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I need no approval from others – I am as I am and proud of myself – and proud of you, Marty, my soulmate

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, my prince, and husband,

I am thinking of you and wish I could be with you. I also worry about your well-being.

You are so different from others in a very good way.  There is nothing low on you. I am so glad that you are my kind, Marty.  I am so filled with joy that you exist. And this is why I love you for so long and so much.

Jealousy must feel really, really lousy – I am so glad that we are not jealous, Marty.

People who are jealous lie, defame, and call others bad names or giving them psychiatric labels. And they wonder why they are alone and feeling not being respected and loved. People who are jealous lie and defame are appalling. Who wants to be with them? Sure not me. I need no approval of others 

They lie because they are seeking attention. They lie because they are jealous of others. They lie because they have evil intentions. They are taking antidepressants (despite the dangerous side effects) to feel better about themselves and they lie about that too. They have a complete lack of courage. These low characters are getting together in need of approval of each other. Yuck. I find nothing attractive on them. I don’t want to party with them,  don’t want to meet them, don’t want to communicate with them, I don’t want to join them, and don’t want to belong to them, I want them to forget about me.

Actually, I don’t want to be even on the same planet or in the same universe with them. Seriously. If you and me, and some of the few could live in another universe with people of just our kind, I would do so in a heartbeat. Hey, and according to quantum physicists, alternative universes are very possible. 🙂 

These downtone, jealous people fail to better themselves. And I find this utterly disgusting. Because they are too lazy to come up, they think they have to bring us down. I don’t think so. We will never become like them and sink on their level.  

I am happy that I have no jealously in me, Marty. A popular song says that it is the “devil’s disease”. It’s the characteristic of a suppressive person.

Some people are rich, famous, and influential, yet, they are ripped by jealous people online or by reporters. They think that nobody notices their jealousy, but we do.

Nazis tortured and killed Jews in concentration camps, and even in those situations, Nazis were jealous of them. They are jealous of  heritage, decent, fortune, skills, families, spouses, love, and so much more.  They are jealous of everything.

I make my living, I even have more than others, but I am not rich, yet, I am not jealous of anyone who is. Good for them being rich. I don’t feel jealous about anything or anybody.


If you would not want me as your wife, I sure would be VERY SAD, Marty, but I wouldn’t be jealous if you would choose another. I would wish you the very best in your life nevertheless, would not retaliate, would not lie, would not defame you, would not conspire against you, and still would help you.   

The most precious thing anyone has it one’s character. It is the ONLY THING that one can take with herself/himself when dying and being born again. And people throw it away by being low.

I keep my character free of jealousy.

And this is what jealous people are most jealous about: a really good character, somebody who isn’t worthless person, because what are jealous liars worth? Nothing. They just make the world a worse place/

Be kissed, a million of times, Marty. I think of you when I go to sleep. One day, the conspiracy against us will crash, and then, we will see each other again, and I will see in your eyes, see the fire of passion and tenderness again, and know that I am back home, where I belong. And you will feel free and happy, and if that makes people jealous again, they just have to find their own soulmates and leave us be.

You are so deep in my heart, deeper than the universe  (the real one). Nobody can rip you out. That place in the Scientology org (SU) in LA, where we had our OT encounter should get a plate outside, saying this:




I love you until the end of all times. If Stephen Hawking’s universe deflates, I still love you. So much! No end to this love.  It is like an eternal rock! It’s like mysterious but very beautiful  and breathtaking rubber bands! 😉 And you are elusive as the Higgs Boson, but I will find you. Thanks heaven, we are OTs who know that and more.



Written by Barbara Schwarz

November 21, 2014 at 6:28 pm

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  1. How Scientists Are Learning to Write
    “That’s jargon-ish. Even some people in the sciences don’t have an intuitive understanding of what that means.”


    December 12, 2014 at 1:49 am

    • That explains a lot: lack of communication and clear definitions. No wonder there is so much confusion.

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 12, 2014 at 7:26 am

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