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It is beyond me that many people can’t comprehend that viruses are deliberately planted to bring down others (incl. economies)

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Dearest Marty, my bright and wonderful husband,

It seems that the outdated Occam’s razor (stuff from the 13th/14th century) doesn’t help people to lift the curtains that are covering up horrible secrets.

The  secret service doctors who bred the Ebola virus and other viruses don’t mind if some of their own kind (other physicians and nurses) are getting sick with it. As long as they can hide in environments that are protected from these viruses, they know just themselves and no loyalty to anyone.  

It seems that Africa is a favorite area for the SEGNPMSS do organize first injections and to release infected animals and to spread from there the disease into all parts of the world. Guess they do it there as they feel that they are getting better away if they have infected bats fly in one of Africa’s remote villages. Nevertheless, I think they can be traced. We would know where to look and how to pull more strings.

For example, in medical labs, they intentionally inject bats with the virus. They remote-control an infected bat to bite someone in Africa of who they know will pass on the virus to others. The reason why bats don’t die on the virus could be that those SEGNPMSS doctors don’t activate the virus in them, after all, they need those bats to infect people and other animals. They think the bats need to stay alive to start a global epidemic. I am sure that the Ebola virus never occurred natural in bats. It is said that bats are clean animals who like to groom themselves for hours every day.  


As not other expected in a German-controlled world as this one, international law enforcement and health departments don’t go to the source of the evil. In order to find the monsters who infected the world with Ebola or also Aids, etc., they have to go to the first cases of those diseases that ever occurred and pull all strings there, including what happened to the animals in this area.  They might say that they did this. But what they did is not good enough. They have to find the person(s) who DELIBERATELY RELEASED INTENTIONALLY INFECTED animals into any population to infect other animals and humans.

In case of Ebola, who did the infected animals/persons have contact before contracting the virus? It might not be easy to interview animals, but SATELLITES SHOULD BE ABLE TO ZOOM IN AS TO WHO RELEASED ANIMALS INTO FREE NATURE. International authorities never trace the high crimes back to the medical labs and the SEGNPMSS, as this is what their German secret service doctor orders: “Hush, hush, hush… say, it is natural, no crime occurred, and if you have to bust somebody, say that he acted alone…”  

We are living in a world of constant surveillance. And that means that law enforcement and health department should be able to trace that kind of evil to the person(s) who injected people/animals with a horrible virus or released those animals. These people need to be arrested and further strings need to be pulled who their case officers are who told them to develop that or another virus or  gave them the virus in tubes or bottles to inject animals and humans.

One indication, that the virus can be activated upon remote-control, is also that numerous people who were in contact with people who had Ebola did not become sick. For whatever reason, the SEGNPMSS doctors decided to spare those people AT THE MOMENT. Which doesn’t mean that they have nice other plans with those people. Nobody wins as long  as the SEGNPMSS is not busted.


They can’t fool us, Marty. They simply can’t.

Always at your side.






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