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Yes, indeed, what is that in the water? Looks like the ceiling of a big underwater complex and the waves on top.

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Marty, dearest, and most wonderful husband,

You and I, we  have our own way to see things. Linking to below website doesn’t mean that I agree broadly with  the researcher.  Sometimes, a rock is really just a rock. But sometimes, what appears to be a rock can be something different. That said, the owner of this website does a very detailed job in explaining his views. He raises interesting issues.

He and some others with similar websites are psychiatric defamed as “cranks”, which indicates to me that this defamation comes straight from German psychiatrists, the SEGNPMSS. The reputation of people who dare to ask questions, who dare to see things differently and who are capable of seeing outpoints are targeted. “Krank” means ill in German, and here, of course “mentally ill”. As German psychs are cowards, who hid also behind Hitler, the Third Reich, and countless other horrible crimes in history and modern times, do not come forward and make a public statement in this regard. They don’t face their opponents. They use ear-implants to have lots of their primitive and stupid agents push the word “cranks” to make the public believe that all these researchers and conspiracy theorists are “mentally ill”.  

The most pitiful minds are sure those of psychiatrists and their international agents who sunk to such a deep level that they can’t tolerate another opinions but have to label people who think differently as “mental ill”.

On the other side of the coin, SEGNPMSS also puts agents up to act as conspiracy theorists. These agents claim stupid, absurd, and untrue things, behave odd or blame just others, particularly the USA, and interestingly not Germany and the p$ychs behind them. I have seen this Nazi propaganda mechanism over and over again.     

This said, have a look at these very interesting pictures. The researcher, Joseph P. Skipper, says he got them from Google Earth and anyone can verify them.

Marty, what is that in the waters of Guam? Looks like a secret  underwater sub-complex. Could be the ceiling of a pretty big complex.

Here is another one near Tasmania.

And what is that in the waters of Mexico? Contrary to the researcher’s conclusion, I believe that people from Earth can build stuff like that in oceans. They first build in on the surface of the water or at the beach, and then they sink and anchor it.

Another one.

The researcher says:

“For example, consider that if the Moon’s surface is essentially airless and yet at the same time demonstrates what clearly appear to be the presence of huge artificial structures and Earth space exploration has avoided returning to the Moon for decades, all that evidence combined together implies something.”

He is right. I suspect a very German “USA” on the moon and Mars and beyond, Marty. The “aliens” who I feel being on our nearby  planets and the moon are Americans and other nationals who work for a German psychiatric and medical universe. (Yes, it is beyond creepy.) Oxygen, water, food, electricity, all that can be generated in closed environments/buildings on planets that are allegedly not suitable for populations or on the moon. 

Some rocks have strange forms, on Earth or other planets, so without being there or better technology, one can just guess. However, this Mars picture is something else. If not doctored, what is that? It is much too geometric for natural rocks.

Have a look at this disc. Natural? Hardly.

Towers on the moon?

On Mars, a much too straight line to be not man-made:

Indeed, does this look like normal geology? Not to me.

I love you, my hero. Be tenderly embraced and passionately kissed. Glad you are still the same that you always were. And me too.

Yours forever,





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