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Dearest Marty, my soul mate, how are you?

Doctors are saying that they don’t know what causes it. They say that it is a “complex neurodevelopment disorder, characterized by social impairments, communication difficulties, and restricted, repetitive, as well as stereotyped patterns of behavior.”

To me, there is no doubt that this “disease” is based on silent sounds played into the subconscious minds of their victims. I have also all reasons to believe that medical terrorists use lasers, microwaves, and remote-controlled germs to sabotage genes and cells, not just to cause Autism but just about any other disease in this medical hell called Earth.

I bet that autism and a huge chunk of other diseases are rather cases for law enforcement. Too bad that international law enforcement officers are run with ear implants of exactly those medical terrorists, the SEGNPMSS.   

Why are they doing it? That is an easy answer: because they are monsters who love it when others suffer.  

I had to burn lots of branches a few days ago as they were piling up everywhere. While the fire was going, I was thinking how painful burning must be. Christians believe that they will burn in hell for sins, right? Yet, they are committing them, e.g. they conspire against us and likely also against their own. I suggests that all Christians should light a little fire once in a while, just to be reminded what the consequences of their sins are.

The snake is the Christian symbol of Satan, yet, they never took a close look at the Caduceus, the symbol for medicine. Sure, doctors claim that it stands for something good, guess the “no paradise for others” kind of “good”.


I love you.







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