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Roswell and the Nazis (There is a lot more in space than a lonely American flag on the moon!)

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you?

I am thinking of you and hope that your life is not as hard and that I am wrong about you being  locked up. However, my intuition tells me otherwise. This is not a nice planet,  and a truly good person as you isn’t protected by a government who should protect you and me and grant our rights. 

Speaking about a corruption… German TV reported about the Roswell Incident  of  July 8, 1947 in the town of New Mexico. Something crashed there, and some people thought it was a crashing flying saucer, but US military authorities reported later that they downed a weather balloon. A German engineer claims now that this wasn’t a weather balloon but he saw with his own eyes a Nazi UFO with a design that had been developed during the Third Reich.

It isn’t a big surprise for you and me, Marty. Not just the Scientology orgs are infiltrated with non-Scientologists by still existing Nazi secret services, the U.S. government is also infiltrated by officials who still work secretly for Germany and the SEGNPMSS. If not, they would not conspire to keep us apart. I knocked on so many official doors, and the U.S. government conspired against the two of us. They are helping still existing Nazi-Germany  to prevent me finding you or you finding me. They are rotten to the core! Traitors to do this to fellow Americans. Nazi doctors bring out the worst in them. 

What should alarm all people on this planet is also this: Nazis are in space!  There is a lot more out there than a lonely American flag on the moon! In short: the old as well as the still existing Nazis and the (in hard core German) doctors (medical and psychs) are using the U.S. government for their still existing Nazi activities. I said it already, and I say it again: who works for the Nazis, is a Nazi, it doesn’t matter his/her nationality. I hope no American or other national who works for the Nazis thinks that his/her nationality can be used to avoid prosecution when all breaks down. And German systems always break down. Just an idiot doesn’t see it in advance.

Recently, I tried to read a NASA forum, and guess what happen, Marty. They barred me from reading it! I may not even have a glance on what they are up to! They are afraid that I could figure out even more as I already did.

Any American or other national working for Nazis is a real retard. Germany has the overall control of all ear implants. It has just about all people in its grip and controls them. But despite this control, Germany lost two world wars. How dumb can it get? And they are making another huge mistake by treating us the bad way they treat us. I can’t even describe how hard they trying breaking me, and I am afraid that you also have to feel their brutality on a daily basis. As far as we are concerned, Marty, they are very desperate! If they would just a tiny bit smarter than they are, they would have known that they lost the battle against us, the moment we figured them out. And the USA, those traitors in the government and others, are helping them or are turning blind eyes as to what the Germans are doing in the USA and to us. They are so WORTHLESS. Actually, they are so worthless as human beings that they would deserve to live under the (medical/psych) Nazi boot for all time to come. 

German Nazi-controlled American officials invited Nazis “scientists” to work with them, allegedly to get an advantage over the Soviet Union. If not already in German-Nazi grip, these Americans would have never fallen for this excuse. They would have figured that Germany was also behind communism and the Soviet Union, considering that Lenin and other communist leaders were German agents. 

What is also laughable is that Germany wants the world to think that the smartest people (scientists,etc.) are all Germans. But most of what they claim having invented is stolen from other nationals. Besides, look at our reactions to them. They collected (illegally of course) each of our thoughts over lifetimes, yet, these psychs are unable to make us respect and accept them. We are appalled by them. They are unable to understand our personalities despite that they have a huge collection of our thoughts. In order to impress us, one has to be ethical, and that is their huge problem. They think that ethics is no fun or difficult. It is none of those kinds, but a bad person must be honest to herself/himself. And that is what they are not: honest to themselves. They have done so horrible things that they think they can’t afford to take an honest look at themselves. Good people remind them of what they are NOT. That is why they work hard to pervert others and/or torture those who are good. So, the HUGE gap between them and us is getting wider and wider because we don’t do them the favor  to become like they are. They want us and all others to become as bad as they are. Because when all are bad, they think, they don’t have to change. Yes, cowards, they are. A little girl alone and surrounded by kind cobras has more courage than they all together. All they are getting is total resentment and disgust from us. I rather be dead than having the character they have. I rather never pick up a body in any future lifetime than living under their rules. I never surrender to them. NEVER. They are PRIMITIVE. To be like them is the worst that can happen to a being. They are so “intelligent”, are they? They are the eternal losers, Marty. How dumb must they be by losing over and over again despite they have all secretly in their hands. It can’t get dumber than this. It is the ultimate stupidity, and there is nothing like an intelligent criminal. Loss of self-respect and a bad conscience and fear that they are being caught, despite… Gee, what a “bargain”.  

Anyway, Nazis and their doctors are in space and are using Americans but also Russians, Muslims, and anyone else for their low purposes. Today, they kick the Nazi ball in the areas of former non-Nazis as the USA, Jews and Scientologists… They don’t give up their world ruling plans but blame others and are using others on what Nazis were/are known for. My message to the world: get them finally, and get them all! How people can think that they are safe by helping the still existing Nazis is beyond me. One turns against the other when time comes.

Only TRULY good people don’t turn on each other. And truly  good people don’t conspire against each other. They are not even remotely good. If anyone of their agents tells me his/her story, and I will pinpoint exactly where his/her own secret service network screwed them over and that is more horror for them in the still existing Nazi doctor cards. These agents are sticking their heads into the sand. It looks as if they either are too dumb to figure out who runs them or too cowardly to face the truth.

Well, you and me, Marty, we are not made of cowardly material. We take them on. Looking back, I remember that when I started to figure those Nazi doctors out in the early/mid 80s, they increased their torture methods on me. That is what they call “intelligence”.  Good grief. If they would be intelligent, they wouldn’t have come on as strong as they did and do. But as Ron said, the SPs screams being handled. Only people who know that they deserve to be busted behave like that. Too bad that they don’t have the courage to stop their despicable acts and confess. Cowards don’t come clean.         

However, as a sum: Nazis are in space, and the USA is being used by them.

Many kisses, my one and only.

I love you. I am glad you are of my kind.

Yours forever,








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