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MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION IN ALL OF SCIENCE: What is a human being EXACTLY? (Ron asked this many decades ago, nobody could tell him, so he figured it out himself, but traditional science still hasn’t figured it out!)

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My amazing Marty, how are you?

Physicists are saying that nobody understands quantum mechanics/physics.

Marty, you know how easy this hostile world gives others the label or being “crazy” but I always wondered how most quantum physicists were able to escape this label, considering their theories. I am not saying that they are crazy, I just think that they are on the wrong path by not considering a creation and very  creative SPIRITUAL abilities at work BEFORE ANY BIG BANG. That is maybe why these quantum physicists are getting away without being psychiatric labelled as they are on the wrong track in regards how all started.  

They would understand more if they would do two things: 1) Assume that their experiments are sabotaged and that their case officers talking through their ear implants are misleading them 2) Trying to understand the highest level of physics with the viewpoint of what a thetan is and what its original abilities are/were. 

I know, as Germany and their international p$ychs and infiltrators have destroyed the reputation of Scientology, the chances are really slim that physicists explore this way, but nevertheless, I feel it should be said.

They coined the word “gravitons” but never detected any. It is supposed to be the smallest stuff that holds gravity together since the beginning of time. They look for lack of energy in subatomic collisions to explain it. An advanced real Scientologist would look into if we are dealing here with a postulate, as in space, energy, objects, form and time are the result of considerations made and/or agreed upon by the static (thetans) and are perceived solely because the static considers that it can perceive them. Some foolish people mocked that the static, life itself is very active living. How can it be static? They overlook that Ron said that it is BASICALLY a static. Before the beginning of time, it was a static, but then, it postulated a game, thetans left the state of statics, took bodies, and the disaster began. So, in other words, if physicists are looking for “gravitons” as a piece of matter that transmit gravity to other particles, they might not ever find it.

As more as I read about it, as more I come to the conclusion that they are stuck in a big bang-think instead of a very intelligent creative beginning.  And with creative beginning I don’t mean a creepy God who penalizes people for a produce incident. 




Quantum physicists are so convinced that a big bang created the universe (instead of a bang that destroyed a denser one that was created) that they go down smash particle path. They should figure out what are postulates and considerations to perceive. If they don’t find for example the “gravitons” in form  of “a lacking energy” in the subatomic world, they should consider a “gravitation postulate”. Among some other definitions, Ron discovered that a postulate set a pattern for the future. That means, in order to prevent objects flying all over the place, the postulate was gravity, and there was gravity. 

But as they think that spiritual beings were created by a big bang and didn’t already exist before anyone was exploding anything, they are trapped in dead ends.

They smash constantly subatomic parts together “in order to create” but they don’t create and don’t get the answers with these procedures. I am not one who says that there was no big bang. I even go so far to say that there were several big bangs, but they ruined a creation that was made by postulates. As spiritual beings are not killed through explosions (only their bodies), we find them today in human and animal bodies or flying around with theta bodies (orbs).

Like you, Marty, I like science. I like experiments and seeing proof, but understanding LIFE is the first and most important step to understanding science, and yes, they all missed that step by ignoring thetans and their abilities when not abberated.  

Connections between various sciences fail, because all science directions have failed to define and explain what a human being (or an animal for that matter) is. IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION IN ALL OF SCIENCE. There is no emergency of sciences. As Ron indicated, as young man, he asked the scientists and professors: “What is man?” And nobody could explain it to him. Thanks to that Ron found it then out on his own, we know it. But due to the international defamation campaign against Scientology, most other people still don’t know it.    

Some scientists discovered the “consciousness”. (Their way to say that a thetan can think.) Unfortunately, there are the medical doctors, the psychiatrists and the neuro”scientists” who degrade and belittle the “consciousness” to be the brain. They are so clueless. They fail to make the conclusion that a person has a brain and a mind but is not her brain. And because of this medical and psychiatric blindness, physicists and others fail to understand the origin of the universe and so many other things.

Marty, a lot of scientific approaches trying to understand is based on eyes wide shut as to what is in everyone’s face: the spiritual being. They should have figured out centuries ago: what is it, where did it come from, where does it go, why is it here, why can it think, why does it have feelings, why did it forget its past, and why the hell can’t it get along with others. 😉      

Glad we know. Too bad that many of those who can’t get along with others bite the hands who want to help them without hidden agenda.  

There is something that makes sense to me. Strings. At least how *I* see it. 🙂 In the elegant universe, strings were postulated by the creator as the basic particle system of matter. String theory says that inside of the smallest pieces of matter, e.g. molecules, atoms, quarks, neutrons, protons, etc. are small vibrating strings of energy like plucked strings of violins which works together with other particles that also have strings in them.

The big bang (explosion or gases) sounds more like the destroyer, strings sounds rather like the intelligent and elegant creation. Like: “How can be prevented that stuff flies all over the place?” Answer: “How about gravity on strings, now let’s postulate this…” And there is the elegant universe and not the debris that comes with explosions. (Those European guys in Cern are complete on the wrong page with their expensive experiments.)      

However, pro string theory quantum physicists claim that there are 11 dimensions in the string theory and some questions their own existence, and then I say: “Get real!” They are being misled and their experiments are sabotaged by those who don’t want them to find out.  I believe there are at least five different string theories and also a theory that opposed string theory, which is the particle theory and other theories. (Particle theory can’t explain gravity, except that stuff drops to the ground.)  Quantum physicists came up with the Standard Model  (Particle theory) decades ago but it does not explain gravity.

Some quantum physicists question if they as individuals are real. They think their existence could be an illusion.  I say, if they can feel, have emotions, they are pretty real. We original Scientologists know that postulates at the beginning of time made thetans to agree what is real, and that became real and is the reality. Quantum physicists are thinking in terms of time travel (in the past or future), which is complete nonsense, because what has happened, has happened, and what has not happened yet, still has to happen.  

However, the fact that we have one universe could mean imo that another one could be created in another dimension. My thetan basically knows intuition tells me, Marty, that as long this universe became such a pig stable, there will be no alternative universes unless this one becomes finally one to be proud of. Or, if the inhabitants in this universe want to stay conspiring creeps, those who are not of that kind, could enter another dimension and a universe that is out of the reach of monsters, so that they can have a good life too.  

String theory could explain gravity, e.g. hanging on and consisting of strings. If  scientific proven one day, the physicists would still not be able to answer the questions: who made those strings? We know it, but they don’t go there as they believe in a big bang as the creator, and that is why are in the dark. Life is a static, always existed. And someone there was able to postulate pretty big things, like a universe.

Would love to hear your explanations, Marty.  Just don’t ever tell psychiatrists anything. Those theoretical physicists and philosophers who weren’t committed, shocked, and drugged yet, are just lucky.    

I love you bunches. 

Yours forever and ever,










NASA “setbacks” – deliberate sabotage to stop the USA from exploring space…

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Dearest Marty, my heart-throb,

There is no doubt in my mind that you know it too: not just Scientology is infiltrated with people who want Scientology to fail, but so is the US government by people who want the USA to fail. They might be born in the USA but don’t feel like Americans even if they stick an American flag on their suits. The USA hires people, officials and engineers, and doesn’t check if they work secretly for German-purposes. As investigators are also German-controlled through ear-implants, they international never find American traitors working for Germany behind the sabotage. These “accidents” are always set up in advance for “investigators” to prevent that they find the real “why and why”, so that they can wrongfully state that it was not a deliberate sabotage. And if this is not possible, somebody psychiatric-implanted and hypnotized will take the blame as no longer capable to set things straight that he/she worked for Germany. And SEGNPMSS terrorists also don’t hesitate to blow up manned rockets.  They did it before, they blew up the Challenger space shuttle to set the U.S. space program back and to keep the media and all others busy with that tragedy instead of sticking their noses into the fact that “Jack Vistaril” who just died was not the founder of Scientology but an impostor. They thought they kill two birds with one stone.  

So, why is the SEGNPMSS so fearful about the USA exploring space? Because they have so much to hide: a universe that is projected as a hologram, life on other planets, and German agents being there already to implant and control, physical laws (by sabotaging the experiments of quantum physicists), and the list goes on. And the earth population is being told to apply Occam’s razor from the 14th Century to prevent that they think deep and wide enough. Unbelievable but this is what they do. Discover today’s technology with a 14th Century attitude. That sounds like a joke.

With remote lasers and also remote-controlled germs, the SEGNPMSS knows how to sabotage any equipment  to malfunction.

The space shuttle that they just blew up was loaded with 5,000 pounds of food, water and equipment  for the International Space Station. Exactly, the US space program is seriously sabotaged and set back. A 2oo million Dollar loss, and the stock market suffers too. It is being said that the ISS got non-American instead. That is what it is all about. Germany is afraid that there might be a very small change that the USA might not always stay their secret colony, and that is why they want it on the bottom, underneath all other countries. US technology should be considered the most faulty one by anyone on this planet. Any other country should win before the USA. It is so obvious. If people wouldn’t be controlled through their ear-implants, they would have figured this too. BTW, German-controlled NASA people are so afraid that I catch up with them that they don’t want me READ their public forums. Yes, yikes!

Germany is officially a supporter of the ISS but that is just for alibi reasons. They don’t want to be found as those who sabotage the US space program. They want to say: “Hey, we support this thing!” Yeah right! Who are they kidding? Besides, one day, they want to take the ISS over as the official leaders of the world. What a nightmare! And I want to be in another universe when that happens, Marty.

I miss and love you.

Yours forever,








Marty, in the war “infiltrator against infiltrator” (it is not Scientologists against Scientologists), your impostor Monique’s husband wins another round in the media and on the Internet

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Marty, my dearest,

I repeat what I wrote numerous times before: Scientology is internationally infiltrated by non-Scientologists upon German secret service orders to destroy it from the inside and outside. Some of former infiltrators leave and then attack Scientology from the outside (e.g. Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder, etc.), and those infiltrators still in the Scientology orgs behave in a deliberately offensive way to make the media and others to support the actions of former infiltrators as your impostor, so that they can play the victims.

It is so easy to figure this pattern out.

And do you know what is also very easy to understand? That David Miscavige has dirty hands too as far as hiring your impostor is concerned. Just like Mike Rinder and so many other former and current infiltrators, His Cobness conceals that Monique’s husband never joined Scientology for the right reasons but was hired as agent/doppelganger to impostor you, just as “Jack Vistaril”, Mary Sue’s hubby was a hired secret service agent to impostor the founder of Scientology.    

Mainstream is being lied to. They are made believe that what they are seeing is Scientology. It is not. Behavior by anti-Scientologists, squirrel busters, Jenny Linson Devocht, and others is not even remotely the behavior of Scientologists. Real Scientologists don’t deliver fights with impostors and others. They publish and state the facts to the authorities and ask for the impostors/infiltrators to be pursued under the laws of the land. Period. And they never allow an innocent person to be incarcerated. PEOPLE WHO DO THAT ARE MONSTERS, not Scientologists.

Somebody once said: if you want to see how a Scientologist is like, look at Barbara Schwarz. Exactly. I am not engaged in any of the infiltrator/agent wars. I apply original Scientology. And I know you too, Marty.

Be tenderly embraced and kissed.

Yours forever,




I love you, Marty, my awesome Prince… Our love is the 8th world wonder, no kidding

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I was pretty busy the last days and just want to tell you that I love you so very much.

Our love is unique in all the universes, Marty. I can’t imagine that anyone can love anyone more than I love you. And I feel that you love me the same way.  The Great Pyramid of Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, the  Mausoleum of Mausolus, the Colossus of Rhodes, and the Lighthouse of Alexandria are known as the seven world wonders, but no doubt, our love is the 8th one. Despite all attempts on this planet and beyond to conspire against us, separate us, lie to us, 3rd party us, our love continues to stay and shines like the rarest of all stars. It is like a rock that endures all times and all storms.

I know I never will take you for granted. I am very proud of you. There is nobody like you anywhere. Nobody can exchange you with anyone else. Like you, I can read personalities and that is why I never  give up on you. Some people think that if they hide their bad characters from others, they can fool those people. If they would be able to read personalities as you and I can, they would not think something as stupid as being able to hide their real characters. You didn’t display nor hide your character, Marty, but I could read it nevertheless, and it excited me. YOUR CHARACTER MAKES YOU TO THE MOST ATTRACTIVE, IRRESISTIBLE, SPELLBINDING, AND HEART RATE RACING MAN IN THE UNIVERSE, MARTY.   

If our love is not the 8th world wonder, what is it then?

Just the thought of you makes everything BETTER.

I give you an Googolplexian amount of tender and passionate kisses.

You are the love of my life and that is physical law.



Written by Barbara Schwarz

October 28, 2014 at 3:47 pm

Secret service psychs are trying to manipulate Scientology into accepting gay lifestyles

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Dearest Marty, my breathtaking prince and husband,

How are you? I think so often to you and how you are.

I know that you can see what I can. We both don’t drink psychiatric-cool aide.

They give Laura Prepon on Scientology lines a gay role, they have people with name “Gay” joining Scientology, they have Paul Haggis resign from Scientology over “gay-issues”, and the list goes on and on.

P$ychs and “neuro-scientists” are thinking that enough pressure  on Scientologists will make Scientology to change ethics into that homosexual behavior is no longer out-ethics.  And infiltrators (former and current) are assisting them. Mike Rinder for example wants Scientology to become pro homosexuality. What a twisted individual he is. He wants to fit in this non-functional and rotten world so badly. Larry Brennan visits a psych, even changes his gender afterwards, and dies briefly later!  

With the help of doctors mixing their reproductive biology with the other gender, homosexual people can have families, BUT, what if something destroys this planet (atomic or biological bombs, diseases, etc.)? How can a planet survive if man and woman, once attracted to each other and biological designed for offsprings, are no longer attracted to each other? This will happen: mankind will die out.     

I want to state that I don’t ever want violence against anyone, also not against gay people. Nazis incl. Hitler were gay and killed other gays. What a bunch of disgusting hypocrites.

But I don’t say that homosexuality is normal and ok when it is clearly not.

There are currently pro-gay-waves that we can see just about anywhere on the planet. Many people simply agree because the pro-homosexuality-campaign is so advanced that it is political incorrect to state that homosexuality is not normal. You and I, Marty, we know that people who have homosexual feelings/ideas usually picked a body of the other gender than what they had in their former lifetimes. Past lives are a fact, not just a philosophical view. I can see it usually with my bare eyes if  someone has male or female timetrack but is now in a body of the other gender. Most people are. Yet, not all people who now have the body of the other gender are homosexual or lesbians (YET).

Why are they suddenly in a male body if they had always a female body on the timetrack? Why are they suddenly in a female body if they had always male bodies on the timetrack? I mentioned this before: because their past life ear implants are still working. Their case officers radios their ear implant code and tells them that they should rush into a certain embryo body before another spirit takes it and they are left without, alone, sob… sob… Marty, these ear implants and codes are the biggest trap in the universe. People are trained to do what they are being told, and when they hear their numbers, they do it. They don’t think twice: hey, is that a female or a male body? They don’t wait until they can see the gender. They jump right in and forget their past lives as anyone’s mind is targeted with silent sounds.  Their freaking case officers (a German-controlled supercomputer) determines their gender. How is that for “human rights”?       

Dr. Laura Schlesinger says that being homosexual is a “biological error”. It is not just an error, it is medical terrorism to plant people in the wrong gender and bombarding them later to become homosexual.  

First, psychs label homosexuality as a “disease” (it is not a disease, it is medical terrorism and lack of ethics on all sides) and now they want the entire world to become gay or lesbian. Even the English word  “gay” that they picked is an attempt to manipulate people into that it is fun to be homosexual. On current TV, the homosexual people currently are the good people, and the heterosexual people are often portrayed as bad people.   

However, also brutal or primitive people who are anti-gay are a part of the pro-gay-campaign. Their behavior should sway those who have not decided to be pro-gay. SEGNPMSS campaigns are an open (very dirty) book to me, Marty. and I know to you too.

I was thinking about why homosexuality is so important to the SEGNPMSS doctors. It didn’t took me long to figure why. They engage in anything unethical and perverted. If they can turn the entire planet around to think that homosexuality is not unethical or perverted, they don’t feel anymore so bad about themselves. This is what it is all about. In fact, these unethical doctors have to change to the better, but they are too out-ethics to consider it. How to they handle their bad conscience and own lack of ethics? They  twist the world to become just as unethical so that they do not stick out like sore wounds in comparison to others. 

This is why they came up with “pride” campaigns, to manipulate people into thinking that sexual perversions are something to be proud of. 

Once they twisted the awareness what homosexuality really is: manipulated re-incarnation and out-ethics, SEGNPMSS will work on the next issues: e.g. making people think that pedophilia, sex with animals and whatever other perversion and bestiality is okay too. SEGNPMSS is working hard on that. I remember postings on Usenet of SEGNPMSS agents saying that pedophilia is “beneficial for the child”.  Yes, it is very sick, and a planet who accepts some kinds of perversions is the best ground for them to grow more perversions.

Back to homosexuality: 

I came to the conclusion that homosexuality is a CHOICE. The encounters that I had with people who said that they are gay or lesbian is following: sometimes they are no gay and lesbian at all. I am not saying that being tricked into the body of another gender is no big offense by the persons who are responsible for it. I also can imagine that there can be a sexual orientation confusion having suddenly the body of another gender, but the right handling is to stopping secret service doctors tricking thetans into the wrong gender. Once thetans can choose their own gender for their future lifetimes, homosexuality will be no longer an issue because everyone chooses the right gender for him-/herself.        

Germany wants to introduce another class of people: genderless people. Nobody would choose a genderless body. With lasers, they can manipulate the cells, and there is a genderless person. That they want to introduce official this gender means that they have no intention stopping this abuse against humanity to sabotage the cells of unborn bodies.  

 I love you, my wonderful Marty. Many kisses.

Yours forever,


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It is beyond me that many people can’t comprehend that viruses are deliberately planted to bring down others (incl. economies)

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Dearest Marty, my bright and wonderful husband,

It seems that the outdated Occam’s razor (stuff from the 13th/14th century) doesn’t help people to lift the curtains that are covering up horrible secrets.

The  secret service doctors who bred the Ebola virus and other viruses don’t mind if some of their own kind (other physicians and nurses) are getting sick with it. As long as they can hide in environments that are protected from these viruses, they know just themselves and no loyalty to anyone.  

It seems that Africa is a favorite area for the SEGNPMSS do organize first injections and to release infected animals and to spread from there the disease into all parts of the world. Guess they do it there as they feel that they are getting better away if they have infected bats fly in one of Africa’s remote villages. Nevertheless, I think they can be traced. We would know where to look and how to pull more strings.

For example, in medical labs, they intentionally inject bats with the virus. They remote-control an infected bat to bite someone in Africa of who they know will pass on the virus to others. The reason why bats don’t die on the virus could be that those SEGNPMSS doctors don’t activate the virus in them, after all, they need those bats to infect people and other animals. They think the bats need to stay alive to start a global epidemic. I am sure that the Ebola virus never occurred natural in bats. It is said that bats are clean animals who like to groom themselves for hours every day.  


As not other expected in a German-controlled world as this one, international law enforcement and health departments don’t go to the source of the evil. In order to find the monsters who infected the world with Ebola or also Aids, etc., they have to go to the first cases of those diseases that ever occurred and pull all strings there, including what happened to the animals in this area.  They might say that they did this. But what they did is not good enough. They have to find the person(s) who DELIBERATELY RELEASED INTENTIONALLY INFECTED animals into any population to infect other animals and humans.

In case of Ebola, who did the infected animals/persons have contact before contracting the virus? It might not be easy to interview animals, but SATELLITES SHOULD BE ABLE TO ZOOM IN AS TO WHO RELEASED ANIMALS INTO FREE NATURE. International authorities never trace the high crimes back to the medical labs and the SEGNPMSS, as this is what their German secret service doctor orders: “Hush, hush, hush… say, it is natural, no crime occurred, and if you have to bust somebody, say that he acted alone…”  

We are living in a world of constant surveillance. And that means that law enforcement and health department should be able to trace that kind of evil to the person(s) who injected people/animals with a horrible virus or released those animals. These people need to be arrested and further strings need to be pulled who their case officers are who told them to develop that or another virus or  gave them the virus in tubes or bottles to inject animals and humans.

One indication, that the virus can be activated upon remote-control, is also that numerous people who were in contact with people who had Ebola did not become sick. For whatever reason, the SEGNPMSS doctors decided to spare those people AT THE MOMENT. Which doesn’t mean that they have nice other plans with those people. Nobody wins as long  as the SEGNPMSS is not busted.


They can’t fool us, Marty. They simply can’t.

Always at your side.





Expensive crap from Cern/Geneva: the Higgs Boson (and what a “surprise”, there are also Boson impostors!)

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Dearest Marty, my incredible Prince and husband,

As you know, physicists are trying to explain, among other things, the beginning of the universe. They want to explain it “scientifically”, just by facts. Alright, good idea, but really, where are their “facts”? It is just one theory after the other. I am sure you also came to the conclusion, Marty, that the elusive Higgs Boson is basically nothing but a theoretical idea of quantum physicists who think that rocket scientists have nothing on them. They dreamed that thing up and looked for it, like for an imaginary friend or so. Haha! It is invisible and can’t be measured. (Okay, a thetan without a theta body is invisible too and can’t be measured with any sensor, but we know a lot more about the origin of life than they know about the “God particle”.)

Since many decades, quantum physicists are building bigger accelerators  to prove that what Higgs dreamed up does really exist. They are trying to “vaporize” particles and screen the “debris”.  Some “scientists” in Cern say that they  MAY have found the Higgs Boson, but did they really find? What they figured is a “statistical” glimmer of a Higgs Boson or his “impostors” somewhere in countless actions of throwing subatomic parts together.  

Physicists: CERN may have discovered Higgs boson impostor

They believe that the Higgs field is a sticky field that attracts some subparticles and some not. It does not attract electrons but allegedly quarks that consist of pro- and neutrons. These quarks have some mass. Question raises, who or what created the mass in the quarks that they are using? If quarks have already mass, isn’t it cheating trying to create mass with it? If you put milk and flour together, you get dough but milk and flour are already material.  If they want to play God, shouldn’t they try from scratch? Shouldn’t they create mass from nothing to explain the creation of the physical universe? I learned that there are some Higgs bosons that are named Z and W. They have already quite some mass and are attracted to the sticky Boson field. Interestingly, the subatomic particle gluon that is thought to hold quarks together is not  attracted by the Higgs field. Neither are photons. I admit, I have not followed most of their experiments but those that they celebrate as win don’t excite or convince me.   

As more as I read about the Higgs Boson, Marty, as more I come to the conclusion that they haven’t found what they were looking for. I am sure you know what the Higgs Boson or “God particle” is supposed to be: it is the particle that allegedly gives mass to other particles. As they are fixed on the idea that the universe was created by a big bang (I am convinced that a more denser universe was CREATED BY POSTULATES and then destroyed by one or likely several “big bangs”), they try to create that particle that gives mass to other particles by speeding protons along the long tunnels of the Hadron Collier (very expensive toy/ six billion bucks) at the speed of light at Cern, Geneva, Switzerland.  How I understand it: the protons wreck each other in the tunnels and create an explosion of energy. The quantum physicists play some more with it by firing new particles into that explosion of energy, and they sensor these particle all the time and, in addition, are trying to bend them. Don’t know how this looks in practical but I don’t think they find the key to the universe in that toy. They do this over and over, and all billions of times and hope that a Higgs Boson forms. But here is the “tricky” part, nobody can see it, and the sensors don’t sense it.  Bummer. And whatever they believe they got is also unstable. It falls into pieces. After smashing trillions of time fragments together in the Large Hadron Collier, they believe that they accumulated some kind of tiny growth on a statistical chart but they can’t see it nor measure it. Impressive. Could be nothing at all. But if they add more and more to this statistic of nothing that one can see and measure, they maybe have found the Higgs Boson (or whatever). Kind of funny.

In view of that, the hype in the news that they found the “God particle” is not at all justified but really just a big hype.

There are also some “impostor particles” instead of the  “God particle” aka “Higgs Boson” and not the “God particle” at all. Impostors in the LHC. Scandal. Not easy for them to play God, isn’t it? 

Many of these physicians believe that violence created  the universe, including us, being, mind, body. Lol. I don’t know how it looks inside of them, but you and I, Marty, and some others were for sure not “created” by violence. How can somebody even remotely think that a human being, body, mind, being was created by violence or explosions?? NASA thinks that it was created by one huge violent event. My intuition (works like a charm) tells me that there were huge explosions, but those blew up an ALREADY EXISTING universe and civilizations.  Also according to NASA, the universe is still expanding. Well, who says that not some hooligans are still exploding parts of the universe?   

Some say that it was not a big bang but a lot of gaseous nebula that created the universe. NASA says that this was one single violent event. Makes no sense to me in regards of for example the perfection of a human body. Where did that gaseous nebula come from?  International scientists  don’t know. These gases  sure didn’t “create” us, Marty.  It is being taught that there was one single very tiny, very dense, very hot point with energy, and this energy  became bigger and turned into the universe as we know it over a time period of billions of years. That very hot point of energy reminds me of me being upset with the people who deny our rights, Marty. But seriously, they make two huge mistakes: one, they should first figure out  the static of life (which can leave the static state and did so), and two, they should know that there their experiment and attempts to figure things out are deliberately sabotaged. They are being also intentionally mislead.  

Thinking of Nazis, Nazi doctors, psychs, their terrorists,  other monsters, and their co-conspirators, the thought that these primitive bastards were created by violence/explosion or simple gas is really tempting. We are nothing like them. That’s not how we came to be, besides, we always existed. And thinking about this some more, if we would have stayed in spiritual form (never assumed a body), we would have saved us a lot of pain, Marty. Honestly, picking up a human body in a snake pit like Earth doesn’t feel like the wisest decision that I made. If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t do it again. Looking at my life so far: having a human body is not worth the troubles. I would be much better off if I would have stayed a thetan without a body.  Maybe I would consider having a human body in a completely new physical universe (not just on another planet in this universe!) in a new dimension with beings of our good nature, Marty, a universe that they CAN’T FIND, it doesn’t matter where they look and how many particles they smash together. But if there would be only the tiniest chance that they could get there, I would waive that universe too. That’s how sick I am of them. This lifetime really “did it” for me, Marty. And my intuition tells me that I am not the only one who came to this conclusion. I am tired to be treated like a 2nd class person on this German-controlled planet. If they think that one conspiring against the other and constantly living under the medical Nazi boot with all the brutality, pain, and decay is so desirable, should they have it. But nobody can force me to live among them in another lifetime. Once this body expires, I chose an existence that is completely spiritual.  I bet you are deeply disappointed of this planet and beyond too, Marty, to put it lightly. 

Anyway, if scientists would use Ron’s axioms and his other work as starting point for their work, they would understand a lot more and would make some real progress. One has to understand life first. The big bang was not the creation of life. It was a destroyer. And the original creation of the physical universe was not done by violence. I believe that if all silent sounds played into the minds of people to mislead them are gone, the magic of the God particle postulate will be much better understood. 

I love you, my rockstar. Billions of  tender and passionate kisses.  Can’t wait to see you again. Our love is a God particle too. And it doesn’t falter like the alleged Higg Boson and his impostors. Lol.   

Yours forever,