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Secret service psychs are trying to manipulate Scientology into accepting gay lifestyles

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Dearest Marty, my breathtaking prince and husband,

How are you? I think so often to you and how you are.

I know that you can see what I can. We both don’t drink psychiatric-cool aide.

They give Laura Prepon on Scientology lines a gay role, they have people with name “Gay” joining Scientology, they have Paul Haggis resign from Scientology over “gay-issues”, and the list goes on and on.

P$ychs and “neuro-scientists” are thinking that enough pressure  on Scientologists will make Scientology to change ethics into that homosexual behavior is no longer out-ethics.  And infiltrators (former and current) are assisting them. Mike Rinder for example wants Scientology to become pro homosexuality. What a twisted individual he is. He wants to fit in this non-functional and rotten world so badly. Larry Brennan visits a psych, even changes his gender afterwards, and dies briefly later!  

With the help of doctors mixing their reproductive biology with the other gender, homosexual people can have families, BUT, what if something destroys this planet (atomic or biological bombs, diseases, etc.)? How can a planet survive if man and woman, once attracted to each other and biological designed for offsprings, are no longer attracted to each other? This will happen: mankind will die out.     

I want to state that I don’t ever want violence against anyone, also not against gay people. Nazis incl. Hitler were gay and killed other gays. What a bunch of disgusting hypocrites.

But I don’t say that homosexuality is normal and ok when it is clearly not.

There are currently pro-gay-waves that we can see just about anywhere on the planet. Many people simply agree because the pro-homosexuality-campaign is so advanced that it is political incorrect to state that homosexuality is not normal. You and I, Marty, we know that people who have homosexual feelings/ideas usually picked a body of the other gender than what they had in their former lifetimes. Past lives are a fact, not just a philosophical view. I can see it usually with my bare eyes if  someone has male or female timetrack but is now in a body of the other gender. Most people are. Yet, not all people who now have the body of the other gender are homosexual or lesbians (YET).

Why are they suddenly in a male body if they had always a female body on the timetrack? Why are they suddenly in a female body if they had always male bodies on the timetrack? I mentioned this before: because their past life ear implants are still working. Their case officers radios their ear implant code and tells them that they should rush into a certain embryo body before another spirit takes it and they are left without, alone, sob… sob… Marty, these ear implants and codes are the biggest trap in the universe. People are trained to do what they are being told, and when they hear their numbers, they do it. They don’t think twice: hey, is that a female or a male body? They don’t wait until they can see the gender. They jump right in and forget their past lives as anyone’s mind is targeted with silent sounds.  Their freaking case officers (a German-controlled supercomputer) determines their gender. How is that for “human rights”?       

Dr. Laura Schlesinger says that being homosexual is a “biological error”. It is not just an error, it is medical terrorism to plant people in the wrong gender and bombarding them later to become homosexual.  

First, psychs label homosexuality as a “disease” (it is not a disease, it is medical terrorism and lack of ethics on all sides) and now they want the entire world to become gay or lesbian. Even the English word  “gay” that they picked is an attempt to manipulate people into that it is fun to be homosexual. On current TV, the homosexual people currently are the good people, and the heterosexual people are often portrayed as bad people.   

However, also brutal or primitive people who are anti-gay are a part of the pro-gay-campaign. Their behavior should sway those who have not decided to be pro-gay. SEGNPMSS campaigns are an open (very dirty) book to me, Marty. and I know to you too.

I was thinking about why homosexuality is so important to the SEGNPMSS doctors. It didn’t took me long to figure why. They engage in anything unethical and perverted. If they can turn the entire planet around to think that homosexuality is not unethical or perverted, they don’t feel anymore so bad about themselves. This is what it is all about. In fact, these unethical doctors have to change to the better, but they are too out-ethics to consider it. How to they handle their bad conscience and own lack of ethics? They  twist the world to become just as unethical so that they do not stick out like sore wounds in comparison to others. 

This is why they came up with “pride” campaigns, to manipulate people into thinking that sexual perversions are something to be proud of. 

Once they twisted the awareness what homosexuality really is: manipulated re-incarnation and out-ethics, SEGNPMSS will work on the next issues: e.g. making people think that pedophilia, sex with animals and whatever other perversion and bestiality is okay too. SEGNPMSS is working hard on that. I remember postings on Usenet of SEGNPMSS agents saying that pedophilia is “beneficial for the child”.  Yes, it is very sick, and a planet who accepts some kinds of perversions is the best ground for them to grow more perversions.

Back to homosexuality: 

I came to the conclusion that homosexuality is a CHOICE. The encounters that I had with people who said that they are gay or lesbian is following: sometimes they are no gay and lesbian at all. I am not saying that being tricked into the body of another gender is no big offense by the persons who are responsible for it. I also can imagine that there can be a sexual orientation confusion having suddenly the body of another gender, but the right handling is to stopping secret service doctors tricking thetans into the wrong gender. Once thetans can choose their own gender for their future lifetimes, homosexuality will be no longer an issue because everyone chooses the right gender for him-/herself.        

Germany wants to introduce another class of people: genderless people. Nobody would choose a genderless body. With lasers, they can manipulate the cells, and there is a genderless person. That they want to introduce official this gender means that they have no intention stopping this abuse against humanity to sabotage the cells of unborn bodies.  

 I love you, my wonderful Marty. Many kisses.

Yours forever,


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