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Dearest Marty, my darling,

Have a look at this sign. Speak of a fanatical Christian… He also has Scientologists, environmentalists, Buddhists, “loud mouth women” and lots of others on his “repent” list. I wonder why English grammar teachers are not on that list. Maybe there was not enough space.  




This atheist sign on a bus is kind of funny i.m.o. “Probably”, means that the atheists are not sure if there is a God… And why do they think that God is a hindrance to enjoying life? This isn’t much smarter than what came from the fundamental Christian above.



In response to above bus ad, look at this. No worry here.   


Atheists are everywhere, and so is Big Brother. Atheists did a “great job” creating a better world without stopping Big Brother running and controlling everyone through freaking ear implants.  



 Somebody made a summary of those two belief systems. Exploding nothing makes no sense to me either. He/she should take a look at the Scientology axioms as there is something else that these two belief systems are lacking: the real explanation, which is: that we thetans always existed and this does not exclude God. 




This church is taking it easy. Looks like a lazy pastor who doesn’t know how to deal with them, so he simply  explains atheists as nonexistent.  


That one is really strange. What makes them think that God is against good or better lovers? And it is contradictory with the other atheist statement that God allegedly is nowhere. So, according to the atheists God  is allegedly nowhere but in the bedrooms of people? Give me a break.  What makes them think that God even wants to see what’s going on in their bedrooms? Besides, it contains a big lie. Big Brother (medical secret services as the SEGNPMSS) is watching everyone.  



I know who did it. 



I  am convinced that there were big bangs, Marty, explosions  that blew up creations, e.g. one or smaller universes and shattered it into the universe that we have now. In other words, the big bangs came after the creation. I bet the farm on it.



That one is funny. Must be a hell of a sermon. 😉 Lay down that beer, the end is near! 




This is funny too, Marty. Looks like Freud is leading the way into hell.



That one is also entertaining. 





 No idea what it says but this is allegedly an ad of the “success kid” by the National Bank of Iran. Grim the face of success? Looks like they fed him with sour milk.




 I love you, Marty, forever, no matter what. Be kisses, tender and passionately.  

 Yours, Sarah/Barbara





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