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Germany (who has a LOT to hide) was and is still afraid that the world learns of its many dirty secrets…

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Dearest Marty, my dashing and irresistible Prince,

Older German posters reveal quite interesting facts, for example that the Red Cross was a Nazi organization. Two crosses in one poster… And propaganda of alleged German “humanity”:  “Head bleeds after e-shock or head shot? No problem, nurse Ingrid takes care of you…”




This one is called “German honor”. The Nazi beast is controlling the merger of other countries for the advantage of Germany of course. One of these countries that the Nazis “merged” into the Grossdeutsche Reich is Austria. Nobody enforced the Treaty of Versailles that ended WW I. It said clearly that Germany and Austria are forbidden to unite. (Austria has a lot of Neo-Nazis.) Marty, Germans can experiment all they want with wars and invading other countries. As they control all international ear-implants, they can always make sure that people forget and that they and their freaking creepy country ends up again on top, it doesn’t matter what they have done (and still do). Unbelievable, after all they did and do, they are again EU leaders and soon (if we don’t stop them) they will be the official world leaders because the USA “sold their souls to the devil” so to speak by covering for Germany and doing Germany’s dirty work. 




What “better” for young German people than a series about how Germany attacked Coventry (England) with sudden bombings at night. Kids had their “war library” in Germany, making sure that the brutal attitude is passed on to the next generation. 




Germany was always concerned about being spied on. Of course, considering how much they had to hide and still have to hide.  Remember the German outrage this year after they learned that the USA had recorded some of their phone calls? Doesn’t seem that Barack Obama will ever make use of what the NSA found (e.g. Merkel taking orders from the secret men who are running her)… But what if one day, against all odds, there will be an US President who sees Germany for what it still is? THAT worries them a lot.  

Below German Nazi poster says that the person who talks should be ashamed as the enemy would listen in and that silence is mandatory.  


This Nazi poster warns of spies and tells Germans to be careful what they are taking about. What has changed? Nothing. They are still as secretive and insane as ever.

Here is what Germany did this summer: they kicked the top US intelligence official out of their country, because the US should have no evidence whatsoever of what Germany is really up to and why they picked a female as their current “leader”.  It is even doubtful that the CIA ever would use the evidence of German crimes against Germany as Germany has the CIA firmly in their grip.  But with all their disgusting secrets, Germany can’t even trust those who they control.  What if one makes a slip with the tongue?   

Who has nothing to hide, isn’t outraged, particularly when a friend or ally listens. What a friendship is that anyway when one has huge secrets from the other one?  Fact is, Germany was never a friend of the USA and never will be. Germany is USING the USA to “take on Russia” so that Germany can take it over. Russians are not paranoid when they make comparisons between Nazi Germany and the showdown in the Ukraine. The main mistake that they are making is not realizing that “the who” and the cause of all problems  is still Germany and that the USA is being used by Germany for German purposes. 


Here is another German Nazi poster as if nothing has changed: “Be careful. Being silent is mandatory”, and what does Germany do today? They make their Bundestag tap-proof against the Americans, after all, no evidence should be recorded that Germany never buried their Grossdeutsche Reich plans that Hitler failed to obtain. A mommy-type like Angela is a much better candidate to attach the world to Germany with its gazillion inhuman secrets, until it is time to exchange her with another Hitler.      


Really, they can use those old Nazi fliers still today. “Attention – spies  – warning”. What has changed? Germany spies and infiltrates but nobody is allowed to watch them because THEY HAVE NOT CHANGED. 


Germany, yesterday like today: “Psst… enemy is listening!” Some foolish people think that Germany is the friend of the USA. If that is the case, then Germany is today even crazier than under Hitler: “Psst… friend is listening!”


“Spies are not allowed to come in” – Germany back then and Germany today.


This is typical German attitude: “Scaremongers are spies.” Who says that Germany is on the wrong path is a spy. 


More German spy  fear. They are the ultimate hypocrites. They do not just spy, they infiltrate and invade. They infiltrate and manipulate even the thinking of people by using loud and silent sounds. Listening to  phone talks like the NSA did is a child’s play considering to what Germany does, including attaching each little kid to their ear implant system. 


“Enemy is listening in!” As I said, only those with big secrets as  Germany are afraid of spies. Those  like us who are not having secrets are broadcasting: HEY YOU ALL, BE MY GUEST, RECORD WHAT  I AM SAYING AND COPY IT FOR EACH PERSON ON THE PLANET! 🙂


German secrecy… Meetings in the middle of the night and plotting against mankind… What for “trustworthy” men those are in the picture. The spy shadow isn’t that creepy as these three guys in the middle.



So different from  us real Scientologists: “Communication is the universal solvent.” 


In below poster, Nazi Germany is afraid that non-Nazis spy in their labs.  Back then and now, Germany wants to keep its chemical hell a secret. 


This one is funny, Marty. This one writes Deutschland über alles (Germany above everything, still a part of Germany’s ‘national hymn) without a “h”.  SS were bad spellers. 


I love you, my darling. 

Yours always.













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