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Marty, in the war “infiltrator against infiltrator” (it is not Scientologists against Scientologists), your impostor Monique’s husband wins another round in the media and on the Internet

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Marty, my dearest,

I repeat what I wrote numerous times before: Scientology is internationally infiltrated by non-Scientologists upon German secret service orders to destroy it from the inside and outside. Some of former infiltrators leave and then attack Scientology from the outside (e.g. Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder, etc.), and those infiltrators still in the Scientology orgs behave in a deliberately offensive way to make the media and others to support the actions of former infiltrators as your impostor, so that they can play the victims.

It is so easy to figure this pattern out.

And do you know what is also very easy to understand? That David Miscavige has dirty hands too as far as hiring your impostor is concerned. Just like Mike Rinder and so many other former and current infiltrators, His Cobness conceals that Monique’s husband never joined Scientology for the right reasons but was hired as agent/doppelganger to impostor you, just as “Jack Vistaril”, Mary Sue’s hubby was a hired secret service agent to impostor the founder of Scientology.    

Mainstream is being lied to. They are made believe that what they are seeing is Scientology. It is not. Behavior by anti-Scientologists, squirrel busters, Jenny Linson Devocht, and others is not even remotely the behavior of Scientologists. Real Scientologists don’t deliver fights with impostors and others. They publish and state the facts to the authorities and ask for the impostors/infiltrators to be pursued under the laws of the land. Period. And they never allow an innocent person to be incarcerated. PEOPLE WHO DO THAT ARE MONSTERS, not Scientologists.

Somebody once said: if you want to see how a Scientologist is like, look at Barbara Schwarz. Exactly. I am not engaged in any of the infiltrator/agent wars. I apply original Scientology. And I know you too, Marty.

Be tenderly embraced and kissed.

Yours forever,





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