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About the Count of St. Germain… a 500 year old man

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Marty, my soulmate, how are you?

I am thinking of you. I hope so much that you are alright.

There was the Count of St. Germain, nobody knows where and when he was born, but he was an European and made many appearances in the 18th Century and used many aliases. Among other, he was linked with the Hesse aristocracy and German Freemasonry. Theosophists considered St. Germain to be one of the hidden immortals who manipulate history.

He told others that he was 500 years old. Today’s people think that this was an outrageous lie, but I think that might the the only truthful thing that he said. 

When living under certain protective environmental conditions, you and I, and some others know that life can be extended indefinitely.

However, in a rotten world as this, good and smart people are not allowed to become that old by staying young, so BETWEEN THE LINES, the story of the Count of St. Germain is telling me that rotten Germans/Bavarians who are anything but saints were/are using the non-aging and non-dying technology (that they have not discovered but stolen and which they don’t share with the rest of the world as the true discoverer intended).

Somebody in mid-1700 who claims to be 500 years old must have taken advantage of this knowledge, living conditions, and technology around 1200. We have almost 2015, and most people on the planet still think that it is normal to age and die within approx. 75 years.

According to Aubrey de Grey people can live at least 1000 years old by being youthful, and we know that people can live indefinitely when living in environments that stop all the physical intruders that make the human body age and getting sick.   

Maybe the Count of St. Germain died in 1784 or not. People saw him after his alleged date of birth again. Some might say that he was just a crazy guy, or there is a possibility that he never lived, but I basically know that these immortals exist for many centuries.  

Most of them are staying in their protected environments as they don’t want to get sick and age as people who are not allowed to live in them. If the Count of St. Germain left the protected environments that he shared with German/Bavarian and other European co-conspirators for no other purpose than to mingle with people in the unprotected world, what on Earth made him do this?

One possibility is that the other Germans/Bavarians/Europeans kicked him out of that environment for some reason.

He was allegedly arrested as a spy, was quickly released, but nevertheless, leaving that secret environment that protected his health and youth to spy or for any other reason, means that he risked mortality, or something happened to him that he could not more understand. Those immortals (I bet tons of Bavarians) are very afraid to collide with the environments in which most people on this Earth must live. They are so afraid to risk their own skin.

Maybe the  Count of St. Germain was hypnotized by psychiatrists to leave the protected environment. As you know, back then, psychs were called barbers and butchers but these SPs were around. Many. many, many of them. When it comes down to it, they know no friends.

He spoke German. Also many other languages. Of course, if somebody doesn’t die young, he can collect many skills as languages and can use a couple of centuries to get rid of his accent.

He never ate in public. Guess he had a very healthy diet that he didn’t want to share.  He told others that he had some elixir, but that is crap. It needs a lot more  to live an immortal life than some elixir. 

Since EVER, Germany tries to convince the world that they are superior without making any effort to better their characters. They think the world has to become worse so that they don’t stick out like sore thumbs, and they work on making the world worse since ever.

If somebody takes only one letter out of St. Germain, the “i”, it becomes St. German and should subconsciously suggest that Germans are saints, and nothing could be further from the truth. Monsters they were, monsters they are.  So, maybe that was the job of the man, misleading people of that time, and yes, I can see a German agent in St. Germain.  

Wikipiggy indicates that “Voltaire” didn’t believe him his age. I bet “Voltaire” of all people was one who figured that protecting life and defeating death under favorable environmental conditions is very well possible.

The Count of St. Germain isn’t a big mystery to me, I just wonder what happened that he left the places/environments, which prevented aging and dying. They say he always looked being 40 years old. That must have been the age when his aging stopped, when he started living in one of those environmentally protected places that Germany keeps secret before the world after they stole it from the non-German discoverer/inventor. They don’t share like we do, they just steal. And kidnap.  

I love you bunches, Marty, always have, always will.

Yours forever,








P.S. I hope the good person who is in the hospital will survive it without getting a pacemaker. They are doing tests on him and indicated that he might need one, but what happened to him could have been also the effect of the meds they gave him. I am very worried.





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