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Power of word-of-mouth recommendation, curiosity/interest, and personal experiences is a lot stronger than negative propaganda

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Dearest Marty, my dashing heart-throb… How are you?

My thoughts wander often to where you are and how your days and nights are like. If we wouldn’t be the target of a conspiracy (most definitely not just in my head!), I would have found you immediately as thetan basically knows.

Scientology attackers and defamers are thinking that they defeat Scientology with bad PR campaigns against Scientology and the founder. (Hushing up of course that the founder was impostored by a doppelganger and Scientology altered.) They think that Scientology will close its doors in the future and nobody will join. These “critics” or better anti-Scientology campaigners have simple minds. It doesn’t matter what they say and write, word of mouth, curiosity/interest, and personal experiences are what counts a lot more than a forum/blog/book with hate messages.

Scientology might grow slower, sent in agents might leave the orgs to assist the outside attackers in their campaign against SCN, but the best dissemination tools for Scientology are still FSMs.  If they are honest and uptone, Scientology will never die. People want uptone people as their friends.

As you know, I worked as Pub Reg in 1977. “Body routing” was not slightly as effective as  individual Scientologists who disseminated Scientology to people who they knew or approached. FSMs have more time than a BR or a reg to care for that person. A person should never feel like a number and be just passed along from one terminal to the other. The orgs shouldn’t be like hospitals.  If people liked the character and approach of the FSM, they felt helped or even better, became curious/interested in learning more about SCN. A FSM makes FRIENDS and is helping them. This is how I saw it. All people have read negative stuff about Scientology,  but FSMs who are truly nothing like the hate message boards or blogs/books say they are, wipe this negativity out in no time. It is really quite easy.

Another point is curiosity. When I found Scientology again in 77, people told me all kinds of bad stuff about it. But the negativity that I read about and heard didn’t stop me to explore on my own. They forgot my curiosity.  How is it reality? Propaganda might do a thing on the fearful. But not if they are not the fearful types. 

I wanted to see for myself. One day, I walked into the Munich org by myself and asked to buy all their books. I found that the German anti-Scientology propaganda did not match at all the character the founder, Scientology, and of Scientologists. However, later, I learned that Germany does not only apply anti-SCN propaganda, but that it sends their agents and even impostors into the orgs to overtake and destroy from the inside out. Despite that, somebody who can think for herself can still get big wins and cognitions in SCN, make amazing spiritual experiences, and can understand the universe, and also turn her life around. I don’t regret it one bit having joined. I would do it all over again, except for not holding onto you, Marty. This one is my main regret. 

For me, the advanced philosophical knowledge of Scientology was the most important aspect as to why I joined. I wanted to KNOW…. what other people said that it is not for us to know.  Says who? Exactly! Nobody except SPs. Other aspects of Scientology, to make life easier also were knowledge that I applied, and even today, I noticed that people who do not know and apply this knowledge have a lot more difficulties in relations. I make friends very easily, I am the one in the family who everyone loves. And I don’t do much except applying Scientology. It is deep inside of me, and I am so glad that it is so. 

There is also another category of people. I don’t belong to it, but I know they exist. They are kind of bored and join Scientology for reasons of “adventure”. The negative propaganda attracts them.  Some of these people might never understand Scientology, but some might one day.

It boils all out to personal experiences. Lots of uptone FSMs in the field, showing to others that they are not at all as hate propaganda describes Scientologists and Scientology, is the best dissemination tool for Scientology. As long there are active FSMs who are willing to become true friends of others and mouth-to-mouth recommendations, Scientology will stay FOREVER.

Besides telling DM to resign and making sure that Germany and nobody else can’t enrich itself financially or otherwise through SCN, if I would be still on staff, I would create the biggest FSM net. Let’s say, that there are approx. only 50.000 active Scientologists worldwide, if each of them goes out and would explain real Scientology to just one person (preferable not on the button of the tonescale), and staying a friend to that person, (not just dropping her off in  the reg office as that makes people feel like a number),  the membership would double in just one week. But as I said, if people just think of a stat or awards, they don’t qualify as FSMs. A FSM should stay a true friend for life of any person who they introduced to Scientology.    


It is very sad that so much of original Scientology is altered. If original Scientology is back, orgs will be packed in no time, and former Scientology-haters will hide in shame.

I love you, Marty. Real Scientologists and lovers as you and me are the biggest magnets for each other. Nobody was able to kill this love either, not even impostors, as we felt the fireworks of passion and tender admiration up-close and personal.

Up close and personal matters.

Many kisses.

Yours forever,





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