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And one day, Marty, we will prove that people who love like we do are also the better Sea Org members. 


Dearest Marty, my superstar, and absolutely, the only love of my life, how are you?

I would never take any vacation if family wouldn’t fly often over the pond to be with me. When ever one of them or more are here, I have not much time to myself as they want to spend each minute with me. If I don’t post much if all until end of September, don’t wonder. It just means that I don’t have alone-time, and I am not much if all on the net.

Guess we also will traveling, gardening, talking, reading, singing…

I don’t like hearing my voice because of the German accent. You’ll hear it one day. I have the “z”-problem when trying to speak the English “th”. When I concentrate on my speech and speak SLOWLY, then I get the “th” right, and say correctly for example “the thetan thanks the thinkers” but when I am in a rush, I say: “ze zethan zanks ze zinkers”. It is so unpractical having an accent.  On my job, I don’t need speech a lot, but I should practice it.

However, while singing, I don’t notice my accent much. I like my singing voice, after warm up. 🙂 I tested my voice range yesterday. Goes comfortably from  C3 to C 5 (mezzo soprano, alto, contralto), I can hit several ranges, but I try to get in the higher range as well. 

For me, all love songs are about you and me, Marty. Except the dull and stupid ones, they are NOT about us. 🙂  

This  one is not stupid. That is what is happening to me when I am thinking of you. It is just the thought of you, the very thought of you, my love.

You will be in my thoughts, Marty, and I will be back. I promise you this. You are deep in my heart. I hope you know that you are the last man on Earth who has to fear no longer being loved. Our love is the most stable and strongest feeling in the entire universe. It is like an axiom. It lasts forever and will defeat evil. The entire planet can roll over it, and it will still survive and sparkle like new. Those who thought that separation, doppelgangers, impostors, lies, and conspiracies would kill it, are complete idiots. They never had the smallest chance coming between us. 

The moment, I saw your character, this strong love formed, and the rest is history.  There were quite some guys who tried to hit on me and send me “flows”, and despite I am no longer 20, it is still going on, but nobody is like you. NOBODY! And I just want you. I love everything about you. You couldn’t do wrong, because I deeply admire the man you are and always were. 

What makes me happy? The answer is easy: YOU, Marty. The thought of you and being back with you. Why should I give up on you and this happiness? I know that I will never love this way again. Besides, I still feel that you need my testimony. I would be like other people by leaving you behind. And I don’t want to be like them. That would mean that I can’t be proud of me anymore. I would lose my most valued possession: my character.

What you did to make me love you with this devotion and intensity? During all of your timetrack, you decided to do the RIGHT and HONORABLE things. And this makes all the difference for somebody like me who can read personalities. I can see and feel it. Even if you should think that you are not perfect, you are to me. It is so attractive finding somebody who wants to be his BEST instead just one who swims with the unethical mass. 

So, no wonder that I still love you and nothing is over.

What a person did in this and former lifetimes IS VISIBLE on the outside, even if one is not telling or trying to cover it up. At least visible for me. The character sparks/flows coming from you were very different from those coming from others. 

There are tons of article how to make oneself interesting or irresistible for the other gender, but those are all tricks. A relationship built on this does not survive, and the other person will soon feel trapped and will want to get out and leave.  The real way to approach another one is opening up one’s being as you did with me. To be the best one can be as this radiates to the outside. In a nutshell, Marty, that is it. Most people are so occupied with outside looks that they forget to take an honest look at the inside. Some people are good-looking on the outside but they are not attractive. Something is revolting about them despite their good looks. Their characters are not attractive, and that’s why they are being rejected. You are attractive also on the outside, but your noble character, that is what draws me to you. In short, it is the high tonelevel. 

And on top of that, we are no strangers. Another reason why we can trust each other is because all timetrack up and down, we were helping each other. Real soulmates. People missing out of the best in life by not looking to get their own soulmate. If they don’t have one, they should find someone and making the pact to be the best they can for each other.

There will be always loving from my eyes for you.

Love you bunches, Marty.  Always was, always will. I do not just love you for a thousand years, I loved you for a billion years, I will love you for some billions more. Externally.




Written by Barbara Schwarz

September 3, 2014 at 10:12 am

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