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My intuition tells me that neutrinos are not harmless

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Dearest Marty, my bright star,

Physicists are saying that in each cubic foot of space are 10,000,000 neutrinos. They sound like Italian restaurants but you know that they are not.

They are allegedly “residue” of the big bang. These neutrinos would zip through our bodies and they would be harmless, but I don’t think so. Can’t imagine anything zipping and ripping through the human body is harmless. 

They say that one hundred trillion neutrinos come from the sun. Marty, particularly, in a world as ours, I can’t imagine that the neutrinos are not abused to cause harm to human bodies and minds.

Nuclear power reactors produce neutrinos. Gee, that sounds “harmless”, doesn’t it?

Scientists says that solar neutrinos have to zip through gazillion of people before doing something to them. Really? I don’t buy it. 

What I find worrisome is that neutrinos act like ghosts and are ‘difficult to study”. They can be man-made and on a planet with SPs, I bet the farm that they are man-made to cause harm, particularly when used in high amounts on unsuspecting people.

Besides, can remote-controlled neutrinos affect the double-slit experiments and make small particle like electrons behave like waves and not like particles to confuse scientists? I think that is being done all the time.

The energy of the neutrino can hit an electron (as used in the double-slit experiment) and make an electron behave like a wave and not like a particle. If secret services have neutrino-generators and -controllers, I bet (the entire fake universe-projection above us) that it is a piece of cake for them to sabotage quantum physical experiments.

Neutrinos can be created in labs or nature. Practically, a neutrino can also collide with an atom and this creates a charged lepton. I found the definition of lepton online: any member of a class of subatomic particles that respond only to the electromagnetic force, weak force, and gravitational force and are not affected by the strong force. Leptons can either carry one unit of electric charge or be neutral.

Marty, but if there are 10,000,000 neutrinos in each cubic foot of space, and if somebody evil is charging them, and if they can go through just about any material, a regular aluminum screen Faraday cage will not stop them. (I made some Faraday cage experiments.)

I learned that neutrinos can change their “flavors” while traveling. They detected three of them but there could be more. Scientists are thinking that the neutrinos transmuted from electro-neutrinos in the other two “flavors”. They think that they  changed within the sun. I think certain secret service devices as lasers could be directed into the sun or alternatively, after the neutrinos leave the sun and produce more or some more harmful versions.

So, the first thing that came into my mind is those who run the world secretly have certain devices that are converting these neutrinos to cause harm and confuse scientists. These SPs turn quantum mechanics in an uncertain and confusing subject. They use instruments/lasers to transport particles here and there and change their identities to make sure that nothing is certain.

Science says that the sun makes only certain neutrinos, electro-neutrinos, so who makes the others, the tau and the muon and maybe even more? Also, there is again an impostor effect: cosmic rays are “imitating” neutrino “events”, which appears to me that someone and something is messing around with them. This morphing doesn’t feel normal and right to me, Marty.

They made some neutrino experiments in Canada, deep in the underground in the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory and found that only a third of the neutrinos come from the sun. Isn’t that interesting? Who is producing the other 2/3 of the alleged harmless neutrinos with their tiny bit off mass ripping through our bodies? Super-Kamiokande detector in the Kamioka zinc mine in Japan also made experiences on neutrinos.

There is no doubt that neutrinos can be man-made and there appears to be more than three “flavors”. And who says that any of them or all of them are harmless when we are bombarded with them?

Scientists are believing that because neutrinos are so abundant in the universe, they are essential for human life. The problem that I am seeing is that people in general are not allowed to know anything about the original universe before any big bang and the real deep universe behind the secret service holographic projection of the  universe. The many neutrinos in the real universe (space but not deep space) can be in their majority man-made. So, scientists might think that the many neutrinos are natural when in fact they are not. 

You and me, Marty, we were not the created by neutrinos. If some scientist believes he is, he should find out who and what he/she really is.

I learned that they think that matter and anti-matter raced against each other and that created the big bang. If that was the case, Marty, they are basically admitting that there was matter before the big bang, which allegedly created all matter.

Among the many neutrinos that are around, they are looking for a neutrino that was part in the “big bang”. Which big bang? I bet there were not just one. Big bang wasn’t the creation of the universe. If they say that neutrinos were created by the big  bang, it means that neutrinos are not necessary to sustain life in physical form because life existed already before the big bang.

Some people can’t imagine the universe without sun. I am convinced that in the original physical universe before any big bang, there were warm sources of energy like the sun, but – compared to the sun – those sources were healthy and didn’t cause cancer, burns and wrinkles.

There is another thing that got my attention, Marty. Einstein indicated that gravity pushes down on us, yet, some physicists are speaking of a gravity pull in our galaxy. What is it now? Push or pull? Or is it push and pull? Gravity coming from above but from the Earth too?

But that is just very curious me. Ron considered the subject of physics worthy of note, so do I, and I know you do too. 🙂

I herewith push all neutrinos and other interference out of our way, and kiss you directly and tenderly and passionately.

Yours forever,






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