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I am back, Marty, and I miss you… (And speaking of public persons…)

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince, how are you?

There was no message, letter, mail, legal paper by you or your behalf. I passed by our police chief place a few days ago. He waved back and smiled/grinned. He knows who I am. He once walked with me to my place, and I introduced myself to him. My OT intuition is telling me that there is something that he is not telling me. I bet the farm that it has to do with you and your wrongful incarceration. I can see a lot just by looking at people.

I started to catch up with some events, Marty. I learned that there was another hearing before the Texas Third Court of Appeals in case no. 03-14-00199-CV, C of S vs. Monique.

Interesting that Leslie Hyman and/or Ray Jeffrey argue that neither Monique nor her husband, your impostor, are public persons. The SLT argued a few years ago that I am a public persons simply by having filed my FOIA/PA requests, lawsuits, and have talked one time to a reporter (who had lied to me that the article wouldn’t be about me but about the feds who make it hard if not impossible for reporters to obtain FOIA/PA records to all kind of subjects). I didn’t fly to another country to serve as “government informant” or whatever Monique and her hubby call what they did to help Germany to throw SCN under the bus. Germany of all countries, the notoriously most intolerant country on the planet. I didn’t publish books either. 

I am sure that Monique never would have filed that law suit against the C of S if not her hubby told her to. I saw with my own eyes on a video (she passing reading material to the busters) how he controls everything she does. If the judges see that video, it will open their eyes who is behind that case. However, I think that Mosey agreed right away to that case to get millions from the C of S. Working for money is so much harder than suing…

C of S apparently provided a timeline of your impostors (and also Mosey’s) attacks against Scientology. Found no larger images. Hard to read. One note says that Monique’s husband impersonated a C of S executive in California. Well, impostering comes easy to that man. He fools the world since approx. 1990 that he is you. I bet the only reason why C of S didn’t include this fact in the gold digger case of your impostor and his wife is because DM very likely was involved in hiring this agent to “replace” you and leave you behind, despite you are innocent and despite the Scientology Code of Honor. Scientology doesn’t mean anything to them. They are too unethical to apply it.  



Here is more:



Will be back soon. I love you.  Yours forever. 






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