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President Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower meeting with aliens is a load of crap, because….

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…he knew that the people going back and forth between Area 51, etc. and space are not aliens. (More below.) 


Dearest Marty, my fabulous Prince and husband,

First, if somebody asks me what to love about you, I say: everything. I wouldn’t change a thing on you. You might say humbly that you’re not perfect, but I beg to differ. Even if you would make a mistake, your kind of mistakes are no mistakes on a grand scale. Everything you do is done with great conscience and care. What a special person you are!  There are numerous people who think that love is corny, overrated or just lasts a short while. They are so wrong.  If two people are giving truthfully their best, they will feel magic, like we do, Marty.

Now to my subject line. President Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower meeting with aliens is a load of crap, because he knew that the people going back and forth between Area 51 were no aliens. If somebody flew to Roswell to meet three times with “aliens”, it probably was SEGNPMSS/CIA hired doppelganger “Ike” doing it behind the back of the real Ike to undermine his authority and assist Germany, which the real Ike never would do.

(How dare the CIA as American secret service to have the country run by his doppelganger after the real Ike was murdered while sitting President and trying to keep this a secret for all times to come!)

The real Ike knew that the surviving undetected German Nazis in space would never allow a real alien spacecraft to land on Earth. German Nazis and their international agents in space would eliminate any aliens who come that close without checking if they come in peace.  

The real (and elected President) Ike knew that German Nazis had ventured out in space a long time before they gave Hitler power.

I assume that many of Ike’s writings and orders had the same fate like that of Ron. Once he wrote them, most were altered by SEGNPMSS/CIA controlled creeps and never made it to the general US population. I am a 100% sure that Ike said that 1) Germans are in space and are using Americans and other nationals (including their tech) to go and hide there 2) Space is a hologram, a projection by the Germans, and behind the projection is the real universe, which general people should not see as Nazis don’t want to be stopped by taking over the real universe.

Secret German UFO blueprint:



And here is just another German Nazi UFO: 



Remember the unidentified flying objects that can fly formations (allegedly ice crystals or “something else”) on the video that I posted on November 28? Reminds me of these German flyers controlling space, and the secretly German-controlled USA (e.g. secret services and NASA) are hushing them up:



I am convinced that there are already alien population (behind the fake universe in the real universe) with German-controlled ear implants. Some people might ask how that would be possible. Simple. Germans spy on them, have their language learned, have it entered in their supercomputer and then kidnap a couple of alien. In the alien language, they implant these aliens into becoming ear-implant implanters of other aliens on their planet. Then they apply their psychiatric methods to make them forget that they were implanted. These alien can’t remember anymore what hit them. Just like these terrorists who shoot others or use bombs on planet Earth and kill themselves afterwards.  

These aliens are thinking implanting people with ear-implants to control them were THEIR OWN IDEA not German Nazi psychiatric. I bet the farm that they never saw ever a picture of a German or the international Earth people that they are using. They have no clue as to what these (aliens for them) German psychs (former barber and butchers), the SEGNPMSS look like and that they exist.  (Unless we find a way telling these aliens, haha! Then they come after the SEGNPMSS too… They would deserve it, considering how they treat us.) SEGNPMSS is controlling and running them as they control and run the population of Earth.

The aliens can’t see us as our sun system is cloaked, and we can’t see the real universe with populated planets with aliens because Germany cloaked them from our sight too.        

In other word, whatever spacecrafts were seen by regular people going back and forth between the Earth (e.g. Roswell) and space were not aliens but Germans and German-oriented people (just as bad as Germans) who once lived on Earth and are now living (or better hiding) on planets nearby. 

I know German-control-mania, they would shot any real alien spacecraft down before allowing any real alien enter the fake universe projection and land on Earth. What people saw (those unidentified flying objects) are all from people who are originally from Earth.

President Clinton said he had all the Roswell papers reviewed and no aliens landed there.

Who were the people who made the review (and how did they do the review) that President Clinton ordered who didn’t see/reveal that there is indeed traffic going on between nearby planets and Earth, incl. the USA? Who is behind it that this air/space traffic is not published as space flight by NASA. The other problem is, President Clinton is known to be not always truthful: “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is. If the–if he–if ‘is’ means is and never has been, that is not–that is one thing. If it means there is none, that was a…” 

SEGNPMSS does not want us to see the real universe or any real aliens because they think we are stopping them turning the universe into German-controlled slaves. Don’t know about their also conscienceless agents,  but as far as we are concerned, Marty, they sure are right. A universe controlled by German butchers and barbers (who now call themselves doctors, psychiatrists, physicians, neuro-“scientists”, etc.), what a nightmare! It is not an universe in which I want to live because they are MONSTERS. And where is their intelligence? They have to hide, hide, hide… They have the worst bad conscience ever. And one is killing the other one because everyone wants to be the top gun. What a way never to be happy.

There is another thing, Marty. These conspiracy theorists who claim that President Eisenhower met with aliens are saying that these alleged aliens want our DNA to improve their DNA. As I said, the real Ike knew that Germans are in space and would shoot down aliens before then can land on Earth. He would not have sat down on one table with Nazis. But Nazis wanting our DNA to “improve” how aliens look like is German racism because Germans for sure have problems with their race and looks, etc. Stupid German Nazi doctors still don’t get that personalities and character counts, and theirs is nothing but revolting. Even with the best DNA (that they steal of course), they are nothing but the most lousy creatures EVER!  

Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I love you all the way through the real universe and back!

Yours forever,





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