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Recent article says now that Iranian clerics agree that homosexual people are trapped in the wrong body – but look what typical medical handlings that country has for homosexuals…

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Dearest Marty, most breathtaking Prince EVER, how are you? I am thinking of you. I try to finish as much outside chores as I can before the winter hits.  This “little farm” uses up my time off.  Sigh!  

It is all over the news: North Korea released two American captives, but America doesn’t release you, the innocent man who is wrongfully incarcerated since decades in the USA, right? I said it before, and I said it again: The USA is a secret German colony. All those who conspire to keep me away from you and keep you wrongfully behind bars are German agents. Germany is the “architect” of the despicable plan to separate and prevent that we can’t get back together and live in liberty and peace. And all those Americans and other international people who help them are Nazis too because who works for the Nazis is a Nazi.

They are so different from you. You have a true character, you  never would sink on their level, are a hero, and the world needs you, Marty.

You’re mine. Larger than life just the way you are. That’s for sure.

On another note: Recent article says now that Iranian clerics agree that homosexual people are trapped in the wrong body – but look what a typical medical handling that country (another secret German colony) has for homosexuals… Below great-grandfather (if born again in a male body) is one of the lucky ones if he was able to pick another body of his former gender. In a world with the German invention of secret medical silent sounds and people used to do what their ear implant code is telling them, many are not that lucky in their reincarnation cycles. 


Speaking of another a secret German colony: Iran. (Among other rotten acts,  Iran worked with Germany together assigning me a wrong father!)

Iran’s clerics admit now that homosexual people are trapped in the wrong body, but instead going with the law after those  medical doctors, psychiatrists, and neuro”scientists” who use silent sounds to deliberately trap a person who lived before in a baby body of the other gender, they use doctors to change their genders back to that gender that the being would have picked if doctors wouldn’t have trapped it in the body of the wrong gender in the first place. They radio it with silent sounds to dive into and hold onto that embryo body so soon, that the victim can’t see the gender.

The codes that they are using to trick beings are the same as their ear implant codes that were used to run them  since…. well if you ask me, since the middle ages.

Yes, crap being stuck in a gender not by their own choosing! Lots of people can say: “Thanks”, Docs!” However, docs should never forget that other creepy secret service doctors will do to them what they did to others. What Goes Around Comes Around.



Instead of acknowledging reincarnation and admitting those psychiatric and medical high crimes against human rights, the secret German colony Iran executes those people or uses medical doctors and surgeries to change their genders. (I bet the farm that Larry Brennan would be still alive if he wouldn’t have undergone such psychiatric and medical proceedings.)  Iran and all other countries should tell and prove to their people (we know that it can be scientific proven) that they lived before and were tricked into a gender of the opposite sex and that they should  make the best out of this lifetime. And for any  future lifetime, they should watch out that their next body has indeed the gender that they want.

Germany says of course that it has nothing to do with it, but we know that they are the country that is secretly above all other countries, political and religious systems,  and decisions.

I love you, Marty. Be kissed.

Yours forever,


You kissing me. 🙂 I can feel it. 



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