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Medical terrorists (those who secretly invade mind and body) and the people in the pharmaceutical industry are the worst creatures in the entire universe…

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Dearest Marty,

I despise medical secret service doctors and p$ychs who knock a good person unconscious, have him sit there with a grin (!) on his face (he is NOT at all on 1.1) despite biting his tongue bloody, unable to respond, and then knock him over in unconscious state and causing him seizures and then stealing his memory to the entire episode. Would anyone “grin” in a situation like that? They are paralyzing good thetans, are taking their bodies over and are making a joke out of human suffering!

That suffering person is on heart medicine since a few months. I was wondering if in addition to mind-control, those heart pills from hell are causing seizures in people who are not epileptic?  

If he would have had that episode by crossing the street or walking down steps and not in a conference, he could be dead now.     

I despise the entire medical and pharmaceutical world, I really do, considering that really good people could live in environments where they are not getting sick and are not aging. But these medical terrorists don’t want this for good people. They are jealous of good people and that is why they torture and trying to kill them and are killing them.  

I am so appalled from the medical and pharmaceutical world. So appalled. I have no words how much I despise them. 

When do the governments stop the medical horror for anyone and allow and support our healthy way of life? WHEN?  

I love you.

Yours forever,



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