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Dearest Marty, my heaven, my amazing Prince…, I love you. Many people say it, and we really mean it.

I can feel what you are thinking, I can feel your emotions, and they are wonderful. Do you know what makes you so attractive besides your good looks? Your character. It is spellbinding. I was able to see and recognize your personality behind your eyes and otherwise. Some people think that being a good person isn’t worth the trouble, but it is. Character is everything, and it can be seen also on the outside, particularly by a person who has my ability to perceive. And I know you have the same ability. It is like having additional senses.  

Our love would never exist if I would have perceived just a tiny glimpse of downtoneness. I can see that in people. There was no fear, guilt, and no bad conscience, but instead the honest, straight, courageous, passionate, tender and noble you, Marty. I am not throwing this love away. Even if the still existing Nazi doctors and their just as disgusting agents would win and would manage to keep us apart for this entire lifetime, I don’t regret it a tiny bit loving you. I regret that I wasn’t able to hold onto you and that you disappeared but not that I felt eternally in love with you. 

I am glad that I didn’t waste my feelings on somebody who didn’t deserve it. I know you deserve all my love. I am so glad, so very very glad that you and me met in Scientology. It was like two universes of true love collided. OTs who recognized each other. And I am so proud that you invested your love also in me. You figured that I was different, just as I thought this when I saw you.

I never could disappoint you. After all you have been through, you deserve the best, Marty, you deserve paradise, true love, a companion who never betrays you. Within the entire (real) universe, I will have only eyes for you. And this is so exciting. True love guides us like beacons through the storm. Life becomes very rough and there, it is again, the warm light that tells me how true you are and how much love you deserve. People who do not search for their soulmate but settle for the next best person are missing out of this, the best in life.    

We were born for each other, Marty, and this is why our love last.  And it will also last when we are finally back together.  I am so glad that you exist. And so happy that we are of the same kind. 

I want your lips on mine.  And I am kissing you over and over again.

Yours for all eternity,


Sung by someone else but I can hear and feel  you, Marty.




Written by Barbara Schwarz

November 11, 2014 at 3:34 pm

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