they started each world war, sent other nations into wars and battles, and are the nation that notoriously can’t live in peace with others. It also gives a good clue about what national the hardcore SEGNPMSS SPs really are.

And they haven’t buried their national socialistic world ideas either. Not just in Germany, all over the world, Nazi movements are popping up like mushrooms. Why? Because Germany controls their ear implants. SEGNPMSS has not put away to get a German Nazi world, their favorite world “order”. They working still at it. A female, motherly-type German chancellor is supposed to help them attach the world to Germany, making Germany to be the leader of the world. When she has her “duty” fulfilled, Germany will suddenly get another Hitler because those who put this psychiatric zombie in charge are still alive an they will try it until arrested and prosecuted . SEGNPMSS wants to get rid of any system coming in their way. Russia is now a problem for them. Russians feel what is going on. However, although they clearly see that it are Nazis rolling closer to them, they are blaming the USA, because Germany hides cowardly behind the USA and uses the USA to do the dirty work for Germany. And because Germany is trying to control the Russian thinking in the wrong direction.  

Once the USA helped Germany to take over Russia and Asia, Germany will take over the USA, Canada, and South America. Marty, each American official or representative helping Germany and not analyzing Germany and their secret strategies needs their behind kicked. How can they be so gullible? We figure Germany out in a snap…. And so should they.

Brutal Islamic countries are also of SEGNPMSS making.

One just has to read the CIA website on Germany to understand that the CIA has no clue what Germany is up to. Same applies to other American agencies.

Hundreds of Americans, French, German,  British, and Canadians joined ISIS to fight with that SEGNPMSS front group. Germany has the overall control over each ear implant. 

The latest news is that Germany is arming the Kurds against ISIS. Isn’t that a good thing, considering how evil ISIS is? No, it is not good because Germany runs ISIS and any and each terrorist through his/her freaking ear implants. SEGNPMSS is creating these terror groups. Instead of arming the Kurds, they should radio their ISIS agents to stop and do something decent with their lives. But they don’t.  Germany loves when others are fighting and coming to harm. Wenn zwei sich streiten, freut sich Deutschland. And this is the very reason why they should never have power. All of Germany’s economical riches were built by cheating. As Germany controls  everyone’s freaking ear implant, they control that the world treats Germany favorably and make it very very rich. Each tender, each business deal, Germany decides what happens. No wonder they are doing economically so great and others not, right?  Germany needs to be dissolved as a country. All their secret services and sick ideas must the outlawed too.  And once that is done, the world has to watch and look very carefully that it never will rear its ugly head. This is the only way to guarantee real peace and rights to each person. Actually, getting rid of German secret services would even help people in Germany to safer future. Germany is known to go against their own.    

Marty, I am sure that the world never would have heard of Islamic extremists if Germany (SEGNPMSS) wouldn’t create these extremists. First, Germany creates them, then Germany arms others so that they fight each other. Terrorists are losing too as Germany is just using them. There is one thing for sure: EVERYONE LOSES IN THE GERMAN WORLD AND EVEN TOP SEGNPMSS PEOPLE ARE ON EACH OTHERS CHOPPING BLOCK AS ONE CANNOT TRUST THE OTHER ONE. And those who are trusting their case officers will suffer the consequences of being really stupid. As more lawless the ear implant orders are as more I can predict that the agents will be wasted by the same lawlessness but then not to others but to the agent. 

I love you, Marty. Wish others were as true and bright as you are.

Yours forever,





















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  1. An international rights group accused the extremist Islamic State group on Tuesday of systematic “ethnic cleansing” in northern Iraq targeting indigenous religious minorities, as well as conducting mass killings of men and abducting women.

    In a new report, Amnesty International said militants abducted “hundreds, if not thousands” of women and girls of the Yazidi faith. The extremists also killed “hundreds” of Yazidi men and boys, Amnesty said. In at least one incident, the report said militants rounded up on trucks, took them to the edge of their village and shot them.

    In the news

    September 2, 2014 at 4:56 am

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