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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and courageous soulmate, how are you?

Some say that when the heart pounds, knee become week, and the body shakes, is not the sign of real love, and that real love rather feels like being very calm. When I think about you, Marty, I feel very excited, have the pounding heart, weak knees AND ALSO feel very calm and relaxed at the same time. If this is not very special!? You are very exciting and very nurturing at the same time! 

I recently read about the non-magnetic sailing stones that glide “untouched” by humans or animals across a smooth floor of valleys like in Racetrack Playa in California.

This puzzled people and scientists – I am not saying that scientists are no people. 😉

Winds are not strong enough to move the heavy stones.  They leave trails but oddly, I learned that before 2013 nobody ever has seen one move. Like the electrons in the double-slit experiment or the crop circles, the stones apparently don’t like to be watched, and we know the reasons. (Eye-roll!) They are allegedly shy. (More eye-rolls!) 

Some stones up to 18 inch in diameter move every two or three years, but not the same time or in the same direction. Some make abrupt 90-degree turns, judging from their tracks, up to hundreds of feet long. Abrupt turns, Marty, if that isn’t suspicious!

Some now say that they saw them moving and they provided the “evidence”.  GPS and time-lapse photos… and approx 60 rocks moved several times allegedly last December up to more than 200 meters…

Here is the “evidence”.

That is evidence of what? The shaking of camera makes me nauseated.

Somebody working at NASA allegedly “figured it out” too. A private NASA refrigerator test “solved” the phenomena. They say that the stones move when large ice sheets starts to melt during windy periods. 

I say that people with lasers, e.g.  operators of weather satellites, having too much time on their hands are playing around.

Yes, there are some ways getting people into grain fields to make crop circles and getting them out without trace of entering and leaving, but my money is on lasers, GPS, and satellites. 

While not much harm is behind done playing with stones (remote-activation of germs in the soil can account for mud-slides) or making crop circles and having a good lough at people trying to figure this out, but the same methods are used to harm people, their properties and cost the taxpayers a lot of money. And that is no longer funny.

I miss you very much, Marty.

Sending you bunches of love.

Sending you gliding stones with my  love engraved! I don’t need a laser. I just postulate the stone to you.

Yours forever,








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