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“Highly educated” racists on the raise in Europe, particularly in Germany (and Germany wants not just secretly to dominate the entire world!)

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince a soulmate,

CBS evening news reported about a new rise in anti-antisemitism in Germany. Hating Jews is for Germans like alcohol for alcoholics. The Nazi machine marches always again.  Synagogues need armed guards in Germany to protect their congregation. History does repeat itself. German mob roars and chants that Jews to be gassed, to be slaughtered, to be burned. Germany tries to blames the new hatred on German Muslims, but German secret services are running Muslims through their ear implants, they did so before and during the Third Reich and still in our days.  

“Highly educated racist”? They have university degrees (cheated through their exams with help of ear implants) but have no real high IQ and no human qualifications. International universities failed completely because they are not raising the ethics levels of people. What is higher education worth, if people stay primitive animals? No person should get a college or university decree who has not learned to treat others how they way they want to be treated. They have heard of it, but they don’t live by it. They still don’t have understood the basis of decency.  By not raising the ethics levels of people, colleges and universities are empowering animals with human bodies and real humans have to suffer under these primitive retards. 

Little Boxes… 

And the people in the houses
All went to the university,
Where they were put in boxes
And they came out all the same,
And there’s doctors and lawyers,
And business executives,
And they’re all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same.

“Anti-Israeli protests that become anti-Semitic demonstrations may be taking place across Europe, but nowhere are the echoes more sinister than they are in Germany.” (What else is “new”?”)

I am against any war. And you too, Marty. I know that. If German secret services wouldn’t radio in the ear implants of Palestinians, Muslims, Atheists, Christians, and Jews in Gaza (and elsewhere), all of them would have found a way already to get along in Gaza and elsewhere. There are ways for all of them to prosper and having good lives. No need to fight.

Earlier this year, I was cheated by Palestinians who had the guts to mail me later anti-Jewish propaganda. By pulling strings, I made an interesting discovery. These cheating Palestinians work for above the law Germans. I reported it to Interpol, but you know Interpol. They helped RB to stalk/persecute me in the USA to get me back to Germany against my will, while a penal complaint against “deprogramming/kidnapping” was pending against her.  I don’t expect them to empty a criminal German/Palestinian rat net and help me getting my 2000 EUR. My experience is that Interpol is on the wrong side of the law.

I love you, Marty. Be kissed and embraced.

Yours forever,







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    • Germany allowed them to escape. They helped fellow Nazis by allowing them to live to almost hundred.

      However, on the other side of the token, people should really think before they do monstrous things. Bad conscience will make them enjoy life a lot less. Let’s say, one is such an animal that he/she has no conscience. What about the fear being caught and persecuted after all?

      People who deny others their human rights are the dumbest people ever. None of them is intelligent because they are getting a real bad deal: loss of unburdened happiness.

      They must think that they are no worth much, considering that they give their unburdened happiness away as this loss of unburdened happiness hits ANYONE who commits crimes against humanity of fellow man and woman.

      Therefore, the “intelligent” criminal is a myth. It does not exist. Criminals created this myth about themselves, to make them look better. No criminal is smart, otherwise, he/she would know that he/she is harming herself in the process. Unburdened happiness against bad conscience, fear, and depression. What a “deal”.

      Besides, people who commit crimes against the human rights of others are appalling to people with awareness. Even if the criminal hides his crimes, one can feel the low tonescale and see worthlessness of bad people. I sure can.

      Monsters are pitiful creatures, however, they don’t deserve forgiveness but very hash justice because otherwise they never learn. It is not good enough to tell them to better their ways. If they are forgiven, they think that crime pays and in their current or next lifetime, they do it again.

      I just read something from pro euthanasia Dr. Philip Nitschke. He says that killers serving life should be able to choose ‘peaceful’ death in prison instead of suffering ongoing ‘torture’ in jail.

      Here is my input: The victims of these killers were not allowed to live a peaceful life and death. Why should their torturers and killers be awarded with it? Because crime pays?

      This doc has a lot to learn.

      And for those who hate to see tax payers money used for the keep of criminals, here is a simply remedy: Those monsters have to work for their keep. And hand over the rest of their earnings to the victim or his/her family. The world has to stop pampering criminals. I am not talking using waterboarding and pilliwinks, as I don’t want to become like them. But I am taking of hard daily work, strict education on how to become a human being, and no time for anything else. Hard, hard physical work, no fancy food, education, lights out, sleep, next day the same for as long as the sentence and as it takes. This is the cure. This is the only cure.

      I guarantee it.

      And when is a criminal forgiven? The last word has the victim and the victims family. If there still is emotional charge with the victim or his/her family, a criminal has to continue to make it up. Some might not forgive for an eternity (like me), but the monster should have taken this into consideration before he/she became one.

      Actually, it is easier to just forgive and not to think of what has happened to one. But this is why more people are being harmed. They got away and their piggish minds figure that crimes work. In the same or future lifetime, the very person will be again a monster, and people failed to face and stand up to the beasts. For me, nothing is more revolting than a person who denies human rights to others. I never will let anyone of the hook, and not even my own death will stop this.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 5, 2014 at 4:21 am

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