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Physicists are not sure what particles and waves are (two slit experiment)

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Dearest Marty, most remarkable star in the universe, how are you?

I thought physicists would know more, but hey, they haven’t even discovered thetans (has no wavelength) nor the thetans with theta body (has a tiny bit of wavelength) either, and there are so many of them. 

I find physics/astronomy more interesting than chemistry.  Chemists just mix dangerous stuff together and are getting something that smells bad, is dangerous or explodes, and then they write down the formula. Duh!  

The double slot experiment (physics) got my attention.

Balls thrown through a slit hit a wall behind a slit exactly where the slit is. When this is done instead with waves, the most intensity of a wave hits a wall behind the slit exactly were the slit is. When waves are driven through two slits, they cancel each other out after gone thru the slits. At the wall behind the wall with the slits, the waves hit mostly in the middle, where the waves hit with most intensity, and there is nothing to be seen on that wall where waves cancelled each other out.

When electrons (subatomic particles) are shot through the wall with one single slit, they act just like the balls. One single band of electrons is seen in the same order on the wall behind that one with the slit. However, when the electrons are shot though a wall with two slots, they do not react like the balls but like waves.

So, they thought that electrons going through the slits are interfering with each other like the waves but then they discovered that the electrons don’t touch each other. How could they become waves? They did this process also very slow and one ball after the other to make sure that they don’t interfere with each other. But again, the wave pattern, an interference pattern, emerged also when these electrons are thrown through the slits slowly and one after the other.

It puzzled all of them. No interference but interference?

Many think that the single electron leaves as a particle and BEFORE IT ENTERS THE SLITS, IT TURNS INTO A WAVE OF POTENTIALS and goes through both slits, interferes with itself and hits the wall like a particle. It does it all on its own, they say.

Sounds strange to me, Marty.

 So, I think, if the particle (electron) consists of waves, it could, when much lighter as a ball, act live waves.  Don’t have electrons properties of both particles and waves? They say that the electron has no sub component.  An atom contains one proton, two neutron, and one electron. The proton consists  a mixture of quarks and gluons.  The neutron consists of 1 up quark, 2 down quarks. The quarks seem to be very fundamental . The gluons are subatomic particle that might bind quarks together. That is easy to remember, gluons like glue. The god particle (Higgs Boson- how particles get their mass) allegedly consists of techni-quarks, and lots of smaller stuff also seems to roam the universe.

Well, back to the two slit experiment. They put the electron that they threw and the slit under surveillance.  Suddenly, the electron behaved like a ball again, and didn’t split but just went through one of the slits not both. They say that the electron decided to act differently WHEN WATCHED… Huh?


Eerie universe?

There is a big confusion about what is matter, is it balls or waves? It puzzles scientists because they say that particles are particles and not waves.

But besides that particles could consists of waves and act in lighter form as waves, here is another idea of mine, Marty:  an (unseen) microwave from useless secret service agents could cause this interference. They play around with the experiments of those scientists and their electrons as these guys have nothing worthwhile to do and that is why the location of the electron is a jungle of possibilities. That is what I bet my money on. These guys are mentally stuck in pre-puberty.  

People call science when an experiment happens with the same outcome all the time. So when people make the same experiments everywhere, and they have the same outcome, it is true and science. But anyone on the planet experienced ear ringing, and that is not natural either but the product of secret service frequencies sent in anyone’s ears by secret service doctors to cover up silent sounds underneath the tinnitus.

The percentage measurement where the electrons likely land on the wall don’t impress me much. I don’t rule out idiotic secret service interference of these “experiments”. That is where I would look first if I would make an experiment. I would make my experiences in Faraday rooms where nobody can interfere with electromagnetic waves.

So, if somebody makes the two slit experiment outside of Faraday cages and the particle behaves always strange and unsuspected, does it means it is science, or could it be that whenever somebody wants to make that experiment or other experiments (all thoughts/intentions are known before executed by their supercomputer), useless secret service agents interfere with their frequencies as they are the most useless people the universe has spit out?

This universe has something written all over it: corruption. This knowledge always helps me when I have to puzzle things together.

What do you think, Marty?  I wish I could listen to your thoughts.

Many kisses, my wonderful prince and husband. My love for you is bigger than the universe. In fact, compared to my love for you, the universe is just the size of a pin needle.   

Yours forever, and very glad to have met you and never giving up on you. 




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