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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, 

The United States and Russia are huge countries with millions of people. If they would be truly independent and not secretly controlled by Germany, they would have discovered the German grip throughout the world in a heartbeat. But whenever something really goes wrong, or people really are getting suspicious, Germany has the world say that the United States or Russia did it and Americans and Russians are suffer the consequences of this campaign. Just another reason from so many, why Americans and Russians shouldn’t work for the SEGNPMSS.

Anyway, I saw below documentary yesterday. It is not about the SEGNPMSS, other secret services, and not even alien UFOs. It claims that NASA is using snow masks to show unclear pictures to the public to hide what is really going on in space. To me, it seems that this could be a valid point. Another allegation in this video is that there are flying objects in nearby space (they are being shown). They fly in formation and high-speed and are having a flashing pattern. You can hear a NASA commentator who is struggling to find an excuse for what it is, “ice crystals or some other object”. (See for example:1:21:00)      

Yes, get real NASA. Provided that this video was not doctored, what is that with the unclear pictures and what are these blinking objects that illuminate in regular intervals and even fly formations? They look like high-tech space planes/helicopters to me, and I bet the farm they came from a German-controlled space place nearby, even when all of that is done is under an American or Russian flag!   

It is a secret German world… But whatever is going on in space, the USA and Russia must be in agreement with it, otherwise one or both of those countries would have busted it a long time ago.

I know the Germans. They would NEVER allow aliens enter in our solar system. When alien astronomers look in our direction, I bet they see a computer simulation with a huge black hole instead of our solar system  Just as we don’t see the real universe when looking into the sky but just a computer simulation. It is not to protect the Earth population, it is to protect the hard-core German mindcontrollers also living in our corner of the universe.

If ever a real UFO would come close to us, they would capture it and send the alien astronauts back with psychiatric-altered mind: “Nothing there.”  And these captured and altered aliens would implant their own people with German ear implants and would think that this is their idea when in fact German p$ychs are running it. Smart? No, just very afraid and nuts. And stupid, because in a universe in which beings conspires against others, anyone (including them) will become the victim of conspiracy sooner or later. And later will hurt as much as sooner.

I worry about your well being, Marty.

I am also worried about the other good person who currently is still hospitalized. He got an implant to check what is wrong with his heart, and despite the doctors say it should not be hurting, it hurts. It is horrible how he is being tortured. Also, they found allegedly another “heart disease” . You can really shake your head in disbelief as apparently none of these doctors never told him in clear terms or at all to stop smoking or eat a special diet. A few years ago, one doctor basically told him that his medical records do not reveal that he is smoking. Gosh! I bet the doc is a liar!  Implants and pills, that is all they are talking. 

Yours forever, and I love you.





Written by Barbara Schwarz

November 28, 2014 at 5:52 am

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  1. Ever heard of the Secret Space Program by Peter Levenda?


    December 1, 2014 at 10:38 pm

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