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NASA “setbacks” – deliberate sabotage to stop the USA from exploring space…

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Dearest Marty, my heart-throb,

There is no doubt in my mind that you know it too: not just Scientology is infiltrated with people who want Scientology to fail, but so is the US government by people who want the USA to fail. They might be born in the USA but don’t feel like Americans even if they stick an American flag on their suits. The USA hires people, officials and engineers, and doesn’t check if they work secretly for German-purposes. As investigators are also German-controlled through ear-implants, they international never find American traitors working for Germany behind the sabotage. These “accidents” are always set up in advance for “investigators” to prevent that they find the real “why and why”, so that they can wrongfully state that it was not a deliberate sabotage. And if this is not possible, somebody psychiatric-implanted and hypnotized will take the blame as no longer capable to set things straight that he/she worked for Germany. And SEGNPMSS terrorists also don’t hesitate to blow up manned rockets.  They did it before, they blew up the Challenger space shuttle to set the U.S. space program back and to keep the media and all others busy with that tragedy instead of sticking their noses into the fact that “Jack Vistaril” who just died was not the founder of Scientology but an impostor. They thought they kill two birds with one stone.  

So, why is the SEGNPMSS so fearful about the USA exploring space? Because they have so much to hide: a universe that is projected as a hologram, life on other planets, and German agents being there already to implant and control, physical laws (by sabotaging the experiments of quantum physicists), and the list goes on. And the earth population is being told to apply Occam’s razor from the 14th Century to prevent that they think deep and wide enough. Unbelievable but this is what they do. Discover today’s technology with a 14th Century attitude. That sounds like a joke.

With remote lasers and also remote-controlled germs, the SEGNPMSS knows how to sabotage any equipment  to malfunction.

The space shuttle that they just blew up was loaded with 5,000 pounds of food, water and equipment  for the International Space Station. Exactly, the US space program is seriously sabotaged and set back. A 2oo million Dollar loss, and the stock market suffers too. It is being said that the ISS got non-American instead. That is what it is all about. Germany is afraid that there might be a very small change that the USA might not always stay their secret colony, and that is why they want it on the bottom, underneath all other countries. US technology should be considered the most faulty one by anyone on this planet. Any other country should win before the USA. It is so obvious. If people wouldn’t be controlled through their ear-implants, they would have figured this too. BTW, German-controlled NASA people are so afraid that I catch up with them that they don’t want me READ their public forums. Yes, yikes!

Germany is officially a supporter of the ISS but that is just for alibi reasons. They don’t want to be found as those who sabotage the US space program. They want to say: “Hey, we support this thing!” Yeah right! Who are they kidding? Besides, one day, they want to take the ISS over as the official leaders of the world. What a nightmare! And I want to be in another universe when that happens, Marty.

I miss and love you.

Yours forever,








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  1. Do you know that there were also psych equipment on board? “Brain Drain,” would have helped psychs to understand the effects of micro-gravity conditions on the brain, in which a special neck collar called a strain-gauge plethysmograph is used to measure brain blood flow. To test the technology in the near-zero gravity of the ISS, determining if blood flow had anything to do with the constant headaches that crew members sometimes complain of.


    October 29, 2014 at 5:46 am

    • So, there was some of their own psych crap on the rocket? “Big” deal. I bet they have a replacement that makes US astronauts in space look like dogs. I bet the farm that constant headaches come nearby German controlled medical terrorists in space who use lasers to cause these pains.

      The dog collars might be very well an alibi for the p$ychs. “We were not a part of this. We lost our collars, sniff, sob…”

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 29, 2014 at 6:28 am

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