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Disqus correctly considers Tony Ortega’s blog hateful in nature (And I say, ESMB, OCBM, WWP, etc. are just as hateful and full of lies)

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Dearest Marty, my honey, how are you?

Scientology haters are known for having lost grip with reality. They wrongfully think that all people irrationally hate Scientology as they do. Anyone who doesn’t hate as they do “is working for OSA”, which is ridiculous as I don’t. Tony Ortega, Andreas Heldal Lund, Michelle “Emma” (Ryan) Sterling, and the primitive people who use their venues to post lies and hateful comments, are so deep into their hatred that they don’t get how they come across to non-haters.  The same people who post hateful comments on Tony Ortega’s blog (I never read more than the first comments first page and that is more than enough on hatred, foul language, and immaturity, most of the time I don’t read any of them anymore) are also posting their lies and poison on ESMB, OCBM, WWP, Mike Rinder’s blog etc. 

On Nov. 25, 2014, I saw this comment on Ortega’s blog: “The problems you may have with Disqus are not anyway related with “ads”. It came to attention at Google (and after a deep investigation) that this is indeed a “hate-propaganda website’, developed for discriminating religious beliefs. Intolerance, discrimination and violence on the basis of religion or belief are now taken seriously by big corporations engaged in Internet services. In our Disqus’ offices, here in Prague, we have been instructed to consolidate Google collective response to those who want to use religion as an instrument of division, fueling extremism and violence. So, as far as it’s known, it’s not your “inappropriate” language on Disqus’ section of this website, it’s the nature of the website itself! …”

It is time that Tony Ortega, Mike Rinder, Andreas Heldal Lund and his posters,  Michelle “Emma” (Ryan) Sterling from Australia and her lying hateful international poster crowd, and the WWP anonymous gang heard how they come across to non-haters. Although, I don’t hold my breath that they are really getting it. They are so deep into hating, ridiculing, and lying. 

Right now, Tony Ortega and his haters are “celebrating” an anti-Scientology message on a T-Shirt that Sears sells. If they linked to another company that sells rings emblazoned with swastikas, doesn’t that demonstrate already what kind of company Sears is? I may have to buy a large piece of equipment next year. Sears sells it, but based on what I learned about Sears now, I will not buy it from Sears.    

I never approved of David Miscavige or “Jack Vistaril” (Ron’s impostor or any other impostor and secret service agent), however, I am saying that these blogs and message boards are useless as they are just instruments of hatred and do not serve truthful  information but are plain and simply anti-Scientology propaganda tools who promote pharmaceutical drugs and psychiatric treatments. Easy to figure out who is behind these authors, posters, their lies and their hatred.  

Here is also my comment as to HBO hiring 160 lawyers to make a “documentary” on Scientology. If they would be so sure that they report the truth for what do they need 160 lawyers? Doesn’t truth speak for itself?     

I love you bunches, Marty.

Forever yours.





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  1. Tony Ortega indicated that there were no Comm-Evs in Scientology. Is he right?

    Amonymous Raisin

    February 13, 2015 at 1:14 am

    • No, he is wrong and not just in this case but in very many.

      When I was staff in Scientology, Committees of Evidence were really held on numerous occasions. Anyone had the right to request one.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 13, 2015 at 4:31 am

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