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President Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower meeting with aliens is a load of crap, because….

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…he knew that the people going back and forth between Area 51, etc. and space are not aliens. (More below.) 


Dearest Marty, my fabulous Prince and husband,

First, if somebody asks me what to love about you, I say: everything. I wouldn’t change a thing on you. You might say humbly that you’re not perfect, but I beg to differ. Even if you would make a mistake, your kind of mistakes are no mistakes on a grand scale. Everything you do is done with great conscience and care. What a special person you are!  There are numerous people who think that love is corny, overrated or just lasts a short while. They are so wrong.  If two people are giving truthfully their best, they will feel magic, like we do, Marty.

Now to my subject line. President Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower meeting with aliens is a load of crap, because he knew that the people going back and forth between Area 51 were no aliens. If somebody flew to Roswell to meet three times with “aliens”, it probably was SEGNPMSS/CIA hired doppelganger “Ike” doing it behind the back of the real Ike to undermine his authority and assist Germany, which the real Ike never would do.

(How dare the CIA as American secret service to have the country run by his doppelganger after the real Ike was murdered while sitting President and trying to keep this a secret for all times to come!)

The real Ike knew that the surviving undetected German Nazis in space would never allow a real alien spacecraft to land on Earth. German Nazis and their international agents in space would eliminate any aliens who come that close without checking if they come in peace.  

The real (and elected President) Ike knew that German Nazis had ventured out in space a long time before they gave Hitler power.

I assume that many of Ike’s writings and orders had the same fate like that of Ron. Once he wrote them, most were altered by SEGNPMSS/CIA controlled creeps and never made it to the general US population. I am a 100% sure that Ike said that 1) Germans are in space and are using Americans and other nationals (including their tech) to go and hide there 2) Space is a hologram, a projection by the Germans, and behind the projection is the real universe, which general people should not see as Nazis don’t want to be stopped by taking over the real universe.

Secret German UFO blueprint:



And here is just another German Nazi UFO: 



Remember the unidentified flying objects that can fly formations (allegedly ice crystals or “something else”) on the video that I posted on November 28? Reminds me of these German flyers controlling space, and the secretly German-controlled USA (e.g. secret services and NASA) are hushing them up:



I am convinced that there are already alien population (behind the fake universe in the real universe) with German-controlled ear implants. Some people might ask how that would be possible. Simple. Germans spy on them, have their language learned, have it entered in their supercomputer and then kidnap a couple of alien. In the alien language, they implant these aliens into becoming ear-implant implanters of other aliens on their planet. Then they apply their psychiatric methods to make them forget that they were implanted. These alien can’t remember anymore what hit them. Just like these terrorists who shoot others or use bombs on planet Earth and kill themselves afterwards.  

These aliens are thinking implanting people with ear-implants to control them were THEIR OWN IDEA not German Nazi psychiatric. I bet the farm that they never saw ever a picture of a German or the international Earth people that they are using. They have no clue as to what these (aliens for them) German psychs (former barber and butchers), the SEGNPMSS look like and that they exist.  (Unless we find a way telling these aliens, haha! Then they come after the SEGNPMSS too… They would deserve it, considering how they treat us.) SEGNPMSS is controlling and running them as they control and run the population of Earth.

The aliens can’t see us as our sun system is cloaked, and we can’t see the real universe with populated planets with aliens because Germany cloaked them from our sight too.        

In other word, whatever spacecrafts were seen by regular people going back and forth between the Earth (e.g. Roswell) and space were not aliens but Germans and German-oriented people (just as bad as Germans) who once lived on Earth and are now living (or better hiding) on planets nearby. 

I know German-control-mania, they would shot any real alien spacecraft down before allowing any real alien enter the fake universe projection and land on Earth. What people saw (those unidentified flying objects) are all from people who are originally from Earth.

President Clinton said he had all the Roswell papers reviewed and no aliens landed there.

Who were the people who made the review (and how did they do the review) that President Clinton ordered who didn’t see/reveal that there is indeed traffic going on between nearby planets and Earth, incl. the USA? Who is behind it that this air/space traffic is not published as space flight by NASA. The other problem is, President Clinton is known to be not always truthful: “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is. If the–if he–if ‘is’ means is and never has been, that is not–that is one thing. If it means there is none, that was a…” 

SEGNPMSS does not want us to see the real universe or any real aliens because they think we are stopping them turning the universe into German-controlled slaves. Don’t know about their also conscienceless agents,  but as far as we are concerned, Marty, they sure are right. A universe controlled by German butchers and barbers (who now call themselves doctors, psychiatrists, physicians, neuro-“scientists”, etc.), what a nightmare! It is not an universe in which I want to live because they are MONSTERS. And where is their intelligence? They have to hide, hide, hide… They have the worst bad conscience ever. And one is killing the other one because everyone wants to be the top gun. What a way never to be happy.

There is another thing, Marty. These conspiracy theorists who claim that President Eisenhower met with aliens are saying that these alleged aliens want our DNA to improve their DNA. As I said, the real Ike knew that Germans are in space and would shoot down aliens before then can land on Earth. He would not have sat down on one table with Nazis. But Nazis wanting our DNA to “improve” how aliens look like is German racism because Germans for sure have problems with their race and looks, etc. Stupid German Nazi doctors still don’t get that personalities and character counts, and theirs is nothing but revolting. Even with the best DNA (that they steal of course), they are nothing but the most lousy creatures EVER!  

Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I love you all the way through the real universe and back!

Yours forever,




Former NASA employee says she (and six other NASA employees) saw people walk on Mars in 1979

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My so special Marty,

How are you? I wish I could be with you wherever you are. If would go where ever you are going, Marty.

Look art this strange picture from Mars. Looks like trees and scrubs. And looks like wet too. 

Yesterday, this story broke:

A former  NASA employee (anonymous) said that she and six other NASA employees she saw humans waking on Mars when she downloading telemetry from a NASA Viking Lander in 1979.

NASA has not acknowledged her claim.


I believe that there is a secret space program, Marty, but the overall control over it has Germany and not the USA. Germany is controlling the ear-implants on anyone on this planet. They decide what the USA, Russia and other countries will do and what to keep secret. I am sure that people are up there and other planets a lot longer than 1979. A couple of centuries is my intuition.

“Although no traces of life were found, Viking found all elements essential to life on Earth – carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and phosphorus – were present on Mars,” said NASA.

Guess German controlled international people up there are “no life”, Marty. However, people who allow German Nazi doctors to run them are low life forms in my book.

Here is a list of space missions. Look how many NASA and other space missions “failed”, e.g. were sabotaged:

“Mars has historically been unfriendly to Earth’s attempts to visit it. More missions have been attempted to Mars than to any other place in the Solar System except the Moon, and about half of the attempts have failed.”

Yep, unfriendly, because Germans doesn’t want too many Americans, Russians, and other nationals (despite German-controlled implants in people) to become aware what they are doing up there.

Those space Germans never were denazified. I claim that Germany used  the USA, Russia and other nationals, their scientists, astronauts, engineers, etc. and their technical knowledge to get up there in space and build secret space station on various planets and kept all under wraps. If it ever should be revealed what people are doing up there, Germany has the plan to blame the USA and Russia.

“But many failures have occurred relatively recently, proving again and again that space exploration is very, very difficult.”

Yes, the word for it is: German-controlled sabotage (incl. wrong math used!) and the US taxpayers of those in other countries will pick up the tab! All they need are lasers to bring them down. Also possible is sabotage by remote-controlled germs who block systems or cause otherwise harm. Communication to activate the germs is carried to them via neutrino beams.

For example, with a laser in space, it is possible to orient its antenna to make communication with Earth impossible, as space terrorists did with Mariner 4. Later, Mariner 9 goes up, and hey, what are the odds?! A dust storm on Mars (covering the entire planet!), so nothing to see and pro German agents in NASA and other international space agencies don’t have so much work covering facts up. Sand storms are easy to create with a weather satellite laser.  The dust-covered the tracks of secret Mars operations, like wheel trails, foot prints  in the sand, etc.   

Mariner 6 returned just 75 images, and Mariner 7 just 126 images in 1969 from the entire planet. Millions of places with permanent secret living arrangements located on Mars were of course not photographed or published. Mars 2 & 3 returned only 60 images of Mars. Mars 3 failed “mysteriously”. Another word for this is space sabotage. 

The NASA Mars 7 lander separated too early, and it missed the planet by 1,300 kilometers (800 miles), yes, sabotage, but hey, Philae, supervised a German in EU is allowed to land on a flying rockBecause the world should be in awe with Germany. But it doesn’t work with someone like me, who really knows Germany.

NASA Mars 6 transmitted only 224 seconds of data before abruptly cutting off. Gee, if that is not suspicious. Mars 5 returned only 60 lousy images. Finally, with an European name “Vikings”, NASA has some success. The Viking 1 and 2 landers returned 1,400 images from the Martian surface and the orbiters took 50,000 images.  Only 1,400 pictures from surface of a planet half the size of Earth? There is plenty of space to hide for anyone who lives up there.  I guess the photos that the former NASA employee said she and six other NASA employee saw with people up there in 1979 must have been pictures from that mission.

Sabotage of US space missions (but also Russian, Indian and Chinese missions) goes on and on and on. And nobody kicks Germany’s behind for it. Some Americans are upset because of the high costs involved, some blame NASA or the Russians, or even aliens, but nobody busts Germany, because Germany controls the entire Earth (and beyond Earth) population with ear implants, what they think, what they may say and publish. They have the overall control over it.

When NASA names their space vehicles after Europeans (Viking), Germany allows NASA a bit more success. And a permanent Jupiter moon named after Europe allegedly in 1610 is also food for thought. People are mind-controlled that high-tech is new and not several centuries old.

Okay, NASA Mars Global Surveyor was somehow successful. They allegedly surveyed the entire Mars. How come they didn’t detect the people who the ex-NASA employee(s) saw and their housing? I bet there is a hole civilization up there but not aliens but Germans or German-oriented people. I was thinking why they sabotaged most of the Mars missions before 1996 and did allow that one to happen. As more time passes,  as more people foolishly think that the Germans are no longer a threat to mankind and are quiet when they discover them. Also possible is that most of these Mars stations moved to other planets as they feel they can’t stop the Earth population no longer reaching Mars.   

The ongoing NASA mission Curiosity sits in the same crater all the time, right? That is called curiosity?  Definitely not a mission to find what’s really going on Mars. For me, curiosity means turning every rock. 

The ongoing Nasa Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity was just designed for 55 kilometers altogether? Definitely not a device that will roll over the feet of those who are hiding there.

This here is allegedly the best map of Mars yet. Plenty of space to hide, if you ask me.

Besides, their places can be also covered up like the nature of the planet or underground.

I would love to hear what you are thinking, Marty. Be kissed a billion times, my hero.

Yours forever,




Some NASA secrets

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, 

The United States and Russia are huge countries with millions of people. If they would be truly independent and not secretly controlled by Germany, they would have discovered the German grip throughout the world in a heartbeat. But whenever something really goes wrong, or people really are getting suspicious, Germany has the world say that the United States or Russia did it and Americans and Russians are suffer the consequences of this campaign. Just another reason from so many, why Americans and Russians shouldn’t work for the SEGNPMSS.

Anyway, I saw below documentary yesterday. It is not about the SEGNPMSS, other secret services, and not even alien UFOs. It claims that NASA is using snow masks to show unclear pictures to the public to hide what is really going on in space. To me, it seems that this could be a valid point. Another allegation in this video is that there are flying objects in nearby space (they are being shown). They fly in formation and high-speed and are having a flashing pattern. You can hear a NASA commentator who is struggling to find an excuse for what it is, “ice crystals or some other object”. (See for example:1:21:00)      

Yes, get real NASA. Provided that this video was not doctored, what is that with the unclear pictures and what are these blinking objects that illuminate in regular intervals and even fly formations? They look like high-tech space planes/helicopters to me, and I bet the farm they came from a German-controlled space place nearby, even when all of that is done is under an American or Russian flag!   

It is a secret German world… But whatever is going on in space, the USA and Russia must be in agreement with it, otherwise one or both of those countries would have busted it a long time ago.

I know the Germans. They would NEVER allow aliens enter in our solar system. When alien astronomers look in our direction, I bet they see a computer simulation with a huge black hole instead of our solar system  Just as we don’t see the real universe when looking into the sky but just a computer simulation. It is not to protect the Earth population, it is to protect the hard-core German mindcontrollers also living in our corner of the universe.

If ever a real UFO would come close to us, they would capture it and send the alien astronauts back with psychiatric-altered mind: “Nothing there.”  And these captured and altered aliens would implant their own people with German ear implants and would think that this is their idea when in fact German p$ychs are running it. Smart? No, just very afraid and nuts. And stupid, because in a universe in which beings conspires against others, anyone (including them) will become the victim of conspiracy sooner or later. And later will hurt as much as sooner.

I worry about your well being, Marty.

I am also worried about the other good person who currently is still hospitalized. He got an implant to check what is wrong with his heart, and despite the doctors say it should not be hurting, it hurts. It is horrible how he is being tortured. Also, they found allegedly another “heart disease” . You can really shake your head in disbelief as apparently none of these doctors never told him in clear terms or at all to stop smoking or eat a special diet. A few years ago, one doctor basically told him that his medical records do not reveal that he is smoking. Gosh! I bet the doc is a liar!  Implants and pills, that is all they are talking. 

Yours forever, and I love you.




Written by Barbara Schwarz

November 28, 2014 at 5:52 am

Unsolved problems in philosophy

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My dearest Marty, my heartthrob,

How are you? I miss you so much, and  I am thinking of you.

According to Wikipiggy – my bible 😉 – there is a list of unsolved problems in philosophy, as “in the lay sense” (e.g. “What is the meaning of life?”, “Where did we come from?”, “What is reality?”, etc.). Definition of a layperson also  according to Wikipedia is a person who is not qualified in a given profession and/or does not have specific knowledge of a certain subject.

How can any person be a layperson concerning these questions: what’s the meaning of life, where did I come from, and what is reality? After all, it is anyone who qualifies as “life”. 

What it means is: professional philosophers can’t explain life as a whole. Ron discovered hundred of years ago (and also in his past lives). He asked professors: what is man/woman? He noticed that nobody could answer it, and he decided to figure it out, and I am so glad he did, and this was the start of Dianetics and Scientology. Original Scientology makes really sense.

If the psychiatric and medical controlled world wouldn’t have organized the infiltration, alteration, and black propaganda against the real founder and his work, those unsolved problems in philosophy, quantum physics, and so many other subjects would be solved. Ron figured it all out so long ago.

Revealing is again that also so many philosophers were allegedly Germans, or born in Germany, or had German roots, or were inspired by Germany, or taught by Germans. Lol. That’s why they haven’t figured out what Ron figured, and he was as little inspired by German “knowledge” as I am. The very German Münchhausen trilemma implies the purported impossibility to prove any truth even in the fields of logic and mathematics. Good grief. I am so glad that Ron was so unimpressed by Germany, otherwise he wouldn’t have accomplished what he did. 

Wikipedia also has a page about the “soul”. They describe the view of new religions, and despite they report elsewhere that in their view, the term thetan is similar to the concept of spirit or soul in other religions, they don’t mention the thetan on their “soul” page. Isn’t that typically Wikipiggy? And nobody described the “spirit” or “soul”, e.g. what it is, what a person is, better than Ron in original Scientology. No doubt, the population on this planet is suffocated with trivial information so that they don’t find what really counts. Ron solved those unsolved problems in philosophy and other sciences, and if people wouldn’t be so biased, we could scientific prove it to them. 

While most people think that just a part of them is the immortal soul, Ron discovered it, and there it is, as you know, Marty, one of the huge unsolved problems in philosophy solved: the thetan is the spiritual being, not its mind, brain, body but the spiritual being that always existed (before any big bang). It decides to reincarnate again and again…

Unless thetans are treated as badly as you and I, and a few others, where a thetan finds itself thinking: why the hell would I ever want to come back to this universe? What about a new universe and leaving all those who want to live under medical Nazi boots here?

After knocking 2.5 decades on doors with people conspiratorially lying to me, can anyone blame me for developing thoughts like that? 

Be kissed, Marty. You are the one for me. I am the one for you. I am thankful that you exist and that you are good and true. Just wish that I would find you.


Kiss In Afghan Farsi: Moch
Kiss In Arabic: Kiss: Qubla, Koblaat
Kiss In Armenian: Hambyur
Kiss In Cantonese: Sek, Ki-si
Kiss In Catalan: Petó, Bes
Kiss In Classical Latin: Basium
Kiss In Croatian: Poljubac, Pusa
Kiss In Czech: Polibek
Kiss In Danish: Kys
Kiss In Dutch : Kus
Kiss In Esperanto: Kiso, Kisi
Kiss In Euskara: Muxu
Kiss In Filipino: Halik
Kiss In French: Bisou
Kiss In Galician: Bico
Kiss In Greek: Fili
Kiss In Gujarati: Pappi
Kiss In Hebrew: Neshika
Kiss In Hindi: Chummha
Kiss In Hungarian: Csók
Kiss In Indonesian: Cium
Kiss In Irish: Póg, Pogín
Kiss In Irish Gaelic: Pogue
Kiss In Italian: Bacci
Kiss In Japanese: Kisu, Kuchizuke, Chu
Kiss In Korean: Ki-su
Kiss In Kurdish: Mach
Kiss In Latin: Osculum
Kiss In Latvian: Skuupsts
Kiss In Norwegian: Kyss
Kiss In Malay: Ciuman
Kiss In Malayalam: Umma
Kiss In Persian: Bouseh
Kiss In Polish: Buziak
Kiss In Portuguese: Beijo
Kiss In Romanian: Pupic
Kiss In Scottish Gaelic: Pòg
Kiss In Serbian: Poljubac
Kiss In Sinhalese: Haaduwa, Haadu
Kiss In Slovak: Bozk, Pusa
Kiss In Slovenian: Poljub
Kiss In Spanish: Beso, Besito
Kiss In swedish: Kyss, Puss



Disqus correctly considers Tony Ortega’s blog hateful in nature (And I say, ESMB, OCBM, WWP, etc. are just as hateful and full of lies)

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Dearest Marty, my honey, how are you?

Scientology haters are known for having lost grip with reality. They wrongfully think that all people irrationally hate Scientology as they do. Anyone who doesn’t hate as they do “is working for OSA”, which is ridiculous as I don’t. Tony Ortega, Andreas Heldal Lund, Michelle “Emma” (Ryan) Sterling, and the primitive people who use their venues to post lies and hateful comments, are so deep into their hatred that they don’t get how they come across to non-haters.  The same people who post hateful comments on Tony Ortega’s blog (I never read more than the first comments first page and that is more than enough on hatred, foul language, and immaturity, most of the time I don’t read any of them anymore) are also posting their lies and poison on ESMB, OCBM, WWP, Mike Rinder’s blog etc. 

On Nov. 25, 2014, I saw this comment on Ortega’s blog: “The problems you may have with Disqus are not anyway related with “ads”. It came to attention at Google (and after a deep investigation) that this is indeed a “hate-propaganda website’, developed for discriminating religious beliefs. Intolerance, discrimination and violence on the basis of religion or belief are now taken seriously by big corporations engaged in Internet services. In our Disqus’ offices, here in Prague, we have been instructed to consolidate Google collective response to those who want to use religion as an instrument of division, fueling extremism and violence. So, as far as it’s known, it’s not your “inappropriate” language on Disqus’ section of this website, it’s the nature of the website itself! …”

It is time that Tony Ortega, Mike Rinder, Andreas Heldal Lund and his posters,  Michelle “Emma” (Ryan) Sterling from Australia and her lying hateful international poster crowd, and the WWP anonymous gang heard how they come across to non-haters. Although, I don’t hold my breath that they are really getting it. They are so deep into hating, ridiculing, and lying. 

Right now, Tony Ortega and his haters are “celebrating” an anti-Scientology message on a T-Shirt that Sears sells. If they linked to another company that sells rings emblazoned with swastikas, doesn’t that demonstrate already what kind of company Sears is? I may have to buy a large piece of equipment next year. Sears sells it, but based on what I learned about Sears now, I will not buy it from Sears.    

I never approved of David Miscavige or “Jack Vistaril” (Ron’s impostor or any other impostor and secret service agent), however, I am saying that these blogs and message boards are useless as they are just instruments of hatred and do not serve truthful  information but are plain and simply anti-Scientology propaganda tools who promote pharmaceutical drugs and psychiatric treatments. Easy to figure out who is behind these authors, posters, their lies and their hatred.  

Here is also my comment as to HBO hiring 160 lawyers to make a “documentary” on Scientology. If they would be so sure that they report the truth for what do they need 160 lawyers? Doesn’t truth speak for itself?     

I love you bunches, Marty.

Forever yours.




Why are the Google Earth pictures of the GSL covered by stripes and rectangles?

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Dearest Marty, love of my life,

Look at this. I tried to dive deep into the Great Salt Lake on Google Earth, and you know why. 🙂

Look what I found.

Picture 1 of my  Google Earth trip into the GSL on November 23, 2014. What is that rectangle in the water and those lines? What does it cover up?



GSL no. 1 pic


Picture 2: here you can see all the stripes that are preventing that I can see deeper into the water. 

GSL no.2 pic


Picture 3: Great Salt Lake near Antelope island in Google Earth as of November 23, 2014. What are these lines and forms if not trying to conceal what is or could be underneath? 

GSL no. 3 pic

Picture 4: See the strange graphics on the other side of the Antelope Island to cover up what’s under the water.

GSL no. 4 pic

Look at this, Marty, what is that huge rectangle doing there over the Great Salt Lake if not cover in up what is underneath? This is how secret services cover up the real universe. They simply project something on top of it to prevent that anyone sees the real universe. 

GSL no. 6 picture



Ok, some might say that this is  just the way Google takes pictures, but as much and as deep I zoomed into Lake Michigan yesterday on Google Earth, they didn’t use graphics there to cover up. Lake Michigan looks normal not covered up like the GSL.   

Lake mich


What do you think, Marty? I love you! Many kisses, my hero.

Yours forever,


Band of Horses should do a song about the stripes and the rectangles on Google Earth over the GSL! 

How do we know that this is even Stephen Hawking’s mind who is talking?

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This is when he still talked with his own voice (early 90s?). I don’t understand his words, and I wonder, how the interpreter was able understand him. 

Dearest Marty, my soulmate and brightest star, how are you?

As more historical events I read, as more I am convinced that the thoughts of people (and also those of animals) are being read since centuries. Devices that measure brain waves were invented based on the German fear WE GERMAN BARBERS AND BUTCHERS MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST  CONTROL ANYONE AND ANYTHING. I doubt that the majority of the people have a clue how obsessed these people are.

As I wrote before, I think that medical personnel in hospitals (doctors, nurses, midwives, assistants, technicians, etc. in their double function as secret service agents) inject silicone implants (can’t be seen on x-rays) in the body of any baby without knowledge of the parents. German (and pro-German) psychiatrists and neuro”scientists” are sending silent sounds to the babies via those implants, and these implants are helping them to read the thoughts of everyone, based on the energy that is coming from the brains/minds. In other words, if a person thinks a word, it  generates the same brain wave in a specific language and dialects.

By influencing their minds, psychiatrists are manipulating school kids later to join them officially by having Big Brother (older student) inject new and more silicone implants in  their ears, and the former baby victims become supporters and agents of that insane system that manipulated them before. Secret service psychs know their thoughts and have Big Brother say and do exactly what needs to be done to trap school kids so that they can be even controlled better. And that is why they are in little boxes and those few who do not think in little boxes are defamed as “mentally ill” or otherwise hushed up. Most people think that they don’t think in the box, even if they  think in the box. There are many boxes inside of boxes. One has to get through them all.

Back to Mr. Hawking. I read that he and neuroscientist Philip Low are “experimenting” with a system that can translate brain waves directly into text and speech. Whatever Philip Low invented, devices that read thoughts anything but new. Some of what Stephen Hawkins is saying is so strange that I wonder if it is really him who said it or rather a p$ych. How do we know that this is even Stephen Hawking’s mind who is talking? He is not opening his mouth to speak. Would he be able to object if they keep him alive and have him say things that he never would say in real life? They also could have him “talk”  while he is napping or unconscious by speaking instead of him through his synthesizer. Certain  is that p$ychs and neuro”scientists” love when their crap enters the field of physics. 

Germany reads minds since centuries with neutrino speed and in all details in all languages all over the world. I can’t even count the number of times when they used my own thoughts against me to intimidate me, Marty. E.g. I think a thought and it happens very quickly afterwards in real life. But despite all the high-tech, they are fools. Reading thoughts doesn’t mean that they understand our minds and personalities. They really don’t. By using my own thoughts against me, Marty, they gave themselves away over and over again. Besides, I was indoctrinated in my German school just about EVERY DAY that reading thoughts is not possible. I had to sing a song about that just about EVERY DAY. Exactly, if that isn’t suspicious? I assume that they think that they have the world so firmly in their grip that anything I say or write, will never catch up with them. I wouldn’t be so sure if I would be them, because they also thought I never would figure out who I am really are. 

Here is the “new” brain wave reading invention:

Below is an interesting article about some of what Stephen Hawking has said in  recent years. And was it really him who said it or did a psych bypass his thoughts and spoke of his behalf? If we would say what is being said through Hawking’s synthesizer, we would be getting a psychiatric label of mental illness in no time, Marty. 

“Hawking” said that aliens would destroy us.

Marty, I say that the psychiatrists, the still existing men behind the Nazis would destroy the aliens, including peaceful aliens. Poor alien girls will have the same fate as Anne Frank. The psychiatrists behind Hitler got away, and this is the trouble. With that lack of emotional intelligence, they will aggravate aliens and pull in attacks for the Earth. Imagine Nazi boots invading other planets. As if the aliens would not fight back and bomb the Earth if they have the technology to do so. I have all reasons to believe that there are already aliens who carry German-implanted and controlled ear implants, and a German-controlled USA and other countries are their willing partners in this endeavor. 

Stephen Hawking allegedly believes in time travel.

The idea is entertaining in some fiction, but generally, the past will be always the past. What happened has happened. Can’t be changed. It is done.           

Stephen Hawking said (and was that really him who is speaking?): We need to start genetically enhancing humans so that A.I. doesn’t take over. – “With genetic engineering, we will be able to increase the complexity of our DNA, and improve the human race. But it will be a slow process, because one will have to wait about 18 years to see the effect of changes to the genetic code…” and “By contrast, computers double their speed and memories every 18 months. There is a real danger that computers will develop intelligence and take over. We urgently need to develop direct connections to the brain…”

YIKES! Sounds like from a German psych text-book. We need to BETTER mankind. People in power need to be truly human and truly smart and not German agents. A computer will do only what the programmer programs. If we develop constructive computers, there is no reason to be afraid of computer and there is no reason to turn humans into computer as well. Besides, with ear implants, did this genetically altering of humans not already start? 

“I think computer viruses should count as life,” Hawking said in 1994. “I think it says something about human nature that the only form of life we have created so far is purely destructive. We’ve created life in our own image.”

Once again, did he really say that or are the psychs talking for him? Computer viruses are numbers/codes/  inputs that are crashing computer systems. They are no living creatures. But biological germs/viruses are. He speaks of “we”. I don’t want to be included in this. He and his psychs should speak for themselves and not include us. I am not destructive and you neither, Marty. Is he seeing himself as destructive?  Is that really him who is talking or is that a mind controller who speaks FOR Hawking? If so, would Hawking physically be able to correct those men?

Some wonder how old he became with this horrible disease. Could it be that the psychs kept him alive knowing that they can use him and his disabling disease for them to speak through him or instead of him in order to push THEIR ideas of the universe and God in the field of physics? 

I think it should be made sure that psychs, neuro-“scientists”, and mind controller do not take advantage of Hawking’s fame and his inability to move his mouth and talk on his own. I think it should be investigated what he really was thinking, what p$ychs changed or added and what we heard.

Be kissed, my darling. I love you.

Yours forever,