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Physicist Hugh Everett III and Dianetics

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Dearest Marty, most special star in the universe, how are you? 

It is being said that Hugh Everett III read Book One, Dianetics (don’t know if he read original Dianetics or the German altered DMSMH that gives credit to a medical doctor) but he never showed interest in Scientology. He should have, as for example the axioms of Scientology can open the eyes of physicists to the very beginning of all.  

Hugh Everett III (was into quantum mechanics) had allegedly a deep mistrust of medical doctors. Can’t blame him, but what he apparently missed was that medical silent sounds made himself smoke, drink, and  obese. I am certain that these medical doctors that he hated targeted him with silent sounds to die. That means, for whatever reasons, they wanted him out-of-the-way.  

I also have a hunch that his daughter Elizabeth was psychiatric implanted to write that “suicide note” and to commit suicide.

In a nutshell, these physicists are trying to explain the universe, but they are stepping into thought traps and getting stuck there. Ron (the real founder not the idiotic impostor) was so different. He asked the most pressing question of all first: what is man or woman? He figured it out and by understanding what man or woman is, he was able to understand the entire universe.

Hugh Everett III concluded several universes. It all depends what one understands under universes. For me is clear that if there is one physical universe (everything related to matter, space and time), there can be another one or more. It basically means that what happened to create this universe can be done in another dimension, and whoosh, there is another universe. It likely would be a lot like ours. However, my awareness “thetan basically knows” is telling me rather that despite they could exist, they don’t at this time because so much went wrong with this one in regards to how thetans behave. That sounds rather like creation than big bang, doesn’t it?

Actually, Marty, I am convinced there were big bangs. But they came AFTER THE CREATION of a more dense physical universe. Suppressive idiots blew it up and shattered it into pieces. If the universe continues to grow, it might be an indication that people still blow up planets in this universe as of today. 

I believe Hugh Everett III had the basic idea that the thoughts of one person may survive in another world or in a parallel universe. A little bit original Scientology whole track auditing could have opened his eyes that the being survives and that a person is more than just her thoughts. After dying (leaving his body), she is still alive as spirit in this universe. Many thetans can’t deal with loneliness and need other people. So, they are looking to be born again as baby. Besides, Germans are afraid. They want people reincarnated to control them.  Germany doesn’t want them to live happy and healthy lives, but they want to know where they are and what they plan and what they are thinking. So, Hugh Everett III (like all others) is having a body somewhere on this planet. But not allowed to be a physician again as mainstream should not recognize him and the fact of reincarnation.  (Important to know is that Germany kidnaps famous thetans to Germany, so that they are getting the glory if these people make it against all odds of  keeping them down.) 

The German controlled black propaganda against Scientology makes physicians real blind as to what Ron has researched. They come up with all kinds of theories but not with the obvious facts. 

I think many physicians mixing up a thought with a spiritual being. A being (thetan) is not a thought. A thetan can think and produces thoughts. Some physicians are thinking that they live as thoughts in other universes. That is not how it works. They survive physical death as spirits who can think and postulate but their thoughts just survive if they or others made something out of it (e.g. wrote them down, recorded them, put them into reality).  

The entire field of physics seems very confused to me.I don’t mean the very obvious parts as gravity and that fat is lighter than water, etc. but the “quantum” parts. They “figure” one theory after the other and don’t figure the obvious. They try to explain the universe by having  no clue what man is. Ron asked that question: what is man? a century ago and noticed that nobody can answer this question. So, he figured it out. But they still can’t. The German-originated and controlled black propaganda machine against Scientology is still in full force and that is why these people don’t look at his work and don’t give him credit. (Although, Germany stole from him without admitting this so that Germany and others are getting the credit of his work.)

One of the biggest mistakes that these physicians are making is not understanding the difference between a being and a thought. A thought is just a bit of energy that the being (thetan) creates. If a thought is made, and nobody is doing something with it, it is USELESS. Who cares if this wave of energy falls later to pieces or not? Important to know is how the being, the thetan survives and what will  happen to it.  If not recorded or acted upon, a thought will be cancelled out by other energy waves. I bet the farm on it, that for example Copernicus’ thoughts are all gone (and not to another universe) except of those that were recorded in the universe in which he created them. But the being, the thetan who had the ID Copernicus (if that was indeed his real name) should be still around.      

If not actively held down and mislead by mind-control, a person however should be able to re-create her thoughts from another lifetime. It is the same person having the same interests… What he and she knew could be accessed again, but most might only be able to do this if she/he can think freely without silent sounds sabotaging her thought process.

 I also checked what the entertainment industry is up to, Marty. Germany sure is very interested to be considered as the leaders of the great thinkers. (Good grief, if they would be just average good thinkers, they never would have treated us the way they did and do, Marty.)  Anywhere, there is the Big Bang Theory, it is about a couple of physician nerds. Sheldon is very entertaining, the others not so much. I haven’t seen much of this show yet, but I noticed two things immediately: 1) the song of the series tries to make people believe that the big bang as the “creator” of the universe is a  fact 2) the Jewish engineer is the most disgusting character, has the worst kind of haircut, wears the oddest clothes, his behavior, incl. sexual behavior, is very appalling . And there is no way to describe his “Jewish mother”, hysterical and creepy. These characters are so revolting anti-Jewish, it is so typical Nazi-German to do this, another thing that people failed to see when they awarded this series. One of the producer of the show is Chuck Lorre who is Jewish. SEGNPMSS are sending him sure silent if not loud sounds to degrade Jews in that way. This is typical German, hiding their race hatred behind the actions that a Jew carries out. “Hey, we didn’t do it. A Jew did it and showed millions of viewers what degraded people the Jews are. Hitler was right. They all should be been exterminated.” (As if those primitive and perverted anti-Jewish characters, Wolowitz and his mother, would not come directly from the desk of a still existing Nazi!) The female character Penny does not hide how much she despises Wolowitz. There are constantly references to that he is Jewish. It is so German racist that it gives me the creeps. Lenard on the other side, the most normal of all has of course a German name: Hofstetter.  He is not Jewish as he is a lot nicer and sane than the Jew on this show. What on Earth was Chuck Lorre thinking by approving these horrible Jewish characters? Why do Jews in his view need to be primitive or perverted to be funny? Because a world that is still secretly ruled by Nazis want  it this way.        

I love you, Marty. Some of your thoughts are making it to me. And I make something of them. I think about them and keep them with me. That’s how they survive on my side. You have beautiful thoughts. Each one deserves to survive.

Want to see you soon. Many kisses, my darling.

Yours forever,









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